Friday, April 13, 2018

Five on Friday #146

EINS - Random Shit

-We're getting a new range since ours had a HUGE dent in it.  I'm glad and sad.  Glad because I know what I paid for that bad boy and it best be perfect.  Sad because I would have accepted a %% off and now I have to be available for another delivery.  /facepalm

-Shit that makes me stabby:
  -Reporting of Mark Zuckerberg to make him sound like a school kid.  Words like "homework" and "crash course" being used in headlines.

  -Classmates who won't STFU while I'm trying to learn things.  This also applies to loud chewers, snorers, eaters who are crinkling wrappers, those who drink and then slam down their beverage container, AND THE WORST OFFENDERS: Anyone with the fucking sniffles who refuses to acknowledge that blowing their nose will not impair them in anyway.
  -We're back to the problem is paying for transcript services again... and this time, I'm irritated that I'm being charge $3.25 as an "convenience fee" for a service that I have to use.  That is NOT a convenience fee, it's not even convenient.  "The charge for an official transcript is $12.00 with additional fee convenience fee for using this online ordering service."

-Sitting outside while I'm at work helps me be more productive... i.e. finally accomplishing writing this post. 

-I gave up the homemade laundry soap life.  After reading about how laundry soap doesn't work in laundry the same way that laundry detergent does AND how the soap doesn't dissolve (at all or well) in modern washing machines.  Soap is good for laundry that is hand scrubbed.  Not tossed around in water.  Additionally, I messed up the last 2 batches I made... And finally, my clean laundry in my closet doesn't smell clean and I cannot have that.  CANNOT.  It smells like it was worn and hung back up, over and over and over.  Nopeeeeee. 

-This weekend includes day drinking with Teh PT Wife while Teh German and Teh PT Husband play cornhole.  Sunday is brunch at a new place.  YAY for light homework and no Monday tests.. although I probably should be working on my Photoshop final project and studying for my Bio test.  #YOLO

-My backpack fell out of my chair at work and dented my laptop.  I'm not really pleased about it.  YAY for that Best Buy insurance policy.....  Boo for having to wait until the end of the semester to take care of it.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Sam's Club things
-Laser hair removal Groupons (yes, plural)
-Sale shit at the bookstore
-$10 for an official transcript to be sent to College of Charleston so I can take a summer class there.
-Air BnB in Sydney.. so we won't have to sleep on the street with the homeless people on our honeymoon.
-Alcatraz Tour tickets for while we're in San Francisco.
-New Mizuno shoes from Woot.  We'll see if I like them.
-Yurtle's GoGo Juice
-Power bill
-More bully sticks for The Beasts
-Friday BBQ lunch.
-Laundry detergent

DREI - From My Phone Shit

The Citadel Bookstore was having a clearance sale and I ended up paying $6 for these $50 headphones.

How does a hurricane see?
With its eye.

NO jk, I love using the new range and I think it needs a name.

So much love that I used the oven TWO nights in a row.

Teh German brought these nasties into my house.
I cannot.  I cannot even.

Best unofficial bridge run shirt eva.

I was doing laundry and Pax insisted on holding my paw.
So, I left my foot there for him, despite having to move around to finish putting away the laundry.

It's official.  This is a $500 dog bed.

When your coworkers just get you.
PS.  It's a peppermint mocha stick

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Riding Bagheera today
  2. Running
  3. Understanding calculus
  4. Coworkers that give me peppermint mocha sticks
  5. Teh German going to the doctor and staying home from work since he's sick.
  6. Semi-making progress with signing up for my summer class.
  7. Insurance policies
  8. Honeymoon planning
  9. BBQ

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I want a peppermint mocha stick! Also day drinking & brunch sound awesome. I hope the new place you tried was good. I wanted to day drink all Sunday but it was chilly out & I was too lazy to go anywhere lol

  2. That peppermint mocha stick looks AMAZING.

    Have you started the laser hair removal yet? I am considering it...


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