Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekend Review {5/14}


Friday was work.  I left after lunch time because I couldn't handle it anymore.  Teh German had to give me a pep talk to get out of bed.  I NEED a vacation ya'll and it's farther away when you're in the single digits than when you're in triple digits.  YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

When I got home, I took a nap, because I'm an adult.  Also because PMS, but mostly the adult thing. 

When I woke up, Teh German was home and he was chillin' on the back porch.  He had brought in the mail and I had some packages to open. MOAR swimsuits.  Actually, this was just one swim suit in multiple sizes.  Jessica Simpson swimsuits so fancccy they come on hangers.  Well ok then.

Uhhh no.

This swim suit was soooo uncomfortable.  The scalloped edges were SUPER ROUGH and scratched my skins!  Additionally, this is the XL top.  Teh German said maybe for laying out in the sun, depending on how much it cost?  I said, it cost too much for being something I just lay around and sweat in.  Sooo it will be going back.  Still waiting on the final bathing suit to arrive today to make my final determination on what will be going back and what will be staying.

Because I'm an adult, I had Oreos for dinner (since I was going to eat them anyways and I saved calories by NOT eating actual dinner #MeganLogic) and Teh German made gnocchi with pesto and ham, yes it was as weird as you'd imagine.  We were just hanging out until Teh German went inside and was like WHAT IF WE COULD WATCH HOCKEY?!?!

The Caps were playing and with the power of Teh Dad's DirecTV sign in, we were able to watch the game.  We were also able to reinforce the fact that I absolutely HATE commercials.  Especially if they are the same commercials replayed over and over and over and over.  I feel like there should be a minimum time between commercials.  Teh German then pointed out that I could MUTE the commercials with my phone and that made the last period of the game MUCH more enjoyable.

Seriously, though.. For a comm-media major, I fucking hate commercials. 

Someone pointed out how perfect the caption was for this photo
"through the perilous fight" (from the National Anthem)

After the Caps won, we headed to bed.


Saturday, the dogs woke us up early (assholes) but we decided to get up and accomplish things.  I had to drop Yurtle off to get her antenna fixed and then we went to breakfast and ran some errands.  Teh German said ok to going into Target and we ended up buying an outdoor rug and the outdoor pillow that I was looking for (well, my 2nd choice since the silly flamingo pillow wasn't to be found).

After Target, we went to PetSmart since I had a #MeganFail and shipped our dog food auto-ship to Teh Running Bestie for Meri and Pax while they are there.. which meant that we ran out of food after breakfast on Saturday.  Ooops.  After PetSmart we headed to Sam's for some random shit, and then we headed home.

I talked to Teh Dad while sweeping the back porch to prepare for the rug.  Teh German helped me roll out the rug and put the furniture back.  Before Pax would just roam around listlessly.  Now he will settle on the carpet.  Meri will settle on the carpet, but she will also lay on the dog bed.

Since it was a mabillionty degrees (96°F in May, you snow shunners) outside, we went inside to pass the time until Teh PT Wife's birthday shenanigans started.  I've been talking about doing a puzzle for a million years and so I finally started one.  I'm hoping that I can have this baby finished before I go back to school in July.  Although, some awesome audiobooks have encouraged me to have puzzle time, so I don't think the goal is too lofty.

Disney puzzle that Teh Running Bestie got me this year.  :)

Shortly before 1, we headed over to Teh PT House for birthday fun.  There were no pictures, but it happened.  We were too busy having fun and hanging out.  Teh German left around 9 because he was tired and because the conversation turned to golf and he was over it.  I stayed for a while longer since we were playing Cards Against Humanity.  Eventually though, the party winded down and I left before 11:30. 


Sunday was a slow start.  We didn't really have anything planned for the day, which was nice.  Teh German got up with the dogs and came back to bed, but we ended up getting up within the hour.  After chatting with Teh German about his plans for the day, I got motivated and decided to give the dogs a much needed bath and then take them to have their nails cut.

After dog baths, there was coffee.
In our awesome mugs, I may add.

After coffee, I dared to take BOTH dogs AT THE SAME TIME to the pet store.  It was ok.  Thank God.  Because last time I made a solo trip to a pet store with 2 dogs, it was a disaster.  I dropped off the dogs to get their feet cut off, picked up a new leash for Meri (since her old one is frayed) and 2 treats for them and paid.  I put everything in the car and then went back to get the dogs.  They were less clicky.  We managed to make it out of the store without incident.  We also managed to make it home without incident (since the last time I bashed myself in the head with a cargo door).

Teh German did some yard work outside and then did something with one of the bikes and then went on a ride.  It was too hot for me, so I stayed home to puzzle and audiobook.  I got bored with puzzle (this is a 2000 piece puzzle and there's not enough room on my table and I'm overwhelmed doing it by myself) after I finished my audiobook, so I took a break and decided to go to the pool and lay out for an hour or so by myself. 

Nothing makes you feel more like a pedo than going to a pool by yourself as an adult where you know there are children.  You just have to hope that the other adults realize that you aren't creepin on their kids.  I was smart and put on sunscreen this time!  And I was even kind enough to text Teh German and warn him that the shower would probably be slippery because I sprayed it on myself in the shower so that way it wouldn't be all over the floor.  #SmarterNotHarder

I went home around 5:40 to shower and get ready since we had dinner planned with Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer.  We went to Famulari's for dinner and I made a poor life choice and had the wings for dinner.  I didn't know this was a poor life choice until Monday morning.  Ugh.

After dinner, we headed home and I worked on puzzle and started my new audiobook (book 2 in the series) while Teh German YouTube-ed.  After 9:30, we finally headed to bed.


I was sad that the weekend was over.. buttttttttttttt IT'S A SHORT WEEK FOR US!!!!!!!

We're leaving on Thursday for MD. 

This week also includes:
-A massage appt today
-A delivery from Lowe's (we will see about that)
-A trip to the post office to mail a box to Teh Sister so we don't have to carry CA clothes with us through our Australia adventures.
-A pack walk
-Sitting on the back porch.
-Working from home on Thursday until Teh German gets home.

3 days until ADVENTURES!


  1. Heck yes to short weeks! I too hate commercials, with a passion. Why must they be so annoying & repetitive?!

  2. Commercials are the worst. I fully intend upgrade my Hulu at some point because I am so sick of seeing the same damn commercial every time I watch a show.

    That swimsuit top actually makes me itch just looking at it.

    I totally know what you mean about single digits and waiting for things and how it seems to take even longer once you're down to those single digits. I am at like three weeks to go on this pregnancy? And I'm dying. It's only going to get worse.

    I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!


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