Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend Review {5/7}


Friday was our Quatro de Mayo party at work.  I spent the morning at my desk and the afternoon outside and it was glorious.  Then I went inside to prep for the party (shred chicken, cook rice).  There was a debacle when I went back outside.  I was going to hang out, but someone was in my chair and didn't offer to move.. AND THEN.. I noticed that their drink (which was in a yeti) was sitting ON my partially closed laptop (partially because my ID card reader was laying on my keyboard).  Because this person was a guest of a coworker, I had to tread carefully, but I'm not very good at playing nice and well, in my death voice, I simply said, "Your drink. Is. On. My. Computer."  I received a flippant, "Oh sorry" and that was that.  Uhhhhhh, EXCUSE ME?  No.  Here's the real problem, all around my laptop was empty table area where they could have sat their drink.  But that isn't what happened and I'm still insanely pissed off about it and I know I need to let it go, but WTF?!?!?!

That essentially was the turning point of my day.  I had been have a pretty good day (despite the whole Phil's dead day anniversary) and then everything crashed.  No one else was really volunteering to help with party prep and everyone was standing around waiting to eat.  Teh German did show up for a little bit.  We ate and headed home around 5.

What do you call 5 Siths on a Lightsaber?

Teh Gardener (Teh PT Wife's mom) had been at our house for most of the day refreshing our flower beds.  She loves it, so I was happy to let her take on the project.  When we got home, she was still working, so I sat out with her and entertained and fetched things as necessary.  When Teh German came home, he changed clothes and went straight outside to work on the pergola.  Again, he wasn't able to complete it because of the mutant mosquitoes.

So, we spent the evening watching Vikings until bedtime.

What happens when you take down your Leia buns.


Saturday was my unassigned day.  My first day with no planned tasks and no homework!  Teh German was going on a dive trip to do his Advanced Certification dives which meant the day to myself!  I got up around 0830 and finally finished a book (ugh) and piddled around the house until I finally decided to go run some errands.  In order to minimize my hassle, I did a 1-stop excursion at Walmart at 12:30, on a Saturday... /wrist.

The best part of the trip was acquiring all the items on my list and riding a bicycle through the Walmart parking lot (which is a gift for Teh Gardener since she said she'd been eyeing it).  I went home and unloaded all my stuff and was working on wrapping Mother's Day packages when Teh German came home. 

Again, he changed his clothes and went directly outside to finish up the pergola.  This conversation went down...
Teh German: Can you help me?
Teh Megan: Not willingly.

I think he heard, "Not right now."
^^This is marriage people.

Eventually, he did come back inside and ask for my help (FML) and I knew he couldn't do whatever it was without me, so I finished up my tasks and went outside to help.  Teh German started to explain what he/I needed to do and I seriously had no idea what he was trying to convey to me.  He was trying to slide the roof panels on the frame and kept telling me to hold it.... which is what I was doing when the first panel slid off the roof like the slippery eel it was and landing on the ground.. all the while, I'm still holding it just like he told me too.  There was some yelling about that and I had to point out to him that I was still holding the panel when it fell, so when I said, "I got it."  I really did... but apparently I didn't got the right place.  Fortunately, the following 3 panels were much easier to get on after the first one.......  Oops.

Teh German was extremely proud of himself, as was I.  We finally showered and decided to go out for dinner.  We meet some other GLCK at Santi's (a mexican restaurant), which was a cluster fuck since it was also Cinco de Mayo.  Fortunately, other people we knew were already there with a table so we didn't have to wait and our food came out super quick.  There was another debacle at the mexican place when we asked for a box while we were paying and the lady went to grab a box and ended up with 3 and while she was trying to seperate them, one fell on the floor.  She laid the other 2 on the counter and handed us the one that had fallen on the floor.  No shit.  When she handed it to me, I said, "Now, can we have a box that wasn't on the floor?"  She rolled her eyes and traded boxes with me, which she put on the counter.  I said to her, "Do you want me to throw that away for you?  Because it was on the FLOOR."  She didn't respond and I walked away.  But seriously?  Is it a full fucking moon or something?  WTF?

