Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Confessions {11/30}

-Teh German's Opa calls me Meggy.  He's the only one that calls me that and I have no idea why.  Despite being corrected several times by others, he still calls me Meggy.  I secretly love it.  #nicknames

-After telling Teh MD-AR "it's just a butter knife," I cut my finger.  #FML

-I may have spent more than a few minutes learning about "elimination communication" of babies.  #themoreyouknow

-I bought $6 Tazo (mint mosaic) tea and it was totally worth it.  This tea has a low-medium amount of caffeine, which is perfect, unlike that nonsense I purchase a few weeks ago that I left in the kitchen for others.  AND it's delicious.  #worthit #teaproblems

-Monday morning, my laptop was booting to a black screen.  After 30 minutes of avoiding the problem, I did some Googlying.  After 25 minutes of troubleshooting and hard crashes and restarts and keyboard shortcuts that were suggested by the internet, I booted the computer up and still got a black screen.  I figured it was a long shot, but I put in my password like normal and hit enter... AND THE STUPID COMPUTER LOADED PROPERLY.  #Ihatetechnology

-By Sunday night, we were tired of eating turkey.  #overThanksgivingleftovers

-I am super proud of Teh German and myself for accomplishing so many projects for House over the last 2 weeks.  It felt like home before, but now it looks like Home.  #whoneedsHGTV

-It made me super proud when Teh German took a photo of the Zollverein collage in the dining room and sent the photo to his Dad. #Ididthat

-I keep tabs on certain North and South Carolina sports teams.  Post Thanksgiving, I was pleased as punch to flaunt the NC State win to my boss who is a UNC fan.  I was also pleased to see that the Hurricanes won, even if the Panthers didn't.  Also, I don't care but am aware that Clemson slaughtered USC.  #Iliketowin

-Monday: I'm seriously considering going back to Crossfit.  I know I've been talking about it for months, but I'm ready to bite the bullet.  I'm tired of feeling like a bloated cow and now my injuries have healed enough for me to get back at it.  Even if I have to go without Teh German, I think I'll be going.  I can't seem to get into a running schedule and I also need some "cross-training".  #moo

-I took the dogs on a jog about the neighborhood on Monday night.  Phil went about 1/2 a mile (he's 9, it's acceptable) and I brought him home and then Meri and I went back out and did 2.5 more miles.  Meri isn't nearly as bad on a leash when she is running as she is walking.  #runningwithmypack

-Follow up: I went to crossfit on Tuesday night and the work out was 30 rounds of 1 really heavy power clean followed by 4 burpees where you have to jump over the bar between each one.  This could not be more true:

-Since the time changed, starting right before 3pm, the sun shines through the window right over the wall of my cube.  This is a problem because the closer to 4 it gets, the sun moves to the opening of my cube which causes serious glare on my screens.  I won't lie.  I've used this as an excuse to go home early.  #anyexcuseisagoodone

-I listened to Safetysuit for 1.5 work days and I have #noregrets.  I'm hoping this means an awesome Discovery Weekly playlist next week.  It will definitely be interesting since I accidentally left Spotify playing through the New Music Friday playlist one night which means I'm going to have really horrible rap suggestions as well.  Thank God for the Release Radar playlist which is tailored to artists I "care about."  #YoudabestSpotify

-While listening to my Release Radar playlist and drafting this post, I noticed that You by Safetysuit is on the playlist that was generated 5 days ago (Friday morning).  Before I had even been to the concert.  I had never searched them at all in Spotify.  #IronyorCoincidence?

-#libraryproblems: I put myself on the waitlist for Unbroken and Throne of Glass and both came available within one day of each other.  Additionally, I'm in the middle of listening to Voyager, which is pretty much my new addiction.  Teh German said something to me this morning, and I was certain he said it in a Scottish accent.  I was extremely confused.  #toomuchOutlander #nosuchthing #Icanthear

-I still haven't decorated the upstairs tree yet and I need to.  That said, there has been no time to decorate said tree.  The few hours of downtime that we've taken on Sunday and then Monday night was desperately needed.  #itsnotlaziness #itsrecharging

-Actual work deterred me from publishing this earlier.  #dolladollabillyall


  1. I confess I stopped mid post to look up elimination communication for myself.

  2. That workout actually makes me tired and I just read about it.

    I would totally use that as an excuse to get out of work early.

    Meggy is a great nickname and it's adorable.


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