Friday, December 2, 2016

Five on Friday #95


Teh German finally bought his new truck.  Wednesday night was the night.

Turns out, what the dealership thought was the Unicorn wasn't actually the unicorn.  It didn't come with the JBL audio upgrade Teh German had requested, but I explained to him that we could replace the speakers and that would probably make a huge difference.  We both knew that it wasn't going to stop him from buying the truck, but I could tell he was super disappointed not to get eXACTly what he wanted.

I've spent more time at the Toyota dealership in the last few months now than I have the Kia dealerships since I moved to Charleston.  Dedication.

I got super shitty photos because it was after 8:30pm when we finally left the freakin' dealership.  We hadn't eaten dinner and our "celebration" dinner was at Sesame, because well, it's Sesame and any excuse is a good one.  Then last night, Teh German didn't get home until after it was mostly dark, so no new photos were to be had.

When he first laid eyes on his new baby (which I'm calling Baloo).

I think it suits him.


First truck selfie!



For now, the Jetta will be hanging around.  While our German visitors are here, they can use the Jetta instead of getting a rental car.  After that, the Jetta will be returned to VW and we will no longer have all the cars in the driveway.

Additionally, the cars will eventually be parked in the garage, but Teh German is working on a project(s)....


Speaking of projects...

The garage overhead storage is still in progress.

The mold that we discovered on the storm boards hasn't returned and they have been set out in the garage with the so they are ready to be put in overhead store.

My the office table arrived on Tuesday and Teh German built it without me asking him to because he's the best.  It's adorable.  I felt like a brown table would have matched all the other furniture, but with 3 pieces of brown furniture already in the room, it was just getting overwhelming and I figured that for this, my inner Lisa Frank could be given a short leash without too much scorn.  Yellow not only matches the curtains, buuuuuutttt if you really read into it, my Disney medals are above the table and the frame has a red border (like Mickey's pants) anddddd the yellow table would kinda be like Mickey's yellow shoes?  #coincidence #Ithinknot

I picked up our rugs yesterday afternoon and got them rolled out.  Since I broke a sweat, that took the place of the run I was going to do.  #notsorry #stillsore

If you ever wondered how long a 33 foot runner actually is, come to Teh Ville and I'll be happy to show you.  In person, the rug looks more blue than grey, but it is SUPPPPPPPPER soft and cushy, which Teh German pointed out right away.  #Meganwin.  I may or may not have made carpet angels.

I did have to trim the non-skid mat under the carpet, which doesn't seem like it should be hard, but manhandling a 33 ft piece of carpet isn't really the easiest thing I've done this week.  It was actually perfect that they gave me extra because the runner beside the couch would have needed a non-skid mat since Meri likes to take off on the rugs, which means that the rugs go all askew.  She's so very, very cute.

I keep meaning to take photos of the frames/photos I put up, but this week has really slayed me.  -Monday night we worked on projects and I finished the laundry.
-Tuesday night I went to crossfit, to the grocery store, cooked dinner, and didn't sit down until after 8:30, by which point it was time for bed.
-Wednesday night was Baloo (new truck) night.
-Thursday I left work early to pick up the rugs, set up the rugs (which took well over an hour since I had to vacuum the old rugs, then clean the floor, then roll out the new rugs, then vacuum the new rugs, then orient the new rugs), worked some, cooked dinner, ate, and worked more while Teh German worked in the garage.

I should have known better than to think that this would be a calm week "since there's nothing on the calendar".... I KNOW BETTER, but I jinxed myself.  Hopefully, Teh German will complete the garage projects before the weekend ends so we can park in the garage again.  I haven't overly enjoyed having to go out into the cold to start Yurtle so she can warm up a bit.

Yeah, I said cold.  I mean, it was 38 degrees this morning, that's Charleston cold.  It is so cold that I opted to drive Yurtle instead of riding Bagheera into work.  Well, that and the garage is a disaster so getting the bike out would have been a challenge anyways, so this just worked out. 

