Friday, March 13, 2020

Five on Friday #229

EINS - Random Shit

This is what IT troubleshooting looks like when you're the tech:



I waited to sign up for the Divas half marathon in Myrtle Beach to see if they'd post a coupon code.  They did not.  And as I was struggling to pay the $126 registration fee, I Googled coupon codes for the race and there was a Groupon deal that came up and I ended up paying $65, which is less than the early bird registration.  #WIN.

Can we please just cross fingers and toes and do mystical dances that my race doesn't get cancelled? kthx.


March 3: WiCyS Conference is still on!
March 5: We're cancelling the WiCyS Conference.  Cancel all your travel arrangements.

Know what cannot be refunded?  Basic economy plane tickets.
Guess who is still going to Denver anyways?  Me.  And Husband, of course.

I tried to cancel the tickets through a chat that took almost an hour of my life for less than 20 exchanges and then I got pissed off and finally just called the customer service line after the stupid website that the chat agent sent me didn't work.

Additionally, the website is for the refund "team" to "determine" if you are actually going to get a refund or not, your tickets MUST BE CANCELLED before you can request a refund either way, so you're at the mercy of some person to decide if you get your money back or not..  all because the fucking corona virus...


A millionty years after the statement was made by a Samsung rep that a women's health section of the Samsung Health app would be added... IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!  I literally let out a whoop of joy before 0700 and Teh German was extremely concerned about me.  He was like, there are probably other apps out there you could have used.  I said, "Oh there are, but I tried them and didn't like any of them."  Him, "Of course you did."

He gets me.
Now I can track my non-existent period (thank you, IUD).  Truthfully, I just want to be able to track my symptoms so I can tell when I'm reacting based on PMS or if it's fat week/etc.


I had to write my own bio for the award ceremony... and it had to be under 100 words.  This is what they got:

Megan is currently a Day Veteran (Navy) student at the Citadel, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Cybersecurity.  When she’s not doing homework or at her full-time job, she attempts to spend time with her husband, [Teh German], and their two dogs, Pax and Meri.  In her remaining free time, she runs half marathons, rides her motorcycle, and likes to take naps.  Megan volunteers as the social media and blog coordinator for Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue.

Update: This bio will never be read at the award dinner because all campus events through March were cancelled.  #ThanksCoronaVirus.


How to use any system related to the government:
1. Have the ability to sign into the system.
2. Have all your things you need to do whatever it is that you need to do.
3. Take every ounce of common sense that you have and flush it down the toilet because it doesn't fucking apply to this situation, ever.
4. Complete task.
5. Wait on it to be rejected because "that's not the right way to do it."


A coworker CCed me on an email and then replied to a email between only us to say he'd CCed me on an email.  Few things make me more stabby at work than redundant shit that requires my attention.  An email about an email is one of them.


I know I'm not alone in this, but I just want to whine about the amount of money I'm at a loss for because of Corona virus cancellations.  A LOT YALL.  Multiple race registrations, flights to said races, flights to Denver if we hadn't decided to just come anyways, arrangements for rescheduled races, etc.  This just sucks.


Phil the groundhog can choke on a dick.  Early spring sucks.

82°F by the time I got home.


Packing is hard.  Yes, I made a list that was pretty much the same thing repeated for 6 days.  #ItsHowIDo.

Planning a running outfit for a destination that is cold is difficult when you went on a run earlier in the week in a skirt and tank top because it was in the high 70s.


Travel is always an adventure for me.  Sometimes a good adventure, sometimes a bad.  Thankfully, this was a good adventure.  I will admit that the smell of hand sanitize and wipes that permeate all the spaces now is rather pleasant.

I find joy in the computer science major part of the Citadel advertisement at the CHS airport.

2 things to complete my childhood: Ferngully and Forest Gump (which Teh Sister watched over and over and over and over and over).

The tag says: DEFY GRAVITY!
Attach straps to seat and stop falling forward.
There was no way to attach the straps; gravity was not defied.
I definitely got a chuckle from this.

The mountains are calling.. and I am home.


Happiness is:

Needle Nose Nirvana Life!

Snuggles with Lucian while I work.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-More new clothes for Granny.
-One millionty race registrations.  Seriously, this is a problem now and I need to stop it.  Or I need to figure out what I'm avoiding and deal with it.  Lawd.
-Dinner out
-Going away coworker lunch
-Willow's doctor appt (oil change, etc)
-Ragnar Sunset DC race
-Denver run WITH Husband
-Dr bill from the death sickness
-Willow's go-go juice
-Burpees and Brews
-Lunch salad on an unappealing leftovers day.
-Dog treats so I don't get maimed when I get home/deal with the disappointed face when I leave.
-Travel foods/things.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

While I think it was a competition to see who could be MORE on my pillow (please note Pax's foot), this still melted my heart a little bit as they so rarely snuggle.

By far the weirdest shit I've ever seen my granny do:
Put gravy on pancakes.

Opinion on the Funfetti creamer:
Not the worst thing I've put in my mouth, but not as delicious as my Peppermint Mocha creamer.

Hades event for March?

The rage face when you are told the shuttle is unavailable to bring you home, even though you requested it when you made the appointment and so they call an Uber for you.. AND THEN 10 minutes later, the shuttle driver comes out and leaves in the shuttle for an appointment.  I WILL FUCKING SLAY YOU.

And then this was the windshield of the Uber.

Granny did NOT leave that bed like that when she left...
I imagine the redecorators had 4 legs though.

When you forget to thaw dinner and use this as an excuse to ride to dinner.
Lewis BBQ it is.

The first photo of Bagheera and (Still without a name Bike) together!

When your credit card finally arrives after an agonizing week of not having it.

I have a FB friend that works at Disney and these were in the background of one of her photos and I'm like, NEED!
She sent them to me.
She's the best.

Selfies to husband when the leftovers are on point for lunch and he made dinner.

What do you call a sad strawberry?
A blueberry.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This season is different.
She still has her worries,
but she has chosen to believe:
they will not hinder her from becoming who she is meant to be.

you do not have to be fearless to be confident

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

1.  Riding to dinner.  Teh German likes having excuses to ride the new bike.
2.  Doing work.
3.  Wants not needs.
4.  Workouts that make me sore, even if I whine about how sore I am.
5.  Race emails actually coming through.  Somehow I unsubscribed myself from relevant race emails for the CHS and MB marathon weekends.  Soooooo it's lucky that someone else is always running it with me because otherwise, I'd have no idea what is happening.
6.  Race leaders who are human and not just in it for the money who allow for cancellation but also are like, let's do this anyways because we're not required to cancel!
9.  Teleworking for the indefinite future.
10.  Vacation for husband and I.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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