Friday, May 4, 2018

Brain Dump

This week has kind of been a wash.  So instead of my normal Friday post, on a week that has been anything but normal, I'm just going to brain dump.


I've tried and tried and tried to write last weekend's review and it just wasn't happening.  Here's the recap if you were super concerned:
Friday I had my German exam and pissed off Captain Vigorous Eraser-er by covering my answers so he couldn't copy me.  Oops.  That night we hung out with the Neighbor Besties.
Saturday we gardened, I got sunburned, and I shampooed the runner.  It was exhausting.  In the evening, we watched Vikings.

Sunday we went to brunch at Sunflower Cafe and then Teh German went on a ride with his biker gang while I napped and then studied for my Calc final.  In the evening, more Vikings.

I even took pictures of things, like a good blogger, and I managed to get through Friday and blogging got sidelined for real life.  I probably could have taken the time in the evening, but I take my computer-free evenings seriously.  It really is nice, after sitting on a computer all day, to not be on it when possible.

"New" Laptop

Speaking of my computer, my backpack (with my laptop in it) fell out of my chair a few weeks ago and now the frame is busted and there's a bad pixel spot on the screen, so I have to take my computer to Best Buy for fixin'.  I was trying to figure out the best time to do this and finally determined it will be the evening before we leave for Honeymoon Adventures.  That way, they can fix my computer or replace it while I'm gone and I won't really miss it since I'll be having adventures.  I hope this great plan works out.


My Calc final on Monday was a bust.  It went horrifically.  And if you're like 99% of people I told that to, you're like, "Oh Megan, you're just overthinking it.  You did fine."  No.  No I didn't.  When I turned in half of my exam the professor looked it over and actually winced at one point.  NO BUENO PEOPLE.  I had already done the math, I could get a 78 and still have an A as a final grade, but I was certain that final exam bumped me from an A to a B.  It was rough, Gentle Readers.  Not the limit or derivative or most of the antiderivative stuff, but everything else.  It was like everything I knew was like, "Not today, braaa. Deuces."  (Yes, my brain is a Frat Bro Douche sometimes.)

That made me really grouchy on Monday and we were supposed to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of the semester, but I just wasn't feeling it.

Delivery of Things

Tuesday was a whole different ball game.  I finally got to go to work at my "regular" (0645) time.  Because my life is tricksy, I had to make a mabillionty (3) calls about shit that needed to be handled.

1- 1 of 2 boxes for our back yard "pergola" arrived.  Apparently the delivery company didn't mind the 2nd box just chillin' for forever in their warehouse.  Ugh.  It took a call to Sam's (who we ordered it from), then they called the delivery company, who had to find the package and then they connected me in to schedule for redelivery.  I had to call on redelivery day to see where it was after the window had passed and they were like, "oops sorry, it wasn't on the truck... when a driver gets back we'll send him out, unless it's too late?"  UH NO it's not too fucking late!  I've been waiting ALL DAY, what's the rest of my damn life?  

2- Lowe's was supposed to deliver the not-dented range last Wednesday, then last Thursday and it didn't happen.  I called to solve the problem.  I spent 20 minutes on hold in silence.  It was as awkward as you can imagine.  At least Sam's had some 70s disco hold music so I knew they hadn't hung up on me.  They scheduled delivery for Thursday, convenient since I'd already be home for the pergola delivery.  Did they come?  NO.  Did I call? YES.  Apparently my order was cancelled?  I don't fucking know what is going on, but a manager is supposed to be calling me within 24 hours. 

3- I needed to cancel my hair appt with my Hairs Did lady.  After Teh PT Wife pointed out to me that my hair lady never quite got my hair right, even though she's a really nice person, so I needed a new hair person.  I had rescheduled with someone else to have my hairs did and just had to make the call.  They didn't answer of course.....  I eventually ended up messaging them on Wednesday via FB to cancel.  Whatever, it's done.+

New Hair, Don't Curr

Tuesday I left work early to go get my hairs did by the new lady.  If you're local and need a hair lady, I know a person for you.  I walked out with what was actually on my pinterest board, not a colormishmash.  We celebrated the end of the semester on Tuesday when I was in an infinitely better mood and my hairs were all fancy.  We went and grabbed Sushi 101 for dinner, which is always a solid life choice.

Laser Hair Removal

I am an over-preparer and an overachiever (which the laser lady told me, not a self-definition) and I read a few online articles about laser hair removal and preparing properly for it (shave 1 day prior, long hairs cause a burn hazard and you're getting pew pew laser-ed, not going in for a wax).  Mostly I was trying to find information on what I should wear to my appointment (i.e. are my skins gonna hurt/be sore?) and couldn't find anything so I decided I'd wear whatever I wanted.  PS.  If you're gonna research stuff online, make sure to use several sources and believe whatever ALL your sources say.  There's probably truth in something most people say.

