Friday, April 27, 2018

Five on Friday #148

EINS - Random Shit

-I have a lot of adopted family member.  My newest adoption is Teh PT Husband's Mom.  She delivered exam brownies to us yesterday.

-Megan Struggle:
I hate knowing that I know how to do something, except that I don't KNOW how to do it exactly, so I can't do it at all.  If that doesn't make any sense, let me explain.  For my computer science final (4 questions, 25 pts each, so ya know, BFD), there was a question about reading a string into a stack and then return the string backwards.  As in, input = Megan, output = nageM.  I have been taught how to do this, but it was last semester and I've slept since then so I could not for the life of me remember HOW to do it.  This is my least favorite thing because I HATE being bad at something.

I also had an issue with question 4, but I was sooo close to the solution and I wasn't the only one struggling with that, so I don't feel so bad about that.  My professor showed me the answer after I turned in my exam and I would have never remembered to use the way she showed me, so I feel less bad about that.  But that backwards string is going to give me nightmares.

-Amazon Prime is going to start costing $119 a year starting in June.  No me gusta.

-Dear Coworker,
I don't know why you feel the need to TELL me before and after you do/send me something, but it's completely unnecessary. I promise I can read and I'm intelligent enough to understand the words in your email and what they mean to me.  Save your breath.

-I don't buy CAH expansions when they come out because you get free shipping if you buy at least $25 worth.  So I finally caught up and got these bad boys...

Week Pack, Period Pack, Blanks, College Pack

Rolling papers came in the weed pack and that made me laugh.
Especially if you consider the following image..

Obviously the wrong kind of weed, but lawd we ain't got no grass and
I can't wait until we get that mulching problem tackled.

Finally, on CAH, I've decided that the next time we play, we're removing the shitty cards that no one knows or cares about. I've got enough cards at this point that getting rid of the "Hutus and Tutsis" card isn't going to hurt my collection.

-I'm writing this post in real time and it's before 0900 and so far this morning, this has happened:
 ~I rode Bagheera into work today and I was 10 minutes from home when someone tried to merge into my lane with me.  Thankfully, they heard my crappy horn.

Spilled coffee all over my desk and myself.

Tried to stop my shirt from staining and since the sleeve was soaked
I put it near the space heater to dry...

-I ended up paying almost $300 for one night in San Francisco on AirBnB because SF is rapey when it comes to lodging costs.  My goal was less than $150.  This is what happens when Teh German is looking over my shoulder and says, just book it.  /facepalm.  This is also why IIIIIIIII do/have done all the vacation planning.  Otherwise we'd be too poor to ever go on vacation...

-I've gotten more tasking in the last week than I've gotten in 3 months.  I love/hate it. 

-Our replacement range was supposed to be delivered on Weds and then again on Thurs and well.. it's Friday and I still don't have it and I have to call Lowe's and I'm going to be stabby.  Oops.

-Chief Smartass obtained Woot Bag(s) 'o Crap for himself, Teh Running Bestie, and myself.  I'm excited and dreading it at the same time.

-It has come to my attention that when we are on our honeymoon, I will probably lose my 500 day streak on DuoLingo (it's actually 545 days but the app glitched because of an update and I lose my day count /rage).  I know that this doesn't matter in the real world, but I've obviously dedicated a LOT of time to this and it disappoints me a little bit.  #MeganProblems  The last time I took a DuoLingo break, I was gone for 3 months.

-Things that do NOT make me happy: being called the wrong name, anytime, ever.  For instance, on the conference call that I just wasted 1.5 hours of my life on that will benefit me in no way ever, one guy called me Becky and then someone else called me Becky and I finally said, Ok, I'm Megan, bye.  I CANNOT.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-San Francisco AirBnB
-Last day of class bagel
-Dresses WITH POCKETS from Amazon
-Grad gift for Teh Sister
-End of class massage
-Boozepop at the concert
-lunch with Teh Neighbor Besties on Monday
-New preggers shirts for Teh Dental Hygienist
-Divers Insurance for our honeymoon diving trip (but it's good for all year)  /wrist
-McDonald's apple pie, caramel sundae, and sweet tea to celebrate finishing a final exam.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Rainy Mondays got me like....
First time blooming!!!
On Tuesday morning...

#CharlestonLife: When the parking lot doubles as a swimming pool after it rains.

Proud owner of Charleston County AND Berkeley County library cards!

I'm too lazy these days to bother dicing an onion.

1 sheets of notes for my computer science exam.
About half of it was useless.

Went on a lunchtime run with a Coworker on Thurs.
I prefer my runs when the sun isn't up, kthx.

Teh German was nice and helped Meri get a toy from under the couch.

My favorite dress... WITH POCKETS!!!

Thursday afternoon we had a actual BLOOM!

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Disney Fan Challenge!  Have you seen these things??
I hadn't even noticed some of these things.  I love articles like this.

How the human race has survived this long blows my mind.  The worst part is knowing these people (link about female reproductive system and people's opinions about how it works) are probably reproducing and their offspring have to endure their stupidity.

Have you heard of Nadia Cakes?  It doesn't matter.  Just go read this screenshot thread and let me know if you're crying by the end...

Oh how I love Rob Lowe.


The harder you pull, the more likely the drawer is NOT to open...

My neighborhood.  LAWD.

It's exam week, and well, the truth hurts...

And this is why laser is on the way!

IDK if you follow Teh Blog on FB, but there was an awesome thread when I shared this one.
We covered boobsweat and compliments.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Grades being posted and assignments from March finally being graded and returned... /facepalm  Obviously that feedback was helpful........ NOT.
  2. Riding Bagheera.
  3. Middle of the day runs... aka running in general.
  4. Dresses with POCKETS!
  5. Successful online clothing purchases.
  6. Only having 1 exam until I am DUN with the Spring 2018 semester.
  7. Using the range.  Like, I use our stove/oven ALL THE TIME NOW. 
  8. Using laundry detergent again.  I am now confident our clothes are clean... and I know that my clothes will still smell fresh after they've been hanging for more than a week....
  9. Meri and Pax being adorable.
  10. Teh German making plans to tame the yard with me.  He migrates outside when spring/summer hits and that means more Megan time for me. 

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. It has been way too long since I last played CAH. And holy mother of pearl... $300 for an AirBNB?!

  2. -I'm totally that person who talks to you about emails. I prefer talking and my boss always walks in within 20 minutes of me emailing *facepalm*

    -Yes to the shaving pic, and the pockets, and omg I'm going to be saying that Rob Lowe tongue twister all during my final now kthanksbye


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