Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekend Review {2/17}


Friday was Valentine's Day and although I insist we don't celebrate, we always end up celebrating.  Technically, Valentine's Day is the day between our birthdays which is why I often schedule events on that day, NOT for Valentine's Day.  This year, I scheduled a couples massage for Vday afternoon because it was time for my monthly massage and Teh German had given me the gift cert and I figured it was a nice way to celebrate the end of the debacle with Teh German's former company and I knew that by Feb 14th, he would be almost done with his work sessions for them.  I put a lot of thought into WHEN the massages would be, ok?  That's what you need to know.

It was a work and school day and it was painful for me to be at work past 1:30, but I endured because I didn't want to go all the way home then have to turn around and come back to North Charleston for the massage.

I also stopped by the bank for Teh German and learned that we have never discussed the "if I call you back-to-back, you drop what you're doing and answer the phone" circumstance.  Because I was livid when I had to call Teh German from the bank to ask for information and he didn't answer when I called him back to back, even though he KNEW I was at the bank handing shit for him

Teh German ended up calling me back when I was back at work and explained that he was on a video conference call and I was like, DNGAF.  I think this is 100% a cultural difference.  Teh German couldn't fathom answering his phone while he was on a video conference call, "because they could see me."  I, on the other hand, have straight up walked out of a meeting or class to answer my phone if I know it's important.  I had figured out a workaround at the bank, but it wasn't ideal and I made it Teh German's problem to handle.

I was still pissed off when I got to the massage place.  Teh German asked me what was wrong and I straight up told him, "If I call you back-to-back, answer me.  It's important and almost always quick.  There's nothing at work that can't be paused for 30 seconds to handle something personal that is important.  I don't waste your time when you're at work."  I'm not sure if we're on the same page about this or not, but I've said my piece. /shrug

The massage was everything I knew I kneaded (needed, haaaaa).  After the massage, I was a nicer person, I think.  When I got back to the locker where my stuff was, I had notifications on my phone from almost every communication app possible.  One of the notifications was that my new work computer had arrived to the office after I'd left.  Le siiiigh.

Teh German and I agreed on Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, because we ain't fancy and we weren't sure if we'd have any post-dinner activities to attend.  We'd bounced around ideas of going to a Stingrays game or to the movies or anything at all, but ultimately we ended up going home and watching Netflix.  I asked Roux's Humom to feed the beasts dinner, which Teh German observed.  At least we're both creepers.

After our massage, Teh German had given Willow a thorough look down and asked if I'd received flowers.  I told him no.  I was neutral about it.  I hadn't expected them, so I wasn't disappointed that there had been no flowers.  Teh German was upset about it and explained that he'd ordered flowers for me and had them delivered to my office.

When I messaged my coworker about my new laptop and told her that I was going to swing back by the office and she said that was a good idea.  When I got to my desk, I discovered a HUGE fancy display of classic roses.  I discovered they had arrived minutes after I had walked out of the office when I started up my new laptop and installed Slack and saw several missed notifications from the coworker who had received them for me.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  I 100% would have turned around and went back to the office had I received the notification before 7pm.  Fortunately, I went back to the office anyways, so it worked out.  The flowers are gorgeous and Teh German is now forgiven for no delivery on my bday.

Because I'm a snob when it comes to brownies, Teh German and I had agreed after we'd finished dinner that we wanted dessert, but also wanted to go home.  I suggested that I make brownies and he agreed.  So while I was at the office picking up my laptop and flowers, Teh German went by the grocery story and picked up vanilla ice cream.  When I got home, I risked it and made brownies. 

A few Gentle Readers might remember the Vday debacle of 2013 when I gave myself food poisoning from eating raw brownie batter on Feb 13th, which meant that I spent all of Feb 14th expelling my insides and killing any mystery in my relationship with Teh Bear, since he was in MD visiting me.

Risks were taken and it ended up being ok.  No food poisoning was obtained, despite my licking the stir spoon clean.  While brownies cooked, we watched Big Mouth.  Coincidentally, the brownies finished and I delivered a brownie with ice cream to Teh German on the couch and then the Big Mouth Valentine's special started playing.  I appreciated the coincidence.

While we had couch time, I worked on getting my new work computer set up to be ready to go for Monday.  Apps installed, etc.  Company IT had done most of the setup for me, so I just needed to install things like Slack and sign into Chrome to get my favorites, etc.

Since Teh German was working on Saturday at the former company, we went to bed at a reasonable time.  I wasn't disappointed.


Saturday morning was a slow start, kinda.  Teh German didn't go into the office until 0930 because he had to go by the bank, so we slept in until Meri was a demanding asshole.  Teh German got up with the beasts and fed them.  He came back to bed for a bit and when his alarm went off, he got up and got ready.  I stayed in the bed for a little longer, scrolling, and then got up and got ready for the day, so I would be more motivated to do my German homework.

