Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Photoshop Class Creations.

For the Spring 2018 semester, I took a Photoshop class because I like taking 15 credit hour semesters and I'm glutton for punishment.  Honestly, overall, I hate the class.  The instructor was extremely subjective in his grading, there were no project requirement specifically defined (as in, check these boxes to get the best grade), and instruction was mostly the instructor posting YouTube tutorials to the class forum and telling us to have at it.  He would occasionally make comments about work he'd see us doing or try to answer questions that students had (which he often couldn't answer because the tutorials he posted wasn't the way he would have completed the assignment himself).

First we learned to correct photos. 

From this....

To this...


Then we correct 5 of our own photos.

Next up, we did panoramics.  Fortunately, I have been shooting for panormas for many, many years, so I was prepared.

Then we did double exposure images.

Our next project was cinemagraphs.. aka GIFS BITCHES.

Our final project was a movie poster for a movie that didn't exist.  I had super beginners constipation on this project for about a week before I finally had a break through on how to incorporate "all" the elements that we had learned in class to the poster on a level that was something I could actually do after the instructor used a Lord of the Rings as an example of what we should aim for....

PS.  The incorrect grammar was purposeful.  Teh German helped me come up with the tagline and he got bonus points for it being OUR "saying" (aka, the quote that was our cake topper).  THIS IS the original, so yes, it has "Teh Megan" and "Teh German" as our names.  #NotSorry

If you can name those skylines, I'll send you a small present!  But you have to name BOTH skylines correctly to win. 

And now, you're reading the worst of an official Photoshop "master" hahahahahaha.

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