Anyways, about the appointment.  It took 30 minutes for my lower legs (she included my knees, bless her heart), arm pits, and 8 happy trail hairs.  Overall, it didn't hurt.  Yes, it was mildly uncomfortable where there was a large concentration of hair and it just feels like a shock, a zap, if you will, when the laser pew-pew's your skin.  I didn't even feel it in some places though.  There is a residual warmth after the fact, but it doesn't burn. So if you're local, I know a laser place.  They have a groupon, but if you call them directly they will meet the groupon price.  #SCORE

Car Wash

I had left work early for my laser appointment and went home, but on the way I made a stop at the car wash.  All was fine until I heard a horrible noise at the end of my turn.  I pulled forward and got out of my car and saw one of my roof rack bars laying in the middle of the bay.  Uhhhhhh... I was going to get it, but there was a car coming, so instead, I drove around to the little "office" and went inside and told them I'd lost a cargo bar.  Weeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll, funny story...

A few weeks ago when I went through the car wash, that same horrible noise happened and when I pulled forward I saw something in the bay and thought maybe someone had lost a wiper or something.  Whatevs, I went home.  There was a scratch on my rear glass, but not a super huge deal to me.

Weeeeellllllllll.. when I got out of my car to tell them that I had lost one of my roof bars in the bay, I noticed that I had went from 2 to ZERO roof bars..... which meant that a few weeks ago... That weird noise and the scratch on my glass?  came from my own cargo bar falling off of my car.  There is a clause that says you can't hold the car wash at fault for any damage that occurs while getting your car washed there, so I wasn't even going that route anyways.  When I went inside to tell them what happened, I explained, "One of my roof rack bars just fell off at the drying area... and also, if you happened to find one that matches it recently, it's probably mine since I just discovered that it was also missing."

Gentle Readers, I have been driving around with 1 of 2 cargo bars on my car for probably 2 weeks now and didn't even notice.  In addition to the bar scratching the (already cracked) spoiler and breaking the antenna mount, my pride was also wounded because I hadn't even noticed.

Since I was already parked I went ahead and vacuumed Yurtle out and cleaned the windows.  It was time.. and we're taking Yurtle to MD soon, so I want her in tip-top shape.  Also the car wash place has a mat washing machine!  It was super cool.  Feed it in and "clean" mat are spit out the back.  Unfortunately, some asshole before me didn't bother to vacuum the beach off their mats before they put them into the machine so I had to beat the sand out after I ran mine through the machine.  I hate everyone. 

Ooops, no cargo bars!


Speaking of Yurtle.
1- This is your reminder that I still love her, for forever, unconditionally.  I'll love her until she's going to the doctor all the time and/or her wheels fall off.  I am considering a new radio though.  I haven't told Teh German
2- She, conveniently, had her 100000 (/weep) mile maintenance scheduled the day after the car wash debacle, so when I brought her in, I added "antenna crap" to their to-do list.

That doctor visit cost me $1500.
Are you ok?  I hope if you spewed any beverage on your keyboard that it won't be sticky.  Don't worry though, because I almost choked too.  But, I've known for 99000 miles/6.5 years that this day would come, and because I love Yurtle, I do what is best for her.

I don't lurve doing dealership maintenance, but at the same time I prefer it because I, probably naively, believe they are less likely to rip me off since they are already wallet rapin' me.  Although, when they tell me they vacuumed my car for me, "complimentary!", I always have to add on, "It's not complimentary/free if I'm paying you already.."  I have to bring Yurtle back on Saturday to get the antenna fixed completely since the parts had to be ordered.  Truthfully, I should have ordered the part online and saved myself about $100, but I didn't want to wait and I wasn't sure it was the right thing and the peace of mind overrode the cost savings... especially when it comes to something that affects me almost every day.

When I came home, I started researching car stereos, because why not?  And I quickly learned that what I want is more than I want to pay AND that a new stereo will probably make all the functionality that I already have in my car (steering wheel controls, existing backup camera, current XM tuner) inoperable.  Soooo that was a bummer.  I would really love navigation in my car, but I'm just not sure it's worth losing all the functionality that I'm adapted to.  If I bought a new stereo, I'd pay to have it installed, especially if they could make the original features work.  I also looked at replacing the speakers, which is way cheaper and they are relatively easy to install yourself.  If I replaced Yurtle's speakers, I'd also replace Baloo's (Teh German's truck) speakers since I told Teh German we could do that when he bought the truck without the radio upgrade.



May the 4th will never be pre-Cinco de Mayo or "May the Force Be With You" day to me.  It was forever changed last year when we had to let Phil go, unexpectedly.  Not that I really do the "celebrate this thing" day, but principle.  Now while everyone is all, "WWWOOOOOOO!  Let's parrrtayyy!!"  I'm going to be drinking in the corner feeling guilty for partying/being happy while thinking about my dead dog.