AND THEN, while I was eating breakfast, a Coworker messaged me and asked if I was interested in attending a workout with her and I said, sure why not.  She picked the workout that was at Commonhouse instead of Frothy Beard since that was closer to me.  It was a bootcamp circuit style workout and I didn't know what to expect so I went hard the entire time.. and then we ended with an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and I was so gassed I rode the struggle bus for the 6 minute the AMRAP lasted.  But I survived, barely.

Included in the workout was a "free" beer from Commonhouse, "free" because I paid $15 for the workout, which was fine.  Commonhouse's tap list was completely full, which was nice.  I tasted the hefeweisen and it had that yeast roll after taste that I prefer and I ended up drinking (and enjoying) and entire pint of it.  The bartender also informed me they were going to start canning the hefeweisen this week, so that is exciting news for me.

The workout leader brought their Frenchies with them, and they were super adorable.

After the workout, I went home and hung out with the dogs.  I sat down to do homework and got zero things accomplished.  My head had started to hurt so I ended up on the couch, napping with Meri.  Teh German messaged me at 2:30 to tell me that he was coming home by 3.

So the reason for the bank visits was that Teh German found a motorcycle on FB Marketplace that he was interested in.  He had been stalking it for a while and seen the price go down about $2k.  The seller agreed to let Teh German come and check out the bike and take it for a test ride on Saturday afternoon since it was supposed to rain on Sunday.

I knew as soon as Teh German laid eyes on the bike that he was going to be bringing it home.  Teh German played hard to get, a little bit.  He had a millionty questions, which wasn't a bad thing.  While he took it on a ride, I stayed and the seller and I chatted.  He was an older-ish guy who took crazy good care of the bike.  He had even kept all the original parts that he'd replaced.  When Teh German got back, money was exchanged, the title was signed over, and I followed Teh German home in Baloo.  The best part about driving Baloo is that Teh German has Sirius XM, which means I get to listen to the BPM channel.

When we got home, photos were taken and then New Bike (name to come) was put into the garage for the night.  Leftovers were for dinner.  Teh German was looking at parts for New Bike, even thought he said he shouldn't.

We spent the evening watching Dark on Netflix, a suggestion from my entire German class.  Once we put the language into German and turned on the English subtitles, we were golden.  I really wasn't enjoying the English voiceovers.


Sunday was a slow start.  Meri woke me up at 0700, like the diablo dog that she is.  Teh German was awake too, but we both went back to sleep until... 1030.  Oops.  It was fine.

We got up and made breakfast and then I tried to put in a Sam's order and couldn't.  I headed to the office to do my German homework while Teh German did tank things and rearranged the garage to fit all FOUR motorcycles AND Baloo (and Willow, of course).  Honestly, I'm turned on by his Tetris skills.  This isn't a permanent solution since the white bike (Suzi) will be sold eventually, but it's not a bad intermediate solution since Teh German only needs to pull Bagheera out to work comfortably at the work bench.

Around 3:15, I tried to make the Sam's order again and discovered that one (of the two) items I needed was out of stock, so that saved us a trip to Sam's.  I hit pause on German homework and told Teh German we should get our grocery store trip accomplished and he agreed.  We got ready and headed out to Food Lion, which I hadn't went into since it was a Bilo that went out of business.  While there, we saw and chatted with one of the GLCK, which was nice.  Not that we hadn't seen her recently, it was just a good, fulfilling, neighborly chat.

We headed home after the grocery store and ate dinner (porkloin in the crockpot, corn, and a grocery store impulse buy of potato salad).  Evening activities included: watching more Dark then an episode of Big Mouth to get in some LOLs and then it was bedtime.


A fantastic weekend for the books.

I'm proud of Teh German for accomplishing a dream.  Apparently, he's wanted a BMW 1000cc bike for a while and he made that happen.  Additionally, we're both still marveling over the fact that there are currently 6 motor vehicles in the garage, all of which are paid for AND FIT.  He did clarify multiple times that one bike would be departing us eventually.  But as long as Willow and Bagheera fit, I don't really care.

I've already told my Coworker that I'm down to do the Saturday workout again, whenever she's ready.  Our schedules don't mesh for the next few weeks, but I'm confident we'll get back eventually.  I started getting sore from the workout on Saturday evening, which was rough.  I spent Sunday hobbling around and stretching whenever possible and had Teh German use my percussion massager on my butt before bed.  He was very gleeful when he found my sore spots and got to press harder and cackle at my pain.  Thankfully, this morning I'm not nearly as sore as I was, which means I might get in a run this week before the 15k on Saturday with Teh Bestie and Matilda.

This week looks quiet, so we'll see what actually happens.
PS.  We're over halfway through February.  I'm sad/glad.  So far, this has been a turbulent month and the waters will continue to ripple as the events on the calendar come over the next few months.

80 days until graduation. :D

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