Monday, March 9, 2020

Weekend Review {3/9}


No post Friday, oops, but life took over and it just didn't happen.  Don't worry, I'll make up for it this week.  Work, then school, then home for some teleworking until it was time for Teh PT Wife and I to head to Myrtle Beach (MB).

When we got to MB, we hung out with our hostess at the bar where she is a bartender for some free beverages.  We headed to the expo before dinner.  Again, we were disappointed.  1- It was held at Dave and Busters and it was a clusterfuck.  There weren't a lot of actual tables either.  Oh well. 

We had dinner at Bimini's again, as tradition dictates.  This year, I made the wise life choice to NOT remove my card from my wallet or even remove my wallet from my purse.  We ended up just splitting everything anyways, so I PayPal-ed Teh PT Wife and we all laughed and appreciated my credit card strife from last year (when I left my card at the restaurant and it never made it's way back to me).

After dinner, we headed home and hung out for a little while and then it was bedtime.


We were up at 0615 on Saturday morning to get ready for the race and head out.  Since we ran the 5k this year, we had to take a shuttle to the start, so we had to allow time for that situation.  Additionally, it wasn't warm outside (a breezy 40°F and falling), so it was not a pleasant wait for the shuttle to arrive once we finally got out of the car.

Pre-race selfie

We only ran the 5k for the Bless Your Heart (BYH) medal you get for running a Charleston Marathon race + a Myrtle Beach Marathon race.  We debated doing the half, but since it was only for the medal and we ran the half last year, opted for the shorter distance.  THERE WERE REGRETS.

1- You run on the boardwalk, which is theoretically very cool, except that it winds down the beach and there are benches on the path and there were half a million people crammed into an area that is maybe 5 persons wide... and no thanks.

2- Shuttle to start.  Ugh.  You can park and walk to the half start, which means I can sit in the car (and nap) if it's cold until I feel like it.

So tired... hahah, like it wasn't just a 5k.


The biggest perk of doing the 5k is that it only took us ~30 minutes to run it and then after getting our BYH medal, we checked out the post-race tents (minimal options going on there) and then we didn't even have to wait to get a table at Johnny D's for brunch.  Last year, we had a wait.  Our hostess met us, eventually, for breakfast.  Eventually because she was blocked by so many closed roads for the race that she almost just said fuck it and turned around and went home, and no one would have blamed her.

After brunch, Teh PT Wife and I headed back to Charleston.  Teh German was out on a ride so when I got home, the beasts were dying for attention.

This shadow wouldn't let me out of his sight from the moment I got home.
Like I was gone for half his life instead of for less than 24 hours.

I unpacked my shit, started the laundry, puttered around the house, finally showered, and then plopped on the couch for resting.

2019 BYH (top) vs 2020 BYH.
This year's medal seemed so much bigger than last year's.
And this year's was better because beach umbrellas on the MB side and pineapples on the Charleston side!

Meri and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Saturday.  I wasn't sure what kind of treats I was going to give her/them, but then I kept it simple.  We had a sample bag of food from the dog event I attended with Teh PT Husband/Wife in Feb and this PB needs to be used, soooo frozen PB kongs with surprise treats inside were made up.  I put them in the freezer and they each got a kong for dessert.

Teh German and I went to Walmart to order my new glasses, which was almost a debacle when the guy didn't want to help me since it was after 5:30 and he closed at 6 (uhh, rude), but he did and I bought 2 pairs of glasses and should have just bought one, but whatever.. Then we hit up The Codfather for dinner.  We sat at the bar and this old asshole beside us kept talking to us, which was fine until I realized he was a drunk asshole.  He kept trying to make me feel bad for being on my phone.  He also told us about how important he was and how only less than 10 people in the US can do his job because of all his experience, blah blah blah.  At one point during his self-boasting I straight up said, "Do you want a cookie for all of that?"  He didn't get it, but the bartender heard it and gave a chuckle.  He also tried to give us shit for ordering on a half order of the fish and chips.  Bro, you don't fucking know me.  Mind your own damn business.  Yes, it's good, but I don't want to make myself sick.  /rolleyes

When we got home, it was stretchy pants time.  I handed out Kongs to the beasts and Teh German and I watched Dark until definitely after my bedtime.


Sunday we woke up at whatever time it was.  0930?  IDK.  Time change makes life hard.  I managed to get my ass in gear and get to the Burpees and Brews workout at Ghost Monkey.  I only went because on a Sunday morning, Ghost Monkey is only 30 mins from house.  I hung out after and drank my coffee while the others had beer.  I finally left around 1 to get home and do productive things. 

I was surprised to find Teh German still at home when I arrived.  I figured, for sure, he'd be out riding Lars-/Ludwig (his not-yet named bike, I truthfully think he just wants to call it "The BMW" on principle, but I refuse... also on principle).  Ultimately, that is what he ended up doing, but after we walked the beasts and ate lunch.  This worked out ideally since I had homework to attend to. 

I can also now say that I've called the cops on a neighbor.  Technically, they don't live in our neighborhood, but on the other side of the wooded area behind our house.  I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to have a fucking fiesta all day, but I could hear their music IN MY HOUSE and that was unacceptable.  When I called the county non-emergency number, they insisted that it was from the city limits housing and transferred me to my city's non-emergency line.  I was annoyed because I KNOW the house is NOT located within the city limits, but, of course, I know nothing.  Thankfully, the lady who answered the city's non-emergency line took down my complaint and said she'd call the county for me.  Thank you, Lady, so much.

Within an hour, the music turned down or off.  Either way, I couldn't hear it, which was all I cared about.  I'm not a "call the cops" person... but disturb my peace inside my house.. and all bets are off.  I should not have to use my noise cancelling headphones in my house for a noise that isn't coming from within my house.  Period.

I managed to power through almost all of my homework before Teh German came home.  We had tacos for dinner and I headed back to the office to do the last bit of my German homework and finish a Cricut project for Teh PT Husband.  Then I headed to the couch for an episode of Dark.

After screen time, we headed to bed.


I was awake at 03/04 this morning.  I'm not actually sure what time it was.  I looked at my watch and it blinded me and I tried to do math and with the time change everything was fucked up and I know that I've been awake since well before the alarm went off and that makes me disgruntled on a Monday after losing an hour.  I mean, technically, I didn't loose an hour of sleep because I slept until I woke up on Sunday, but principle since it was dark outside for like.. ever.

The downside to no Friday post is that I didn't get to share that my Women in Cybersecurity conference got cancelled.  No worries though, we are still headed to Denver this week because I'm not losing $800 for our already paid for plane tickets.

This week is kinda busy.
-Tues evening: We're getting an estimate for painting the hizzhous.
-Weds evening: Gettin' the taxes done did (finally).
-Thurs morning: I fly to Denver and telework for 2 days instead of going to the WiCyS conference, Teh German will be meeting me on Saturday for our Spring Break mini-vacation.

I am not sorry to see March blasting past. 
60 days until graduation.  Teh Bestie sent me her flight itinerary this morning!
Days until next race: 6.
Days until I am with Teh Bestie and Matilda for another runcation: 18.
Medals received in 2020: 5

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