Friday, February 15, 2019

Random Shit Friday #183

-This has been such a weird week.  I think it was the combination of PMS and being back to a serious workout schedule.  I had no comprehension of what day it was.  Everything pissed me off.  Every little inconvenience was 10x a bigger deal than it should have been.  But I don't think it was just me.  Other people I've spoke with reported similar mindsets.

-Traffic on 26 was so bad this morning (Friday) that it would have taken me over an hour to get to work, if it hadn't been for Waze.

-The 3 piece dark meal from KFC is 2 thighs and a leg.  It is one of the more glorious life choices I've made regarding food in the recent past.

Are we Snapchat buddies?

IDK how I'm just now getting this.

It's like a redneck and a hillbilly got together and decided, "Let's make a drank!"

Uhhh.. cool bro?

Uhh.. Thanks for the help, Pax.

Alfredo for dinner Tuesday night.
It was deeerichious.

Some "light" reading..
PS. That chinese print says Algorithms.

The cleaners put Pax's cuddlepillar on the loveseat so this was my view when I came upstairs.
I definitely loled.

What did the plumber say to the singer?
Nice pipes.
(That red marker got retired after this.)

The corner text says: All of us are broken in some way.
So much joy from this coworker "interaction".

Pew pew lassorrss appointment.

Meri with her new "mouse" from her Other Momma

I put the cuddlepillar in the guest room since I don't really love it's hugeness in  my loft.
Pax does NOT prefer it in the guest room.  HE prefers it in HIS loft.
The battle is not over.

-Nonstandard post today because I just don't have the fucks in me today to write up an entire post.. and next week when I'm back at it and I can't figure out my credit card situation, this post will be the reason for my confusion.

-My very, very, verrryy badly needed hair appointment was cancelled today because pretty much all the stylists at the salon are sick from sick assholes coming in for their appointments instead of rescheduling.  I hate everyone.  The appointment that I've waited 2 weeks on was cancelled 5 hours before the appointment.  I went through all the stage of grief and finally landed on acceptance when the owner called me back to reschedule after I had to call and leave a message.  I'm rescheduled for Tuesday evening but I'm disgruntled about it.  It's going to mean leaving class early that day, which will be fine, but still stress that I didn't plan for. 

-More and more recently, the more things do not go as planned, the more angry I get.  Sometimes, I wonder if I'M on the spectrum with how big of a deal I make of what should be minor issues.

-I almost didn't post this because I'm just not feeling it.  But I already had this much.. so here you go.

Hopefully this weekend, I can get my life together and under control.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Blah, sorry you are having a shitty week. I am struggling to decide if I am getting irrationally angry too (or if Hubs is being irrationally a PITA).


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