Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Weekend Review {4/10}


School on Friday, then work.  Between school and work, I took some video for my PS project, went by the bookstore to check out the clearance sale, went back to the Bridge Expo to exchange the flippy floppies that I bought in the wrong size, realized I lost the SD card with the video on it, used my backup SD card to record more videos from the Expo, and then went to work.  While I was at work, Teh Neighbor Besties decided we should go to the Flowertown Concert and I said ok.  When I got home, Teh German and I had a disagreement about plans and we almost didn't go to the concert.  The disagreement was about dropping off Yurtle for her pre-Bridge Run downtown slumber party that she takes annually.  Teh German claimed ignorance to this, but had no rebuttal when I told him that it was on the schedule (our weekly meal plan also lists out significant events of the week (i.e. the ones that would affect our eating plans)).  Nonetheless, we ended up going to the concert, Teh German agreed to drop me off on Saturday morning in Mt. Pleasant for the race, Teh Dental Hygienist agreed to drive with me downtown to bring me back home, and everything worked out as I had planned, with a side of drama.

This Granny was BREAKING IT DOWN and the entire crowd was impressed.

Even if he infuriates me sometimes, I still really like him.
Maybe it's the free poop bags clipped to his belt loop?

IDK who the band was, but they were pretty good.

Teh PT Fam had plans at 8:30, so we all ended up leaving at the same time.  After dropping off Yurtle downtown, we hitched a ride with Teh Dental Hygienist/AF Maintainer (ret.) and came home.  Teh German said he was tired, so we went to bed "early" on Friday night.  This didn't bother me since I knew I had an early wake up on Saturday.


We were out the door by 0605 to head to Mount Pleasant.  Teh German was nice and even made coffee for us (which is relevant later).  Drop off was easy enough, even though I had already walked over a mile before the race.  #BridgeRunProblems

I waited in my corral for about 45 minutes for the race to start.  I had time to stretch and selfie and text with Teh Kiawah Running Friend and Teh Running Bestie.  I peed before the race, but once the race started, I had to pee again.  Ugggghhh..  Despite the pee pit stop and all the stops on the Bridge for pictures, I completed the race in 1 hour 9 minutes.  I think without any stops, I would have been able to finish the race in under and hour. 

Let me back up and say that Teh German, in his moderate intoxication on Friday night, told everyone that I hadn't been training.  Apparently, all the runs I did in the month of March had been completely forgotten.  I tried to tell myself it was the beer talking, but I was pretty defensive about it, because WTF?   Mr. Beer Curls Only is not allowed to judge my exercise or lack there of, especially when I did actually train.  Bitch please.

The rain held off until about noon, thankfully.  It was also a blistering 68°F, which is the warmest it's ever been since I've been doing the Bridge Run. 

Pre-race selfie

the race

The best blueberry muffin I ever eat is after a race,
Krispy Kreme makes dealing with 30k+ people worth it.
ANNNNDDD a medal?  #AlltheWin

This was something I definitely had to show Teh German.

After the race, I went back to the race course with my camera and tripod to take some video for my Photoshop class.  We're doing cinemagraphs this week, which is totally cool.  I also finally exchanged The Skinny Dip sweatshirt I received from the Yelp Elite Christmas party, finally.  It's been riding around in my car since I got it and I tried to exchange it once before, but they didn't have a size I could wear.

After videos and the exchange, I headed home.  Teh German was working on his green card paperwork and that automatically makes him grouchy and he ended up pissing me off and I stormed off to shower and take a nap.  My tolerance for his attitude was a low this weekend.

After my nap, I got up to get ready and at 4, I finally went downstairs to tell Teh German that we were leaving at 4:45 to go to dinner before the hockey game.  Thankfully, he didn't argue or protest or give me attitude, he finished checking his social media and went to shower and get ready.  We were headed to Community Pizza House with Teh PT Family for dinner before the final Stingrays game of the season. 

There was a huge party at the hostess stand when we arrived who couldn't decide if they wanted to all sit together or be split up and I finally got fed up with their debates and spoke with a manager and said there were only 5 of us and we were completely ok with all sitting at the same table.  Rather than deal with them, he checked and asked if we could pull up a chair on the end and we said FINE and we got sat.  We were ordering drinks when the group finally got sat.  I was more than annoyed with them and didn't even care.  Also, I hadn't eaten enough after the run so I was struggling to control my hanger. 

