Friday, February 21, 2020

Five on Friday #227

EINS - Random Shit

This article about Hating Popular Books spoke to me... Because I'm a hater of popular things. #Sorrynotsorry


Since I didn't go to the eye doctor last year because insurance wouldn't cover new frames (only new lenses and I knew my prescription wouldn't change that much, so not worth the hassle), I decided to go this year.  Because I'm cheap, I went to Walmart Optical (and also, I've been there before).  I decided on a whim to swing by on Tuesday when I left campus.  Miraculously, the doctor was able to see me and do an eye exam.  While we waited on my eyes to dilate, I tried on frames... ya know, one of my favorite past times.. (sun)glasses modeling.

Teh German's next frames, or something similar.
Bet me.

The doc straight up was like, "NO PUT THOSE DOWN. They have been there for 10 years, they are out of style now. NO!"

The doc had me try these frames on and then explained that I'm the only person she's ever seen in those frames that could pull them off.
Thank you, thank you very much.  /bow

Top contenders.
It's a red frames year.


Fun fact, I can't get new glasses until after March 6th, since that's when I got new glasses in 2018.  Siiiiiigh.  But the lady in the optical center that helped me put a note in my record for the glasses I picked, so hopefully it's just a matter of going in to order them and waiting for them to come in.


When hoarding stickers is actually a problem and you really do have too many stickers...

There were stickers that I didn't use, because of fit problems.  I also had to save space for a Holy City Brewing sticker, which is the large unoccupied space.


Why Elizabeth Warren is my girl crush.


It's been a snuggle Meri week.


TODAY is meet Teh Bestie and Matilda in Charlotte day!! YAY!!! 
As expected, I forgot something that I couldn't pin down before I left the house.  I arrived at work and realized I'd left my phone charger.  Thankfully, I have chargers at work and in Willow, so it's fine.. it just won't be the super convenient 10ft charging cable that I prefer for hotel room stays.  #FirstWorldProblems


I managed to fix the jets in the bathtub all by myself.  I just had to reset the GFCI outlet.  Glad those fucking things have taught me the solution is sometimes that simple.. Even if the lesson was incredibly frustrating at the time.


Betty Crocker came to visit this week and she (me, I'm Betty Crocker) made tortellini soup and it was fucking delicious and there were zero regrets.

A bowl for the freezer!  Woot!


Honestly, it's been a quiet week and I'm not sad about it.  Things are finally into a routine and I'm thriving in this space.  School is getting accomplished.  I was coding successfully the other day which brought me an obscene amount of joy.  I can understand 70% of the things my German professor says in German.  I am confident the database project for my lone computer science class (I don't count my research class since it's not a formal class) this semester is going to be relatively painless.  My Stats class is a breeze and I don't think about it much outside of class. 

Things with Teh German have finally settled and we're back into our groove as well.  This weekend we're apart while I go to Charlotte for a run and he goes to Columbia for the annual beer event with Teh Neighbor Besties.

After more than a month of strife, I'm glad this settled feeling has finally arrived.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Valentines splurge 75% off candy
-Bojangles x2.
-Tickets for a Holy City event for Teh German and I in May.
-Commonhouse beers... for ME.
-A birthday suplize.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When you gotta buckle in the fancy roses from Husband.

Teh German commented that this was a very German dish for me.
Grilled cheese (bread and cheese), tater tots (potatoes), and a salad; all the German meal staples.

Yes, that's a Starbuckos straw for my not-peppermint java chip frap.
I swear they have coconut syrup in a peppermint syrup container.  But it tastes like an Almond Joy, which isn't bad, and I'm afraid at how bad they'd fuck it up if they tried to fix the drink.. so I just let accept it.
As long as it doesn't taste like toothpaste, it's tolerable.

Meatball subs and salad, for when you gotta use the red sauce that won't fit in the freezer.

Teh PT Wife's new medal rack.

Chocolate covered kreme filled?

Thankful for a local beer that has that "yeast roll" aftertaste.
I bought myself a 6-pack.

When you want a fun cup instead of a boring cup.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I'm for neither, kthxbye.

When the Navy CIO makes jokes.


FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Stickers on my work laptop.  So what if I look like a beer/dog-lover.
  2. Being the adult and supporting someone's choices, even if I don't support the choice.
  3. Putting my coffee in a fun cup this morning instead of a boring cup.  It's the little things.
  4. Splurging on myself.  Food treats that weren't necessary, but brought me joy nonetheless.
  5. Routine.
  6. Successfully coding something.  Coding is so painful so much of the time.
  7. A friend noticing my FB lurking.
  8. Pulling out the suitcase.
  9. Finishing Cricut projects that have been needing attention for a while.
  10. Getting to see Teh Bestie and Matilda today!!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I need new glasses so bad! I couldn’t tell you the last time the prescription was updated on them and now the frames are getting so scratched it’s starting to drive me crazy.


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