I think that with the frames hung and the rugs laid and the office set up, I have completed almost everything on my part of the House Projects list (yes there is an actual list).  The big things that remain are the photo collage/shelves that need to be put up in the living room, the gazebo thing for the patio, tile backsplash in the kitchen, chalkboard wall in the kitchen, and chairs/furniture for the guest room/first child room. 


So much awesome came in the mail this week!

And because I'm a nice person, I will share with you what my Bigger Blacker Box individual card said.

I will be honest with you.  I own every CAH expansion released, with the exception of the Zombie package thing, but I'm not sure that comes with cards.  I was crushed that they ended the Holiday thing after last year.  #addict

The countdown to Disney continues!  15 days!


Not much on the internet this week.  So I'll tell you random things.

-I'm super pumped to make my book list for Erin's Challenge.  If you like reading or want to read more or don't want to read more but want to talk about books with other readers, join us!  They've even got the challenge up on Goodreads now for those folks who don't FB.

-I have a few social media goals through the end of 2016.
  • Complete reviews for the places that I've checked into on Yelp.  This would put me at 200 reviews.  Not that it's that important, but it is kinda cool.
  • Do a 2016 review on Teh Blog.  Drafts (yes plural (4)) have already been created.  Now I just need to go through on Teh Blog and summarize.
  • Keep up my regular blogging schedule
  • Create a holiday post.  I felt like my radio silence on Thanksgiving was awkward.  Maybe it was just me.  There was ZERO social media posting on Thanksgiving by me.  It was nice to not feel obligated to post anything.
-I helped decorate for Christmas at work, it was not just an excuse to listen to Christmas music.  The company tree is up in the lobby, but I also decorated my desk a bit.

-I really considered riding Bagheera into work this morning so I had a valid excuse not to shower.  #lazy

-Teh German is going on a business trip next week.  I'll have the house all to myself for over 24 hours for the first time since we moved in.  He's been without me at least once since we've moved in, so now it's my turn.

-I bought $100 worth of bras from Victoria's Secret to get free shipping.  I only needed 2 because I needed to try it on to see if they fit.  They didn't.  #dollassaved

-Yurtle smells and I can't figure out why.  I removed the blankets from the back and I'm hoping that helps.  Also, I should probably wash and vacuum her and that might help.... But that really seems like so much worrrrkkkkkk, ugh.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. A new Tacoma sitting in the driveway/seeing Teh German happy with his purchase after months and months and months and months of stress about it.
  2. Working better from home than at work.
  3. Getting to go to Crossfit
  4. A massage
  5. Completion of projects!  So many projects!!!!
  6. Soft carpet
  7. Completing my expense report for my trip to DC last month.
  8. Getting all the blankets from my car through the laundry.
  9. My coworkers being patient with me as we update old documentation.  Their help really makes my job easier.
  10. Neighbors over for dinner, which means food truck for lunch... but mostly, the means to be able to buy lunch when we don't have leftovers on hand.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on the new truck! Its all shiny and pretty! That stinks he didn't get exactly what he wanted though. I feel like we are the only ones in our neighborhood that park our cars in the garage. I couldn't not park in there.

  2. The new truck looks great! He looks so happy in it! :)

    You've been super busy girl! Good for you. Love crossing things off the list. I also got a massage this week (on the weekend) and vegged in a hot tub outside as it hailed and snowed and it was wonderful!!

    Have a great week Megan. :)

  3. You've been kicking ass and taking names with all your tasks at home getting completed. Can you come to my place? I have some things that need to get accomplished.
    I love the pop of yellow under your medals.
    Pulling away in a shiny new car is always a good feeling. I'm glad Timo and Baloo have met one another.

  4. Yay for the new truck! I love the name btw.

    We have a lot of the CAH editions but we never got the holiday ones in time since we were not informed of them quickly enough. Sometimes we are a little behind on the times.

    I love the medals case! It looks amazing!


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