Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Some things about me..

I totally stole this from Brianne and Michael a mabillionty years ago... 


Something I will...

Refuse to do for the rest of my life: poop in an open area.

Always do forever: roll lint balls

Something I think is...

Certifiably disgusting: parasitic worms, earwax, popping cysts/zits.

Absolutely amazing: removing built up earwax and popping cysts/zits.

A compliment I’ve been given that’s made me...

Feel on top of the world: "You're hilarious and you always make me laugh.  Thank you for always making me smile."

Pretty upset: "You're lowering morale."

A name I...

Hate: "Girl"

Love: "Beautiful"

Something people say about me that I...

Know is entirely false: "She is a total bitch."

Think is on point: "She is a total bitch."

A taste I...

Can’t stand: Licorice

Can’t get enough of: Chocolate or Lemon

A song I always...

turn off immediately: asd

belt out the lyrics to: Something Just Like This by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers

Animal I...

fear: anacondas (don't want none if you got buns, hon).

need in your life right this instant: cute puppies.  Always.

Something I...

will never eat: anything described as "rotten"

would eat for every meal if I were given the chance: bbq chimichanga covered in queso with ALLLL the cilantro.

To enhance my looks I...

would love to, but would probably never resort to: liposuction.

just stick to: eating.


  1. I hate licorice.

    "She is a total bitch" is both false & on point for me as well ha.

  2. Ahhh I love Something Just Like This!!!! You mean black Licorice? Gross!!!!! I like the cheap red vines though. Haha I can be both a bitch and not as well :)


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