After we left Santi's we came back home and spent the evening on our revamped back porch with Teh PT Husband/Wife, who had met us at Santi's.  It was deeeeeelightful.  Way late, we finally made it to bed, where I considered going to sleep on the couch because Husband had celebrated a little too hard and was twitching so bad he was keeping me awake.  <<this is also marriage.


Sunday was another no-plan day.  Since the pergola was complete, I opted to cook breakfast at home, thinking that we could make breakfast and then eat outside!  I got up around 8:30, leaving Captain Hangover in the bed, and went downstairs to shop for bathing suits.  I did run over to Teh PT House to pick up some lights for the pergola.

Real talk for a minute, this is 2018.  I want some models that have RBF and slouch and have at least maybe 1 spare tire.  I want the model NOT to be trying to be as sexy as possible with tousled hair and arms overhead (as women, we know what that does (lifts the girls, pulls everything else up a little bit, tightens the middle)) but NO ONE REALLY IS LIKE THAT when wearing the articles of clothing that are being advertised that way.  Advertise to me the way that the item being advertised will actually be used.  THAT is how to get my business.

Eventually, Teh German migrated downstairs where he received no sympathy from me regarding his hang over.  In fact, I almost told him to take his ass back to bad if he was just going to lay on the couch and moan, thus disturbing my peace.  When he finally realized I wasn't going to baby him, he finally got up and took something for his headache and we started working on breakfast. 

Despite my new, new range still not arriving AND a manager not calling me as promised, I still love this range.  I made eggs and toast and Teh German made bacon and coffee, then we sat outside and had breakfast and enjoyed the morning.  Eventually, I got motivated and asked Teh German to help me string the lights through the pergola, which we did. 

Originally, Teh German had said that he wanted to have a garage day, but instead, we spent most of the day sitting outside in the pergola.  It was quite nice.  We'd been discussing items we needed from Lowe's, so finally I told Teh German that if we didn't go then, I was going to refuse to go later because my motivation was waning.

We got off our asses and headed to Lowe's for various items and then went by Rite Aid so I could grab a Mother's Day card envelope since I had written the wrong address on one, which wouldn't have been a problem if the cards hadn't been such different sizes.... #MeganProblems.

When we got home, we took care of the stuff from Lowe's (mostly pergola related necessities) and I made an Amazon order for a smart plug for outside (DON'T judge me) so we can tell Alexa/our phones to turn the pergola lights and fan on/off.  #GoBigOrGoHome ...and I'm already at home, so there's only one remaining option....

I finally placed an exuberant order for swim suits (at least half of which will be returned since I got multiple sizes in the same design) and delivered Teh Gardener's thank you present (a bike) to Teh PT House.  As I was watering the flowers, Teh Gardener and her husband came over to chat for a few minutes, as well as Teh PT Kid. 

After they left, I made dinner and then we watched Vikings for the rest of the evening.  We were 4 episodes from being caught up and the pergola is gonna be there for forever..... and if we had a TV outside we could watch while we were sitting under the pergola... NO MEGAN, NO.  SHUT UP.  You are NOT putting a TV outside.  Just NO.  I haven't even mentioned this thought to Teh German because if I verbalize it, he'd make it happen, like yesterday, and we do not NEED a TV outside.  No.


It was an amazing weekend!

More than 2 years in the making, we finally have a place in our backyard to hang out with screens.  That's the most simple way to put it.  Really though, I foresee a LOT time spent out there.  If we weren't so close to the end of Vikings, I would have been ok with spending the entire evening outside, chillin'.  I'm sure that Teh German would too.

This week is (knock on wood) a quiet week.  Really, it's just the calm before the storm.  Next week we'll be leaving for our honeymoon.  I still need to figure out the luggage situation.  I have to make a very expensive trip to the post office this afternoon. 

Gentle Readers.....

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  1. Your flower beds look great!

    Some guy at a bar tried to call me out for RBF. Luckily, we were in public & I was on my way out so he just got extreme sarcasm & annoyance rather than me tearing him a new one. Do not tell me to smile more & "look like I'm having fun." I. Will. Hurt you.


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