Friday, April 20, 2018

Five on Friday #147

EINS - Random Shit

-I know I bitch a lot about school, but I'm going to take a moment to be grateful that I don't have to pay for my education.  I will happily tell everyone ever that the GI Bill pays for my 2nd bachelor's degree.  I often don't look at my bill because I know that it will be taken care of.  Granted, I did the time to earn that benefit, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna look the gift horse in the mouth in this regard.  I am taking a class at College of Charleston this summer and I received an email about my bill being ready. 

THIS IS WHY I AM THANKFUL.  $1632 to take a SINGLE class over the summer.  That doesn't include parking or books or etc things that I might need for the class.  I know, without a doubt, that if it wasn't for the GI Bill, this 2nd B.S. wouldn't be possible.  This just reinforces all that I have to be grateful for.  If you have paid out of pocket or will pay out of pocket for higher education, I commend you.

-I started listening to the Unladylike podcast on Spotify.  I want to like it.. but I don't love listening to podcasts.  I'm going to try to listen to a few more before I make an official determination, but I hate feeling like they are advertising to me when they talk about other podcasts.  I also feel like they want you to hear a certain thing... bias if you will.  The first podcast was about paying for an abortion and I didn't really walk away from it with a super huge liking, nor did I learn anything super crazy awesome.  I learned that abortion prices aren't standard in any market and that some doctors will do an abortion pro bono (in the case of that "princess").  I knew already that abortions are not just for women who decide they don't want to be a parent at 12 weeks in, but also for women who NEED them in the case of a miscarried fetus that doesn't get expelled by the body naturally.  I'm not sure if you were aware or not, but child birth will kill you.  Even if you don't actually birth a LIVING BEING.  Crazy, right?  But it's easy to thump that pro-life, no exceptions agenda for some.

-Photoshop is awesome.  This isn't my final project (because it's not due until Monday, GET OFF ME), but I wanted to share some other stuff I'd done with my Gentle Readers...  Annndd since there is so much of it, it will be it's own post.  Sorry for getting your hopes up.

-This week seriously felt like an eternity.  I hate being that person that just repeats what everyone else is saying, but it's true.  It was my last full week of classes and there are 2 more days of class left next week and I'm already not interested.  In fact, I'd probably skip both days if I didn't know the instructors were going to do reviews for finals.  Although my Photoshop class (Mon @ 0800) has already been cancelled and I'm planning on skipping my Biology class (Tues @0800) because a- I am 99% confident I am exempt from the exam, b- whatever we cover would be on a study guide and those have worked in my favor and I've placed my confidence in them.  #NotSorry

-Oh yeah?  Remember me saying that if I got a 95% in my Bio class that I was except from my exam?  I'm just waiting on the email to definitely confirm this, but I'm pretty confident that I'm exempt.


-I got out of having to send my NC State transcript to College of Charleston, because it wasn't applicable.  Is it mean for me to want to say, "Bye, Felicia" to the lady who answers the phone?  Because seriously, that bitch doesn't know shit.  Additionally, the reason I hadn't been processed for my class that I wanted to take was because my last name at CofC is LastName instead of MaidenName and they couldn't figure it out.  /facepalm

-My partner for my German Oral Final opted not to answer my text message on Wednesday night to remind him that we had set a time to Skype to study for the exam, claiming that his phone was messing up.  K, bro.  He explained himself at 8pm on Thursday night and asked if we could Skype at 8:30.  If I hadn't been concerned that his performance would affect my grade, I would have said no.  I had already studied with Teh German (a repeat of last semester), so I wasn't worried about what I was going to say.  Also, I know that I'm not a fucking retard.  Despite my rage, I said said yes and after a debacle to connect (because he couldn't get the link to work that I had sent him a WEEK prior that I had reminded him multiple times to test) we did a quick run through and I was done.  I actually wanted to set him on fire when I saw him before our exam.  So much rage.

We ran through our scenarios while we were waiting on our turn (we were 2nd) and then we went in when we were called.  She immediately told us what our grade would be (an A for me, and probably a B for him).  I didn't even bother to look at him.  That was probably a good grade for him.

Here's the absolute worst thing about this kid.  He wants to be an intel officer.  I think he may have an army contract, but for all my military homies, I want to go up to this kid and take him by the shoulders, look into his eyes and BEG that he NOT join the intel community.  For everyone's sake.  Mostly for everyone ELSE'S sake.  He's the type of person that exemplifies everyone's nightmare of an intel officer.  Inability to lead, unable to make decisions, thinks he's funny when he's definitely not, thinks he knows everything, doesn't have time for anyone else...  Having met those type of officers in the military and in the intel field... he makes me cringe.  For those Gentle Readers who know him, this guy reminds me specifically of Lt. Dan the Man. 

