Friday, May 18, 2018

Five on Friday #150

EINS - Random Shit

-I hated everyone by 0800 on Monday morning.  The week went exactly as Monday morning projected....

-I had a massage on Monday (Thanks Teh WJL!) and there was construction going on next door and I just powered through it.  Fortunately, it was intermittent during my massage, but I was told that the appointment before mine was pretty bad because it was constant construction noise.  Least favorite thing after a massage?  Being asked to spend more money.  It's one thing if you ask me if I want to schedule another appointment, but asking me to buy a subscription package or special group prices doesn't relax me.  You gave me a massage, not a lobotomy.  Nonetheless, I did fall asleep on the table, so it was definitely a good massage.

-New range finally arrived.  It has scratches on the glasstop.  I wish I was kidding.  I am also being SUPER anal since this is a replacement for a damaged range to begin with.

-I bought an insulated water bottle.  I won't lie.  It's ridiculous.  I went for the 40oz bottle which is awesome and stupid.  Awesome because it holds FORTY OUNCES.  Stupid because it doesn't fit in Yurtle's cup holders... /rolleyes.

Yes, this bottle is bigger than my head.

-Bathing suit update!  The final bikini came in and it was a DEFINITE keeper.  I didn't get pics because I was too lazy to go upstairs to fetch the bottoms, but the top has underwire AND provides SUPPORT and damn deese titties were lookin' fiiiiiiine..  So in the end, I kept the fine titty top and matching bottoms, the colorful bikini, and the blue tankini top (which I will match with bottoms I already own).  Good bye bikinis I've had since GTMO (no, I'm not kidding.  That would be circa 2010).

-I have a coworker that sometimes nods off at his desk and it makes me laugh.  I'm not one to judge, having fallen asleep at my desk more than once, but when another coworker needed to ask the sleeping coworker a question, I suggested he try again in 20 minutes.  We laughed about it and within 20 minutes, sleeping coworker was functioning again.

-Mother's Day gifts were a hit.  Of course.  #LikeABoss

-Sooo I unintentionally bought a new computer on Tuesday....  What had happened was... before school ended, I had packed up my stuff to leave work and my bag (with my laptop in it) fell and hit the floor.  Oops.  Sometimes, weird shit happens and everything is ok, I had a feeling that this was not that time.  I was right, I took out my laptop and it was dented on the edge and the bottom frame was cracked and wouldn't seal back shut.  Fantastic.  This wasn't doing anything to affect performance, so I told myself that when school had ended for the semester, I'd take it to Best Buy and see about getting it repaired.

Side note: You better believe I paid for that "we cover everything" insurance from Best Buy.  Thus, taking in my computer for damage wasn't a question of if, but when.  I also had a cluster of bad pixels on my screen, so I had been planning on taking it in for that prior to it's fall.

Since I know that I won't need my laptop while we are on vacation, I decided that right before we left would be the perfect time to drop it off at Best Buy.  So I went by on Tuesday expecting to drop it off.. and then the lady told me that they wouldn't repair it, but replace it.  AND THEN... they no longer carried my computer, so I ended up with a new baby.

I had to pay $300 more, but for the upgrades and the lighter weight, it was worth it.  I only "used" $100 of the insurance plan I originally bought, and I got the entire refund for the Asus computer that I originally bought and the prorated amount for the unused insurance.  You better believe I got another warranty plan with the new laptop.  Now it just needs some stickers.

Just carrying this box around like a cool kid.

-I've been considering a new radio for Yurtle.  One that includes navigation.  But I'm supppperrr cheap and one that integrates with my steering wheel controls and uses my current back up camera is my preference and that seems like a unicorn idea.  I was going to talk to someone at Best Buy about my options yesterday but there was only one person working in the department and he was on the phone for waaayyyy too long for me to keep waiting on him, so I left.  Teh German said something about a place in West Ashley we could go talk to, so maybe when we get back?  It's not a high priority, but I'd like to know my options.

-While packing for Australia I stumbled upon my World of Warcraft installation discs for vanilla and Burning Crusade.  I'm donating them.  The new computer doesn't even have a disc drive.  #Welcometo2018

-I kept my mobile wifi device that I purchased when I was in Australia in 2012.  I'm not sure if it will still work, but I'm bringing it with us and if it still works, that'd be awesome.

-With the new computer, came some changes.  I migrated (back) from Firefox to Chrome.  I haven't decided which browser I actually like better.  I think Firefox works better for my personal stuff and Chrome works better for DoD/work things.  The only thing that I'll ever use Edge or Internet Exploder for is if it's a work link that will NOT work with Chrome or FF.  No.  Just NO.

-Is it weird that I sit at my desk with my little tooth brusher after eating lunch?  #DONOTCURR
I did at least make sure that no one was around before I started pickin' at my teefs.

-On Wednesday, I went by the pizza place a few doors down from my office to get a "woe is me, my vacation starts tomorrow, but first I have to survive today" brownie.  A guy walked up to the counter and asked how he could help me and I told him I needed the biggest brownie they had.  He said there might be a corner still available and I said, no no, I need the gooeyest middle piece.  He told to me take my pick.  I explained that my vacation started on Thursday but first I had a project to finish today and I needed a brownie to power through it.  He started to walk away and said, Oh, then you really need this brownie.  It's on the house.  Take it.  I protested and said I'd pay for it and he said, "Too late, I've already walked away."  Faith in humanity restored.

-Meri has to get medicated for long distance drives....  She was sooooooooo high for our drive to MD.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Sam's Club things
-Things for the back porch (rug, pillows, etc)
-dog food (oops)
-The labor for Yurtle's unicorn horn to be replaced (aka her radio antenna)
-dog nails clipped
-new leash for Mer-Mer
-insulated water bottle (because peer pressure)
-new computer... oops
-another insulated water bottle for Teh German (dammit Amazon for making shopping so easy)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

In honor of upcoming Australian adventures...
What kind of music do kangaroos listen to?
Hip Hop

This makes me so fucking stabby.
They removed a pretty median and repaved the intersection...
asdlfkjeg;oerjg;ofivefoiefofvalkdjf;lejg;oierfjv;aodvjadsf UGH!

Avocado toast with shrimp and mushrooms...
Breakfast was avocado toast and lunch was supposed to be shrimp and grits.

Then there's there guy...
Fun fact, he used to fly S-2's in the Navy...

Goodbye sweet ROG laptop.  I will miss you.
We had a good run.
I'm sorry our relationship ended sooner than we anticipated.

Went into Kirkland's to look around and found the PERFECT pillow for Teh German.

And a self-representing candle.

And a ridiculous pillow for myself...

I've had this hat since 6th grade.
Teh German will likely be wearing it on our dive cruise to protect his ears.

This is what packing looks like.... FML.

I love when I surprise myself with snacks!
I had forgotten that I had put applesauce in my bag when I left work for the trip.

One does not leave just a few Oreos in the package to go stale while you are away for a few weeks.

I won't lie.  I might have made some inappropriate noises while eating my KFC on our drive to MD.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Most excellent audiobooks and the awkwardness that is listening to a sex scene with anyone else in the same room...
  2. A tittastic bikini top
  3. Sitting outside at work
  4. Accomplishing pre-vacation tasks
  5. 4 days until vacation
  6. 3 days until vacation
  7. 2 days until vacation
  8. 1 day until vacation
  9. 0 days until vacation

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Yay vacation! Also that guy needs a medal for the brownie. I love it.

    The bra thing had me rolling. Robert is always amazed when I do that!


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