Friday, February 28, 2020

Five on Friday #228

EINS - Random Shit

This is what the run calendar looks like now.. oops.

7 - Myrtle Beach 5k for the Bless Your Heart medal
21 - Run Skidway Island half marathon
28 - Rock n Roll DC half marathon with Teh Bestie and Matilda

4 - Myrtle Beach Divas half marathon
9 - i5k because tech and local and it's just a 5k.
18 - Tarheel Double Down Challenge: 4 miler + 10 miler.

6 - Floppin Flounder 5k
12 - Hot Persuit 5k

18: Rock n Roll Chicago 5k
19: Rock n Roll Chicago half marathon

5: Rock n Roll Virginia Beach 5k
6: Rock n Roll Virginia Beach half marathon

12: Kiawah half marathon

Total medal count for these 13 races: 19!!
I imagine there will be more races added in October and November.


I opted NOT to put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher while Teh German was gone and he came home and got upset about the sink with dishes in it when he came home.  He asked why I didn't put my dishes in the dishwasher and I said, "You don't do your own laundry when the hamper is empty."  Apparently, this wasn't acceptable and I had to say that I was tired and didn't feel like it.  I could have.. I just chose not to... because sometimes, husbands don't need to be spoiled.


Runcations with Teh Bestie and Matilda are the best.  Here's why.

Matilda likes making the hotel reservation.  We split it 3 ways, she gets points, we get to stay in nice places.  Everyone wins.

Teh Bestie manages the expo and race start time/place details.  She gets us where we need to be on time.

I manage the food situation.  I scour Yelp for good places and determine what is reasonable and what isn't. I make suggestions before we go to make it easier when the time comes to make a decision.

Each person manages their own travel situation.

Everyone is winning.


Oh, yeah I was an asshole and didn't show you the outfit that I/we actually selected for the award dinner.  Mah bad.

With my red power heels, of course.


I brought my coworkers Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Fat Tuesday since I had to go into the office for a meeting.  Gah, I'm awesome.


The 2nd worst thing about Teh German changing companies.  He is no longer working right by the airport for when I need someone to drop me off.  The #1 worst thing is that he's not in a convenient location for drop-bys, which I used to do fairly regularly just because if I had the time.  No more.  Boooooo.


On Teh German's birthday, I discovered my $100 chopping knife that we received as a wedding present in the dishwasher to be washed.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT DOESN'T BELONG IN THE DISHWASHER?!  MY $100 KNIFE.  Do you know what I did?  I took it out and hand-washed it with all the love it deserves and said ZERO THINGS to Teh German about it, because 1- it was his birthday and 2- I rarely use that knife because it has to be hand-washed and I know he hates that.  I will admit that if I see it again, I will definitely say something.


Let's assume you receive a file named "Lastname Firstname CompanyName FormName.pdf".  When saving your file, would you:
A) Name it whatever the fuck you want like the rebel (asshole) you are.
B) Leave the name the same and let the computer decide if it wants to put a (1) after it or not.
C) Some combination of both
D) I'm not downloading your stupid form, it's probably a virus you are trying to get me to download.
E) Fill in the format given with your applicable information.

Because my coworkers tend to think that any option but E is a solid choice.


There is a Trump rally in Charleston today.  We've planned to completely avoid the area.  Also, why it have to change from MAGA to KAGA?  (vomit).  This rally comes AFTER the shitshow that was the democratic debates on Tuesday night that also took place in Charleston.  Our primary election is on Saturday, so I know why all of this is happening, but it doesn't make me hate it less.

I'm over here all, "Get off my lawn!" and my lawn happens to be all of SC now.  Sooo there's that.


For Teh German's bday, we went to his favorite pizza place for dinner and I suggested dessert, even if it was just a vanilla milkshake.  He really went all out and ordered a Snickers milkshake at Cookout.  I ordered from my standard options: peanut butter fudge or strawberry cheesecake. 

When we got home... I shared my strawberry cheesecake milkshake with the garage floor.  You better believe that I salvaged what could be salvaged and put it in a bowl and ate it (no pics of said bowl, but it happened). 

