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Weekend Review {2/24}


Friyay for real!  I headed to work in the AM with intentions to go to class.. but then I was going to be late to class, which meant potentially missing the quiz, which was the only reason I was even going to class, and so rather than risk getting to class and not being able to take the quiz, I just skipped class entirely and headed to Charlotte.

Fun cup Friyay.

Teh Bestie was running ahead of schedule since DC traffic hadn't thwarted her progress, which was part of the reason I was inclined to just skip class.  #Priorities, yo.  We met at SouthPark Mall since 1- we needed lunch, 2- I needed to find an outfit to wear to the award dinner I'm attending in March.  We decided on Cheesecake Factory for lunch since we were right there and we had planned on picking up cheesecake anyways.

Carb loading with the chicken picatta, which is never disappointing.

After lunch, we headed to the department stores to find something acceptable for me to wear.  It was an adventure, for sure.  Also, I tried on my first jumpsuit.  It was just as hilarious as you'd imagine.

We managed to find a super awesome outfit, I used a $50 gift card + some Belk's coupons and it ended up only being $121 for a 3 piece Tommy Hilfiger outfit (my first ever Tommy Hilfiger anything, kthx), which made me super happy.

After shopping, we made a stop at Cheesecake Factory for take-away cheesecakes, then we headed to the hotel, parked in the hotel garage, then headed to the expo to pick up our packets and peruse the tables.  It was rather disappointing, but that meant money saved.  We also picked up Matilda's packet for her.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped at The Greens, a park with books and book things!  Super adorable... Except for all the dog shit, which was a huge buzz kill.  For real, pick up your dog's shit, especially if you're in a public place... LIKE A FUCKING PARK IN THE MIDDLE OF (down)UPTOWN.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we saw Matilda pulling into the parking garage.  She parked near us and we all unloaded no less than a full week's worth of luggage per person from our vehicles and headed into the hotel to check in and get settled.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cheesecake is LYYYFFEEEE, Gentle Readers.. LYFE.

After eating half our cheesecake, we finally figured out a place for dinner.  I had suggested several places, but none of them were within walking distance, so we reassessed the situation.  Teh Bestie found Queen City Bites and Brews and we walked over for dinner.  The place was tiny, but cute.  We found a table that a guy was leaving from, thankfully.

I ordered a beer with dinner.. WUT???

The food was satisfactory.  After dinner, we headed back to the hotel room and I talked all of us to sleep.


Saturday morning we were up at 0630 for the race.

I sent Husband a kissy face text and he sent one back.
He's so cute.

We missed the National Anthem, Teh Bestie's only request, but we did get a solid stretch in.  I opted to stay with Matilda and Teh Bestie for this race since it was a fun run.  When we left the hotel, the weather app said it was under 30°F, but it, thankfully, didn't feel that cold.  There was never a point, once we got into the sun, that we felt cold.

We finished the race in ~2 hours, which was the goal.

After the race, Matilda said she had time for brunch, so we hit up Redeye Diner, which did NOT disappoint.  I had scoped out this place earlier in the week as an option.  I didn't realize until we got there that LIVERMUSH was a menu item!!!! YAY!  I lurve livermush.  It doesn't love me, but lawd how I love it.  With breakfast consumed, we headed back to the hotel for showers and stretching/rolling/vibrating.

Matilda ensured that we had late checkout (4pm), so Teh Bestie and I took our time.  I vibrated while she rolled and she kept stretching while I showered.  Then, I got dressed and relaxed in the bed, considering a nap.  Teh Bestie showered and she laid down too.  In the throws of what might consider a "runner's high" (which I apparently experience differently than other runners because for me in means making crazy decisions instead of having serotonin-flood induced happiness), I signed up for the Tarheel 10 Miler Challenge.   Oops.  Then, I, again, talked Teh Bestie to sleep.... and she had said she probably wouldn't nap.  Bwahahaha.

We left around 3 to get to our destinations.  The drive was going well until I was on 26... Then this garbage:

Thankfully, the backup didn't last that long.  I ended up making it home by 6:20 and the dogs acted like I'd been gone for years.  Meri was extra affectionate and Pax wouldn't let me out of his sight.  After the beasts were fed, I took care of the laundry, ate dinner, relaxed on the couch for a bit, and then was in bed by 8:30/9.

#3 for 2020.


Sunday, Meri ensured that I was up by 0745.  I laid in the bed until 0830 as punishment for her waking me up early, despite having fed them 2nd dinner (where I split their dinner in half for the normal feeding time, then give them the other half before bed, in an attempt to be able to sleep in).

I got up, had to hunt down Teh German's spare truck key, moved the truck, moved the new bike (which has still not been named), pulled a crate out of storage for Roux's Humom and put it in Willow, then got ready for being in public.

I had decided to go to Bendy Brewski Yoga at Holy City Brewing since Sunday was the return of the brunch menu.  Before yoga, I hit up the grocery store to pick up the few items I needed for this week's dinners, considered blowing up the self-checkout area of the Bi-Lo I was at, managed to not violence anything, managed a LOT of fucks for a Sunday morning at 0915, and ended up using 2 checkouts to finally get my groceries scanned so I could escape that hell place.

Yoga was everything I needed it to be since my hamstring had been yelling at me during the race.  I was loosy goosey by the time we were done.  After, I paid and took a seat at the bar for brunch.  I opted for chicken and waffles since we were having potato skillet for dinner.  Again, it was everything I knew I needed.

After brunch, I headed home, unpacked the groceries, then went outside to scoop poop.  I was hoping it would be cold enough that all the poop would still be poopscicles, but it was not.  Boo.  Teh German came home as I was finishing up the poop situation and he agreed to go on a dog walk with me.  After the walk, I headed to the office to work on homework things... except that mostly, I just researched runs to do... and Teh German went out on his maiden voyage with his new (not yet named) bike.

I ended up finding 2 more runs I was interested in, realized that I'd missed my Stats homework due date and asked for an extension, organized my binder, printed out my submission for my database homework that is due this week, and tried to figure out the German readings situation. 

When Teh German came home, he didn't have any argument again my going on all the runs for every weekend in March, soooooo I signed up for more runs.  Ooops.

It's hard to be this cute, but someone has to do it.

I did some data science research coding stuffs and right as that was finished, Teh German said he was hungry.  He hadn't been listening to me talk his ear off about dinner, so he didn't realize we were cooking dinner, rather than heating up leftovers.  That meant dealing with a hangry Teh German, but he managed it well enough while helping me prep dinner (fried potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, +cheese, cilantro, hot sauce).

After dinner, the hanger dissipated, I headed back to the office to try and get a little more research stuff done and kept hitting road blocks.  Uuuughhh.  By 7:30, I headed to the couch with my laptop so I could continue downloading research things, upload runcation photos to the FBs, and watch Dark with Teh German. 


Overall, a very good weekend.  Runcation weekends are some of my faves and obviously I was "high" (runner's high, I swear) and signed up for ALL THE RACES for ALL THE MEDALS this weekend. 

I did get some school stuff accomplished, so that was good.  Teh German wasn't hungover and felt well after his day-drinking with Teh Neighbor Besties.  He came home after his ride and essentially told me that he now has another love in his life... the new bike.  Made me lol.

This week includes:
Teh German's bday
VOTING on Saturday
HVAC maintenance

March is going to be a busy month, so I'm going to enjoy this last week of February, despite it's tumultuous beginning.

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  1. I’ve still never had chicken and waffles! I really need to try them.


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