Wednesday, August 7, 2019

3 Things.. again

Three movies I've watched more than 20 times 

1. Titanic, but only the first VHS (When the movie was released, it came out on VHS and it was so long, it was split between 2 VHS tapes.  Teh Sister only ever wanted to watch the FIRST VHS, not both (because she didn't appreciate the man hitting the propeller and flipping into the water as much as me), then start it over....).
2. Any Disney movie released between 1991-1997.
3. Erin Brockovich
All of these movies were part of Teh Sister's Movie Repertoire that she would play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.. and over.. and just keep repeating that for forever.

Three things I don’t do 

1. Tan.  I'll be translucent for forever.
2. Suffer fools or individuals who don't pay attention.
3. Tolerate people trying to make me feel stupid or belittling my efforts.

Three things I'm always up for doing 

1. Most new adventures.
2. Getting ice cream.
3. Silly selfies.

Three good things that happened this month 

1. Chemistry is officially behind me, after haunting me since Fall 2017.
2. Getting ladies-only time with Teh Running Bestie.
3. A cold front that enabled me to ride Bagheera.

Three things I wish everyone knew so well it was ingrained in their bones 

1. "Helping others will help you."
2. You are your most critical critic.
3. You're not the first person to have this problem.

Three things I'm tired of 

1. Trump related media/Trump/politics.
2. School.
3. Being hot.

Three things I'll never tire of 

1. Meri snuggles/Pax leans.
2. The smell of clean laundry.
3. New technology.

Three things I like to photograph 

1. The beasts.
3. Distinctive architecture.

Three things I can't resist 

1. Punny jokes.
2. Ice cream.
3. Scratching Meri's butt.


  1. My brother's films that he watched over and over and... (repeat until infinity!) were Grease, The Lion King and Toy Story. I can probably still quote 90% of The Lion King... to the extent that when I saw the musical I noticed that they missed a line that's in the film. My other brother was obsessed with Cars but since he's 23 years younger than me I thankfully never lived with him and didn't have to put up with it.

  2. - OMG the double Titanic tapes! Definitely had those. I agree, the first one was much better.
    -I also do not tan. Especially since I have officially turned into a vampire (aka developed a sun allergy).
    -Yay no more Chem! That's a long time to be haunted :(


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