We ordered food and I had to send back my chicken meatballs because they weren't hot.  Like, not even warm after sitting in front of me for 5 minutes.  Even when they came back out, they weren't hot in the middle and I was starving so I risked food poisoning and ate what I could.

After dinner, we headed to the coliseum.  Through a friend of a friend, we got some free tickets to the hockey game.  Heeeellllll yeahhhhh.  I really wanted to get Teh PT Kid back to the game, so I asked if they had a few more tickets on Friday and we were in luck!

The couple in front of us were highly entertained by our antics and one of them commented how he wasn't sure if he should pay attention to the game or to us.  Stringrays won the game and set some records.  After the game, we made a stop by Cookout for milkshakes, and then we headed home.  When we got home, we watched an episode of Vikings and then it was bedtime.


Sunday was a homework day.  I was sitting at the dining room table by 1000 and stumbled away in a brain fog around 4pm.  The point at which the things I know I knew were no longer known was when I knew it was time to stop. 

Puppy snuggles helped me feel less stupid.

For dinner, Teh German suggested we make pizzas with the naan bread I had picked up.  I considered this to be a genius idea.

Gold star for Teh German's good dinner idea.

After dinner, we watched a few episodes of Vikings.  I should have done more studying for my Calc test, but my brain was mush so I knew it would be pointless.  Eventually, it was bedtime and I was sad the weekend was over.


Mondays have really been kicking my ass this year.  I'm not really sure why.  I had arranged for the new range to be delivered on Monday from 2-4 but the delivery guys called me at 10:30 asking if I'd be there in 30 minutes for delivery.  Uhhh, no.  I explained the soonest I'd be able to be home was 12:30 and they were fine with that.  During German, I got another call from an 843 number and I almost didn't answer but I was afraid it was the delivery guys again, so I walked out to answer it.  It was the new cleaning ladies.  I arranged for them to come over around 1 to do a walk-through of the house to do another estimate.

Iz so prettaayyy.

After the delivery guys left, the cleaning ladies finished up their walk through and I was home alone to do work things.  I'm not getting attached to this range, since we'll be recieving a replacement in a few weeks.  This one has a HUGE dent in the top and they didn't bother to offer me a % off on it, so I accepted them sending me another one.  If they were to call and offer me a % off, then I'd just keep this one since it's a visual defect.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the range yesterday since homework took over my life for the entire evening.  On the evening that I should have been completely focused on school, I had 2 quick visitors, I posted and sold the old range on Facebook Marketplace within a matter of 2.5 hours (#WIN), and Teh German was trying to set up a new Apple TV that he bought... for the garage TV... and he kept needing assistance.  My brain finally fried out around 9:30 and I gave up.  At which point, I wrote "Fuck this.  Fuck everything." on my paper (this is relevant later).

We spent some time on social media and then it was time for bed.


Overall a fun, not overly stressful weekend.  Monday was rough, but new range is finally here and I want to cook all the things!  I also have to figure out where to put all the cookie sheets that were in the warming drawer of the old range.  I didn't realize there was such a demand for an electric range.  Had I known, I definitely would have asked for more than $150, but I wanted it out of the house and I have gotten some awesome wins on Facebook Marketplace, so I'm considering this my paying it forward or back, whatever.  My goal was to get the range out of our house and it's gone.

In a fortunate turn of events, the #BarometerHeadache that I've been fighting since Sunday got the best of me this morning and I skipped my bio class.  I was dreading my Calc test (as evidenced by some really, really weird dreams I had this morning) and it was postponed one day for various reasons.  You're not hearing me complain about this.  Remember when I said I wrote "Fuck this. Fuck everything." on my paper?  Yeah, I accidentally turned that in this morning with an assignment.  Unfortunate since that was my study paper for this exam, but it's not the worst thing ever, so it is what it is.

I actually got to come to the office today, which is always a good day since I like my life consistent. 

This week's activities are over already.  I'm skipping out on an extra credit possibility for my Photoshop class tonight since I need to real life... and use my new range!

2 more weeks of Spring 2018 semester.  Please send positive thoughts and sweets.  Like literal sweets.  I'm willing to get extra fat to make it through the end of this semester without having a meltdown or having to go to jail.

PS.  This happened earlier today.  Don't be like me, Gentle Readers.

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