Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Confessions {11/2}

-When making my own salads, I always overdo it on the toppings and by the end I'm eating just toppings with no greens.  I do not understand moderation.  #ALLTHETOPPINGS

-After Teh Sister and BIL arrived in CA and found a place to live, Teh Sister informed me that she was in need of a squatty potty because her toilets are so tall her feet don't touch the floor and she'd been using her kitchen stool in the bathroom.  She sent me a photo at the same time my Amazon app notified me that it had been delivered.  Now every time she goes poopie, she'll think about me.  #lifegoalsachieved  #happyshitting

-Conversation with a coworker:
Coworker: Did you see my email?
Me: Yes.  I haven't read it yet.
C: Well, I think it's good.  I didn't cuss at anyone.
M: For us, I think that's an accomplishment every day.
C: I didn't say I didn't want to.
M: In our heads doesn't count.  It's free reign in there.

-PS. Being asked, "Did you see my email?" 30 seconds after I could hear my coworker clicking send annoyed me greatly.  Of course I saw it, but right now I'm ignoring it because I need to make sure my Facebook feed is up to date.  #LetTechnologyDoItsJob

-I ordered a polarizer for my macro lens from Amazon and happened to find my original polarizer the next day.  Ugh.  So I requested a return from Amazon, prepared to send the new, unopened polarizer back.  They said don't bother and just gave me my money back and I don't have to return it.  #SCORE

-The Halloween party in the neighborhood was on my street which was excellent.  We arrived late because of the first party we went to.  When we arrived the host explained to me that there was another Halloween party in our neighborhood and they had a scavenger hunt.  One of the items on the list was to come to the other party and get a picture... I seriously cannot understand how people can be so fucking rude. 

Not only is it a bit weird, several of the party attendees agreed that it was rude.  It doesn't matter if it was part of their scavenger hunt.  Rude of the hosts to even make that part of their scavenger hunt.  We live in a construction zone, if you want creepy, go find an empty house and take a photo with a "ghost" or something.  Don't party crash and leave.  It's rude.  #mannersgetsome #wtfpeople

-Related to above; This gem from this morning that was deleted 3 minutes after I took that screenshot:

I wasn't planning on responding to her comment because I like it when assholes prove they are assholes for everyone to see.  I'm not sure if the original poster removed the post or the page admin, but it's really easy to lay the bait for some people.  #somepeopleskids 

-Woot added a Holiday tab and I'm pumped about it.  #bringonChristmas #whatisThanksgiving

-We didn't go all out for Halloween, but we did move the Hue spotlights outside and I had them on "rave mode" (flashing random colors) and we had some creepy music playing.  Apparently, our neighborhood doesn't realize that our street exists since we're so new?  Who knows.  Maybe next year when the last phase is in progress/built we'll get more kids?  Either way, I'm only buying one bag $20 candy next year.  #yougetwhatyouget

-We had a few doggy trick or treaters and I got to give away 2 of the adult treats I had picked up (sweet tea vodka minis).  #trickortreat #smellmyfeet

-Of all the kids we got, almost all of them said "thank you" and there were only 2 girls who were greedy, but it was our own fault for telling them to take what they wanted, but they did say thank you after they'd picked through our selection.  #pickyeaters

-Teh German tried a Warhead (a sour candy) last night for the first time ever.  It's always a great joy to me when I can introduce him to American novelties, since they are pretty rare now.  His face definitely puckered a bit.  As did our neighbor's when he had one.  My mouth is watering just writing this about the sour reaction.  #pavlov

-Soooo, despite what I said about picking up [New Bike] on Wednesday after all the parts came in... I didn't wait.  I was going to wait since they had to take her apart to put the rail sliders on, but I was informed that it's not the same pieces that were already taken apart to be built, so they were going to build it and take it apart no matter what.  Well, I'm no fool, so I went and picked her up yesterday.  #newtoy

First photo of me and Bagheera.

Bagheera only had 1 mile, which is required by the manufacturer.

I went by Teh German's work to give him the key to Yurtle.

-[New Bike] has a name.. are you ready for it?  I'm not sure you are...  Are you sitting down?  It's fine, you can probably stand for this one.  [New Bike] = Bagheera.  Bagheera like from The Jungle Book.  Granted, Bagheera from JB was a dude, the motorcycle's gender has flopped back and forth several times now.  I'm sure eventually I'll figure it out.  #Disneylifeforever

-I was disappointed in myself for not noticing the super sweet sign Teh German put up for me when I got home yesterday after taking Bagheera on her first ride.  He pointed it out to me.  In my defense, he did use the only notepad we have that matches the wall.  #bestboyfriendever

If you can't read it, it says, "Welcome home Bagheera"
He's the best.

-For Bagheera's first ride, we went through West Ashley, skirted downtown, crossed over the Ravenel Bridge, passed through Mount Pleasant, over the big tall bridges, and then I took my work route home so I didn't have to deal with traffic on 26 after already dealing with traffic downtown and on the big bridges.  I had failed to consider rush hour traffic and I've never wished SC allowed lane splitting more.  The problem was, I knew that if I didn't get my bridge ride in yesterday, it wouldn't happen before I left for DC and that would have been super disappointing.  #lifechoices

-We're going the fair tonight.  I'm prepping by eating a salad for lunch so I can have fried oreos for dinner dessert.  #priorities

-Sirius start playing the Holly channel tomorrow!  Channel 17 for those of you who need this in your life.  Other Christmas stations start Nov. 28th and later, boooo.  #notsorry #holidayspirit

-I was searching through my photos looking for my "eatin' pants" gif and when I searched eating, all the photos that Google automatically tagged as eating came up.  Same for when I searched for pants.  #creeptastic

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  1. ONE OF MY BIGGEST WORK PET PEEVES: "did you see my/that email?" 2 seconds after it arrived in my inbox. GIVE ME A MINUTE, WILL YOU????

  2. But salad toppings are the best. And ughhhhh I hate when people asked if I saw their email. Like back off!!! So rude about the people coming and crashing the party just to get pictures from another party. Are they in high school? I love that your bike name references a Disney movie. This surprises me zero knowing you. Annnnnd I totally whipped out my Christmas Spotify playlist yesterday. No shame.

  3. I love warheads so much! Watermelon & Blue Raspberry are my jam. MMM I want a few right now.

    Your salads & mine sound VERY similar.

  4. My salads have lots of toppings of too, but some of those are green, like broccoli, and celery, and green onions...so I'm still eating greens :)
    I don't understand what this potty apparatus is, but it sounds hilarious.
    I added about 15 songs to our work playlist getting ready to put on the Christmas tunes at work.
    Hooray for the new bike!

  5. Bagheera is a great name. Fucking brilliant. Also that is super rude of that other Halloween party and they are an epic fail. I also like that you to just leave people to be assholes on the page so that everyone can see. I don't need to fight with you you just prove my point by being exactly who you are!


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