Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Shit Teh German Said #29

Discussing how we both have Stingrays hats.
tM: Look, we have matching hats!
tG: Yay.
tM: The family that hockeys together stays together or some shit.
tG: STICKS together.

Teh Running Bestie: Dammit, we have to get out of bed to turn the lights off.
tG: It's like 2017!

While playing Cards Against Humanity.
tM: Was that your card?  I knew I shouldn't have picked it.
tG: But I knew you would.

tM: It hurt me in my soul.
tG: Where?
tM: Shut up.

tG: It's like a Nemo bee.

tM: We don't need any "Nemo" fish.  (with a gimp fin)
tG: Hey!  We do rescue!

tM: Our birthdays are next month and I don't know what we're gonna do.
tG: I'll tell you what we're gonna do.  We're gonna get older.
tM: 🤦
(I meant what we were going to do to celebrate.)

tM: I have some bad news.
tG: Bad news with an e or an a?
tM: What? Like n-a-w-s?
tG: An e or an a.
tM: I'm so confused.
tG: Like b-a-d or b-e-d.
tM: Oooo I get iittttt!
tM: That was so bad that I didn't even get it, but you were so confident.

tG: I think I'm over-souped.
tM: Yeah, I'm sorry.  Thankfully, I didn't put the noodles in the soup.
tG: I used to eat noodles with ketchup.
tM: I know people that eat noodles with mustard.
tG: WTF?!
tM: You eat noodles with ketchup!
tG: It's tomato sauce!

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  1. I about spit my water on the keyboard over the bed/bad news lol


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