I told Teh German that we were going to have to start taking more selfies since there were almost no photos of us together since NYE.

The verb and the noun.


As a surprise to Teh German, I had a BroBasket delivered to Teh German at work.  It wasn't an actual delivery person, but FedEx and the package arrived the afternoon before his bday, but thankfully he had already left and then there was a mix up and someone ended up opening the box?  IDK, it was weird when he was telling me about it.  Thankfully, they realized it wasn't work related and the package was ultimately delivered to Teh German's desk.  THEN.. THENNNN he proceeded NOT to open it ALL DAY LONG until he got home.  WUTTTTT???  He's the worst at presents, I swear.

I mean, I'm glad I got to watch him open it, but it was meant to be opened at work so kinda give him a boost for the rest of the day.  Siiiiiiigh.  I explained to him it was my version of sending him flowers, since he probably wouldn't appreciate flowers in the same way (he concurred).

I did a customized BroBasket with a beer selection, cigars, some pretzels, and beef jerky.  I would totally do it again.  Then again, I could just reuse that same basket and load it up and deliver it myself for cheaper.

I'd show you a pic of the basket, but Teh German opened it so fast and I didn't even think to take a photo while he was opening because I was in the moment.  #NotSorry

He even commented that it was an awesome crate he could use for something else.
So I felt like I did pretty good.
Too bad his coworkers still don't know my #BestWifeEver status since he refused to open the package at work....

ZWEI - Money Shit

-All the race registrations.  ALL OF THEM.
-AirBnB for one of those races.
-Runcation in CLT (meals, gas, hotel, parking, etc)
-Bendy Brewski Yoga
-Sunday brunch
-Fancy award dinner outfit/professional outfit
-Krispy Kreme
-Dog donations for WV track greyhounds
-New phone case for Granny after she showed up with the manufacturer's loose plastic still on her phone.  No wonder she "can't see" the screen and "can't get it to work"......
-Paid for the remaining balance on my phone after the rebate hit
-Chuggle for Granny.  She has never stopped talking about that game since 2002.  There was an ad after every game and I wasn't even playing it, but was annoyed by it, so I spent the $6 so she could play ad free. 

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I live with a monster.

If your pumps have TAP TO PAY, ENABLE THEM.
So much rage when my excitement to use tap to pay was denied and I then had to fetch my wallet and my credit card to pay like a peon.

Potato skillet bowl:
Fried potatoes
Crumbly sausage
+ cheese, cilantro

My Stats teacher left this photo of Jack the service dog up for the entire class to boost morale.
He also brought in a package of oreos.
And he also extended the homework by a week.
Best teacher ever?

Sweet, sweet Easter, how I love thee.

I made sunset soup.
otherwise known as: BABY FOOD.
/facepalm for days.

Q: HOw many steps are there in the OPSEC process?
A: Two, Five, Six, Too Many.

When your bestie sends you are super soft hoodie shirt like she has because she loves you!

And then the string from the new shirt comes out in the wash and it was too long anyways, so a problem was solved.

What do athletes wear on Leap Day?

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Be brave and say what the heart longs to say.

You have known what it means to lose and you have also known what it means to look within and find that courage to come back stronger than you have ever been

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Not being overly sore from the race on Saturday and all the rain this week.
  2. Birthday surprises for Teh German.
  3. Birthday date with Teh German.
  4. Sweet tea at work.
  5. Teh Granny coming to visit, even if she got lost and caused me to have to leave work due to a "family emergency" during a meeting.  Granny being lost = a family emergency.
  6. Soup for dinner on "cold" nights.
  7. Plans to gather with Teh Neighbor Besties this weekend.  It's been like 1290481934910342 years since I did that (they were all together without me last weekend at the beer festival).
  8. Teh German agreeing that we should take more photos together.
  9. Sitting/snuggling with Teh German on my couch since Granny had taken his normal seat last night.

Happy Almost Leap Day, Gentle Readers.

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