Friday, March 27, 2020

Five on Friday #230

EINS - Random Shit

Part of me was like, meh, you don't really want to make the time to blog.
Part of me was like, yes, yes you do want to make time to blog.

As always, I'm happy I finally wrote the blogs about Denver and last weekend.  Obviously, it was a high level review, but the photos are posted and the fam can see it... and it is done.


Chiro recommended 3 Dean Koontz books so I used my Audible credit to purchase Watchers.  Fingers crossed.


I've been doing minimal reading since everything in my life went online.  No driving means no audiobook time.  Running would mean audiobook time, but I haven't even done that.  This is where I am in life.


My professors are recording their lectures for our, now, online classes and watching these videos are less enjoyable that trying to scoop out my eyeballs with rusty spoons.


I went to the grocery store this week and the cashier asked for my phone number (for rewards). She couldn't seem to understand me, so I spoke slower and looked directly at her since she was turning to face me when I spoke. Even then, she asked again and I started to get a little frustrated but subsequently noticed she had a speech impediment. So then I held up the numbers one by one on my fingers.

She was so excited that I did that! She asked me how I knew sign language and I explained that I didn't actually know it but I was trying to be helpful since I could tell she was having an issue understanding. She said it was nice because people don't realize she's partially deaf and get frustrated with her.

When I was all packed up and had paid, she signed (and said) thank you, have a nice day, and I was able to sign back thank you.

There are so many times that I don't allow other people grace or have the patience to observe what is happening and get frustrated. Right now, so many people are anxious about the situation we're all in and have even shorter tempers. By taking half a second to assess the situation, I was able to make this cashier's day and I didn't even mean to. It's that simple.



Before non-essential services were closed down, my hair dresser got me because she's awesome.  I figure this is my way of supporting local since she's not going to be working.


This weekend includes using the new laser level to rehang all the shit on our walls and plenty of homework.  Thoughts and prayers needed during this time of Teh German and I working together on a project and also for me to get through homework when it is physically painful for me to do...

42 days till "graduation".
I guess I should just change that countdown to the last day of class since I have 3 exams and 2 of them are on the same day.  I do wonder how that will work now.  Whatever, we'll handle that disaster when the time comes.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Hairs did
-New laser level and stud finder for Teh German
-Last Burpees and Brews class until all this stay-at-home stuff is over.
-A fun surprise for someone I know who reads this.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Don't worry, all is well in Whoville with Cindy Lou Who....

TACOS, it's what's for dinner.

Based on the 2 day headache, I fucking knew it without being told, kthx.

Neighborhood Watch is always watching.

....when she's not patrolling her back yard perimeter.

Long nose, long legs, and looooooooong ear shadows.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Even here, you are free to look forward to the future.

How liberating it is to know:
You are not defined by the times you fell.

The rocks did not keep the river from pushing through.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being home with the beasts.  I'm generally a nicer person when Meri makes me crazy with her petting demands.
  2. Having everything we need.
  3. Having a job that can be done remotely and we are not seeing a work stoppage.
  4. Having work to do, even if it is overwhelming because of school starting back up and finding a new normal.
  5. Crazy cleaning the house after the painters finished.  It fucking sucked, but no one cleans my space as good as I do, soooo it brought me great joy and satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment.
  6. Spotify's ability to play on other devices, to include "Everywhere", which in this house means ALL the Alexas... which makes for a pretty cool surround sound effect AND I never miss parts of songs because I get up to go pee or get water or etc.
  7. My new red glasses.  It's the simple things.
  8. Teh German dealing with/making dinner without complaint.
  9. Teh German grinding the coffee beans.
  10. Paint on the walls.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I need to start listening to audiobooks & music again. Car time & during class was my music time. But now that I'm home, I just don't think to put it on, or I'm in a virtual meeting, or I'm watching Netflix. I should make a list of daily goals for next week.

    Being at home with the dogs definitely makes me happy, well the barking times not so much, but the them playing or cuddling with me times, yes.


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