Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Shit Teh German Said #33

It's been a while, so here's a late Valentine's gift for my Gentle Readers, because you're all my Valentines.

M (Me): What's a veggie that goes with schnitzel?
T (Teh German): Fries.
M: That's not a vegetable.
T: Fries andddddd...

M: I'd come here again.
T: I give myself 4 stars.
M: why only 4?
T:... There's always room for improvement.

M: Oh no! I tooted and it's stinky! I tried to get it all out when I was in the bathroom. I'll have to take a gas x tonight so we don't die in our sleep.
T: That's not a bad way to go.

Discussing how Americans brought over European germs that have since evolved.
T: You probably brought the sickness home, you're around more people.
M: Maybe, those Cadets never stay home when they are sick.
More evolution conversation.
T: You don't have to always bring back souvenirs.

About CO license plates in The Ranch.
M: We could have those tags one day
T: Yeah, I can recognize them on 26 now.

After a conversation about indoor skydiving, Lyft driver didn't see speed bump, he definitely knew it was there the next time.
Driver: that was better.
Me: I didn't even go airborne.
T: No indoor skydiving.

Me: There's jelly.
T: It's fine, I have tomato jelly. (FYI: ketchup, tomato jelly = ketchup)

I was ordering at McDonald's and the drive through person didn't understand.
T: Are you ordering from the 90s menu?
M: An apple pie and caramel sundae make an apple pie a la mode, if I had ordered an apple pie a la mode, then yes.  But those individual items shouldn't be that difficult.

T to Meri: are you step dancing for us? We're not giving you any money. Even if you do look homeless.

M: Why did it take so long for you to come to bed if you're so tired?
T: I had to finish watching a YouTube video. I don't like stopping in the middle.
M: that's some Megan shit right there.
T: it's like we're rubbing off on each other.
M: If we're not careful we're going to be one of those married couples who look alike.
T: Well, you better hope I get your hair.

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  1. Lol I busted out at the last 2. I was literally just thinking about these posts the other day wondering when you’d post another.


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