For several months, Phil had been sick.  Something was wrong with him and test after test revealed nothing.  Teh German and I had a conversation about having to let Phil go and no one really enjoyed it.  Little did we know that the same week, we'd be making the decision.  I thought we'd have a few more months (knowing how rough summer can be on older greyhounds), Teh German was more optimistic with until the end of the year (he wanted Phil to be around for the wedding so his family could meet him), and both of us were wrong.

I still have no doubts that we made the right decision to let him go, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.  I actually posted on Facebook about it recently..

I also need to consider that on May 2, 2016 we were closing on HOUSE.  So May is always a roller coaster, which is fine since I often omit the month of May from the calendar year.  I also regularly say that it is the year 2012.  So I am an unreliable source of information in regards to the date.


I didn't feel like this semester was as difficult as last semester.  Butttttttt, I'm no longer planning a wedding and this isn't my 2nd first semester of college.  At midterms, I had 4 A's and 1 B.  But my hold on Calculus was tenuous and to be exempt from my Bio exam I needed a 95+.  I went into Calculus knowing that it was going to be my toughest class.  I haven't math-ed since 2003/4, my senior year of high school.  Technically, I've done Calc before, but when it's a lifetime ago, it doesn't really count.  The end of the semester, I really put forth some effort to ensure that A's were attainable.  I struggled more with computer science than I expected to and there were aspects of Calc that never really sunk in, and photoshop was it's own disaster, but YALL....

I GOT ALL A'S!!!!!!!

For the first time ever in my college life (first or second round)!

I'm unbearably proud of myself.  I know a lot of people are like, "Duh, you got A's."  Teh German even said, during the throes of  my woe about how shitty I did on my final exam and how it would drop me from an A to a B, "I hated kids like you in school."  I replied, "Yeah, well, I hated kids like you who could show up and sleep through class or be stoned and still pass."  There are some ways in which we are very alike (we're both overachievers), and there are some ways in which we are entirely different (being a student).  I can actually say, I earned this.

I earned a Gold Star Recognition AND Dean's List.  Last semester I achieved Dean's List only.


Since we started building a house, we've talked about having a screened in back porch.  Well, finally Teh German decided on a pergola option and the 2nd box arrived last night and he started building it right away.  He was beaming with joy.  It was strange.  I said I wasn't helping (since Teh German tends to take out his frustrations on me when I'm nearby), but I still got roped into holding up beams while he put in screws.  He was in such a good mood, I was safe.

I have a feeling if he doesn't complete it tonight, it will be done before the weekend is over... even with his dive adventures on Saturday (aka MEGAN DAY, bitches).  He probably would have completed it Thursday night, but the mosquitoes were too bad.  You practically needed a bee keeper suit to be outside.  Uggggh.


I've been on an audiobook stretch, but sadly haven't made time to read an actual book in quite some time.  I had a books post outlined for Wednesday, but it didn't happen because my reviews hadn't been put in.  I considered just posting a list of books I'd read, but then work happened and that didn't happen and well, if you're super interested in what I've been reading, check out my Goodreads, which I update almost every morning.

Since most of my audiobook have been from the library recently, I've had ZERO issues with not finishing a book.  Not paying for things makes me less dedicated to enduring something I don't LURVE.  That said, I LURVED The Great Alone.   Seriously.  Go read it.  It's got some difficult topics, but fffaaaaaccckkkk read it.  Or listen to it, whatever floats your boat.

It was soo good that I relistened to the last 2 hours since I felt like I hadn't been dedicating enough attention to it (because I was gardening and Teh German kept interrupting me.... RUDE).  It was just as poignant the 2nd time.

Thanks for enduring this brain dump. 
I feel better having finally got all that off my brain and for checking in. 
That said, summer is pretty much here and as blogging seasons go, summer is the blogging drought.  So expect things to get less structured around here.  Especially since we leave in TWO WEEKS for honeymoon adventures!!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers!


  1. My car is also at the car doctor but it looks like it's gonna be more like $3000 instead of $1500 and it makes me sad all day. I mean I've had it for 10 years I knew this was coming but still.

    May is a topsy-turvy month for me as well even though it is anniversary month and all manner of awesomeness does happen during May I still have things that go wrong a.k.a. the car and other things like that. It's like a transitional month.

  2. Woo hoo on all As! Go you! I really want to try laser hair removal. Mostly because I'm lazy AF...and suck at shaving my knees... is anyone good at that?? I had a free trial of Audible & then let it go. The past couple of days I've been thinking about sucking it up & just getting it again because I have so many books I want to read but never have and/or make the time to do it. Whereas I'm in my car a minimum of 2 hours a day. I could have so many of those books "read" if I just paid for damn Audible... but #cheapass


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