Friday, February 1, 2019

Five on Friday #181

EINS - Random Shit

-After Ms. Reflective explained Post Secret to me, I've been an avid reader.  That was in 2010.  If you don't know what Post Secret is, let me summarize.  People write their secrets on postcards (usually) and mail them to a dude who posts 10 on the internet each week.  He's been doing this for quite a long time now and there's even an agreement with the Post Office regarding how much mail he gets.  Because this "project" has been going on for so long, you can find Post Secret exhibits in museums occasionally.

Anyways.  There was a secret posted this week that hit me so hard.  It felt like I'd be slammed in the chest and the breath had been knocked out of me.  If I didn't KNOW I didn't write that postcard, I'd have thought it was mine.  It was a truth I've never told anyone because it's dark AF and just seeing the card made me sad and glad.  Sad because someone else had to feel that.  Glad because I'm not alone in that feeling.  I'm not going to share the exact secret here, but I will give you the link to the week's cards.

-Facebook recently moved the close "X" button on the chat windows to a hover x in the top corner and it's obnoxious to me.  The settings gear is where the X was and now I just keep opening the settings.  UGGGGHHHHHH!!!

-Our District's House Representative is very active on his social media page.  He has shared several plenty of things about off-shore drilling legislation that he has proposed, but he also shares personal moments with his kid and wife.  This week he shared a Spotify playlist that he created and I read some of the comments, which we all know is where the entertainment is.  People were appalled that he'd share a playlist rather than be working on legislation 145% of his time.  While I see their point, at the same time, I'm pleased to have a representative who is a human.  #CantPleaseEveryone

-I think I already need to do a factory reset on my brand new computer since I'm having a few issues with installed programs not showing up in the program list.  This is my own fault for not taking the time to properly set up my computer when I got it and just winging it and installing everything all willy-nilly as I went... and for doing it at school, where the connection is garbage.

**Some quick political things.  #SorryNotSorry
-At a gathering this week, someone who commonly makes comments about snowflakes and building the wall said something to the effect of, "They should be able to speak English if they want to come here," as part of their argument.  Quietly I responded, so the person couldn't hear because they never lose the debate and I didn't want to engage in the fight, "It's probably hard to learn a language when you're just trying to stay alive."

I don't know if I've ever actually voiced that thought out loud before, so it really took me by surprise and after sleeping on it, I feel the truth of that in my soul.  People coming to America seeking asylum are coming because their lives are probably in danger in some regard.  Most individuals seeking asylum in America probably don't have the means to afford English lessons (via a tutor or an online program, both of which require money for the services and/or technology), much less to put food on the table.

I will admit that teenage Megan felt the same way, because she was young and naive.  Of course everyone should speak my language.  No, you little twat, NO.

Having endured the difficult that is learning a new language, TWICE (Spanish, German), I can't imagine trying to learn a new language while trying not to die, literally.  In fact, sometimes I struggle with learning a new language by choice when I have the resources.  I really hope that one day this argument dies.  It's fucking bullshit.  We're fine with other languages as long as they stay in the country they belong in.  What kind of fucking bullshit is that?  America is not the only country in the world that has great things.  Americans take it for granted that English is such a commonly known language and we can thank GREAT BRITAIN for that, what with colonialism, NOT Americans.  Americans did NOT spread English around the globe.  In fact, we are just another country that speaks English because of colonialism.  We could be speaking French, or Spanish, or German, or Swahili.  But we happen to speak English.

-Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom are visiting Teh Sister and Teh Stepsister in El Paso and Teh Dad posted pictures of the current border between Mexico and the US vs what Trump wants to have built, with some comments that ended with, "BUILD THE WALL."  Originally, I didn't respond because I don't have the time to argue, but when that shit reappeared on my news feed this morning, I finally reacted with the HAHA.  Because that shit made me laugh out loud.

And then... because I'd reacted, it pulled it back to the top of people's news feeds and they were sharing it.  FML.

-If you're unaware, the majority of illegal immigrants in the US are individuals who overstay their visa.  THOSE are the people taking your jobs, NOT people who risk their lives to cross the border.  Individuals who can probably afford to travel and are probably well educated, who are actual competition to persons like myself.  I mean, unless you're a construction worker or farm hand or lawn care worker, from my limited experience dealing with the growing Hispanic population.

-When someone who you know lurks on your FB page but NEVER likes/comments anything, comments to point out a grammar error in the post, they probably deserve to be defriended.  Said individual may actually read this post, and, if so, 💁.