For those of you who don't know of Lt. Dan the Man... he was an officer that I encountered in Bahrain who always had a crisis that wasn't a crisis.  It wasn't even an emergency, or even a problem, but HE thought it was, so YOU had to think it was.  And then YOU had to do the work to show the Vice Admiral that the LT is an idiot getting everyone spun up about something that is a non-issue without being obvious to the LT that everyone thinks he's an idiot and you are just humoring him because you are an idiot and went enlisted instead of officer and if things were different, he'd be working for you.  That is this kid.  Except he's 19 and there is still time to avoid a crisis.  Except that I don't want to go to jail, which is the only thing that kept me from giving the kid a dressing down in the hall when I saw him.. or killing him.

This doesn't mean that at the end of our class on Monday I won't tell him that he's a shitbag who needs to reevaluate.  I just need to not yell at some child in a fit of rage so it doesn't look like a tantrum.  I like being the scary bitch to all these Youths/Cadets.. and to most everyone, I won't lie.

-I've been staying on top of my Feedly and reading posts every day.  This is depressing and exciting at the same time.

-Worst type of first world problem: When your keyless entry, push-to-start car won't let you enter keyless-ly or start when you push....  UGGHH.. I have no idea why the batteries in my fob are dying so fast, but I'm over it... and I'm going to start keeping spares in my car.

-98 Rock Fest this weekend and we're seeing: Red, 10 Years, Fozzy, Starset, Seether, and 3 Days Grace.  College Megan is ooooobbbbbbnoxiously excited.

-This happened at work:
Coworker: Yeah sometimes they can be inappropriate.
Me: I'm sorry did you say my middle name?
PS.  I was not involved in this conversation in anyway, they weren't even discussing people that work at Company.  I just thought it would be amusing to chime in.  :D

-Twin Dad sometimes sends me links to the NPR Tiny Desk concerts and they aren't always my jam, but some of my faves had done concerts that I hadn't known about and I remedied that the other day.
My sessions included: I'm With Her, Tegan and Sara, Chvrches, Adele, Death Cab for Cutie.  Be still my fangirl heart.

ZWEI - Shit I Bought

  • bully sticks for the assholes.
  • $5 storage for Google.
  • Sam's club: Veggies, bagels
  • Random things from Amazon: hand-held luggage scale, dishwasher cleaner, washing machine cleaner, baby thing, new dryer balls since mine were weird after adding oils to them, Spotify gift card (that was on sale for a few dollars off, since I'm already going to be spending the money on the subscription, why not save a few bucks?), and a water filter that Teh German asked me to purchase at the beginning of the month.
  • Cards Against Humanity expansions that I don't think I have (but I may, who knows?)
  • McDonald's apple pie ala mode and sweet tea splurge
  • a few grocery items from Walmart Market
  • Route 66 half marathon and 5k registration
  • Spotify subscription
  • Verizon bill
  • new Sketchers shoes like I have, but in black.
    • I have this thing that I can't wear black/grey with brown shoes.  It's complicated and it's totally a me thing, but I've finally accepted it.  Also, my brown shoes really rub my heels weird and it doesn't feel good.

Money I'll be getting back:
  • Those Mizuno shoes I got from Woot are getting returned.  I loved everything about them, except that they were actually too tight for me.  My feet were numb all day long.  No bueno.  I loved the color though.  It was strange for me since I have pretty narrow feet, so I can only imagine how someone with normal feet felt.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

It's been a dog week.  I've taken pictures of nothing else this week.  Hellooooo #Priorities!

This is Klaus.  He's a Belgian Marmot.
He was pouncing all over the vet center on Weds and my wine-chilling heart was melting and I considered stealing him.
But then I thought Teh German might divorce me.. 
So ya know.. One is more expensive than the other.... ;)

Teh UK Neighbor knitted sweaters for Pax and Meri.
We're going to work on her sighthound prototypes, but look how dashing my assholes are!

The Moooooooooose


VIER - From the Internet Shit

You do you via Kathy.

Don't let yourself be manipulated via Liz.

Support your own cause in your own way via Steph.

PS.  My dogs might be skinny, but they are healthy and fit per my vet.

'Bout right.

I wish a brotha would.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. A single digit count down to the end of the semester.
  2. Exemption from exams
  3. 98 on a test. Duh.
  4. Good team work on the problem of dinner.
  5. Getting to watch Vikings with Husband in the evenings AND accomplishing homework.
  6. Focusing on trying to eat less dessert, even if I wasn't successful.
  7. Teh German calling out my PMS so I could realize what was going on.
  8. A on my German oral exam, duh.
  9. Getting code to work, even if it didn't do what I wanted it to do.  And my instructor said she liked the way I set it up, even if it didn't work.
  10. Laughing so hard I cry.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I loved your snaps! Tuition prices are insane. I don't even remember what my grad school classes were, but somewhere up there towards insane as well.

  2. It's going to take me like 5 years to complete my MBA, BUT my work is paying for it so I will gladly take my one class a semester. I'll still have about half my working career to go, so worth it in the end. Super super grateful for that.

    I also cannot wear black and brown together. Also I like having a short boot option and a tall boot option, which is what the husband does not understand when he talks about "all my boots."


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