-Went to the Yelpies on Wednesday evening.  I only wrote 116 reviews this year, despite my goal of writing 200.  #YOLO.  I blame school.  I would probably make time to write more reviews if it wasn't currently my goal to NOT be on my computer 12 hours a day.  Also 200 reviews gets a fun little Yelp logo award, 100 only gets a little certificate, meh.  Goals for next year, I guess.

Anyways, we went to Burwell's, again.  It was good food, but there must have been a kitchen snafu because the time between the courses was loooooooooonnngg and I was annoyed and we were all tired anddddd because the event ran over on time, I ended up with a parking ticket because my meter expired.  #FirstWorldProblems, I know.  But it was fun and I got to hang out with new people.

Eric (the Party Animal) and I.
We're snapchat friends and almost every weekend, Eric takes me on a free tour of at least one downtown historical home.
Well, me and all his other snapchat friends.

100 reviews!

-Dear Gentle Readers,
I'm telling you this for a friend.  If you are friends with someone on multiple social media platforms, there is no need to share whatever it is you are doing directly with them, just assume they are going to see it on at least one of the platforms that you are linked on.  I.e. if you are friends on Facebook and Snapchat and you post a cute video to your story on Snapchat, there is no need to send it directly to your friend.  ESPECIALLY if you also post it on Facebook.  I understand when your kid/animal is so cute your heart almost explodes, but Jesus, take the wheel. 

-I'm the worst at planning things for myself, but I have approximately a mabillionty idea of "things to get" Teh German for his bday.. and by "things" I mean trips... of course.  Also, while we originally agreed we weren't getting each other anything for our birthdays, I think we're both planning on breaking that agreement.  Good news, I have plans I can implement in the event Teh German does surprise me.. or doesn't.

-After writing that last point, I finally made plans for my birthday celebration.  Sadly, not on my bday or even this weekend since the fucking super bowl (just imagine I put in the Grinch hate hate hate gif here) ruins my life every few years.  We'll be going to early bird dinner and going ice skating after.  SO pumped.  I've wanted to go ice skating here for a while, but never make the time.  Well I am now.  BOOM.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Monday, Thursday breakfast
-Car wash subscription.
-Supplemental German verb dictionary that would have ensured I got a 100 on my Monday essay, rather than the 85 I flubbed my way through.
-New school hoodie since
-Parking for the Yelpies + my parking citation for my expired meter which I discovered 10 minutes after issuance.  Ugh.
-Pre-Yelpies pre-gaming beverage.
-Friday "beer lunch" at Commonhouse.  I had tator tots and Sundrop, but ya know, they server beer to others and it was lunchtime.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When you're a dumbass and think, I'll just bring a scarf to stay warm when it's 43°F outside because this shirt is kinda thick and then you're freezing so you break down and buy a new hoodie from the bookstore and it's so cold you don't even remember to take off the size sticker until you've walked across campus.
Teh German called me out on the sticker after I sent him the dilemma resolution selfie, since I'd been complaining to him about being cold.  We both agreed that medium wasn't an accurate label for that area of my body.

Thanks Willow, for letting me take the wheel while you control the pedal situation.
PS.  Yes, my speed was set to 75 mph, but it was an overly optimistic goal since it was raining during rush hour.

Fuck it's not Friday situation.

What do you call bedtime stories for horses?
Pony tales.

Part of me likes the faded look of my hair, butttt DEM ROOTS are serious and well,
it's going to be a long and painful 2 weeks.

I can't believe those cuties are 3 now!
Also, there's tator tots in this photo.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

You do not have to sort through everything tonight.
~Morgan Harper Nichols

Even if the wait
carries on another year,
I will not get where I am going
without first learning
to be here.
~Morgan Harper Nichols

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Actually reading chapters from my textbook.
  2. Getting homework done during a conference call.
  3. Afternoon class being cancelled.
  4. Sitting in on a meeting of a former project and getting the most serious person in the room to laugh.
  5. Attending the Yelpies.
  6. Finally pinning down the details of a birthday celebration.
  7. Finally accomplishing the tasks I'd been putting off all week for work.
  8. Possibly going down another belt hole in my belt in the near future.  If the muffin top wouldn't have been out of control, it would have happened this week.
  9. Getting to attend "beer lunch".
  10. Before We Were Yours.   My current audiobook set in SC with ALL the Southern accents.  Yaaaasss...

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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