Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Confessions {12/14}

-No matter how many times the radio/Spotify plays The Weeknd, it doesn't make me like them more.  I hate that certain people dictate what people will or won't like in regards to music.  This could be my resistance to liking Starboy, yet its obnoxiously catchy.  #youdontknowme

-Those chocolate covered Lays potato chips?  They aren't my fave.  Teh German and I agreed there's actually TOO MUCH chocolate on them.  Oh, I'm glad to see you weren't harmed when you just fell out of your chair.  Don't worry, I never thought the day would come when I'd say "too much chocolate" but it did.  #hellhathfrozenover

-After some research I discovered there might still be a chance that Clinton wins this election.  The Electoral College votes on Dec 19th.  I need the world to redeem itself.  I'm hoping that these individuals see what has happened over the last month and realize that we aren't on the path for success.  And by success, I mean moving forward not moving backward.  #pleasepleaseplease #2ndtimesacharm?

-I have been exhausted for the past week.  It's close to "that time of the month" and I wish it would just start already so my energy levels will pick back up again.  Apparently, my body failing at making a baby is exhausting.  #failure #yay

-It brings me joy that when I think about German individuals, I also think about certain things IN German.  For instance, I almost told someone that our German guests were arriving Mittwoch abend (Wednesday night).  #Germglish

-I couldn't help it.  When I saw this in the back of Mr. Golfer's truck, I just had to #takeaselfie.  I'm pretty sure my skin was scaled where the hat sat on my head.

That is my most disgruntled face.
My soul actually died a little.

-I finally remembered to take pictures of the pictures I hung!  Lookie!

When you walked in the front door and look left.
This frame is actually waiting for photos.
I want a good photo of Teh German and I, then Phil and Meri on each side.

When you walk in the front door and look right.
We found the old windows when we were at Home, Home last time.
All the downstairs photos except the large single frame collage are photos from our trip to Germany in June.

Large collage frame in the dining room. 
These are the same photos that have been in there since March 2014, or earlier (Mar 2012).

Across from the large collage frame.
All of these photos were taken at Zollverein mine in Essen.

The view from Schloss Neuschwanstein balcony (aka the Disney castle)

Hello to the Germ-Erica flag!
That still doesn't accurately convey just how large this piece is.

Left: Herreninsel and Fraueninsel, Germany
The middle photo is one of Teh German's favorites that I took.  The top one is one of my faves.
Right: Tübingen, Germany
The top and bottom are other top contenders for our fave photos.
These are in the living room between the patio door and the windows.

Schloss Neuschwanstein from Schloss Hohenschwangau (on a neighboring hill/mountain), by the back door.

I still have plans for a photo collage on the living room wall against the stairs, but it's another one day project.  The frames are already purchased though, so the biggest hindrance is me and photo editing.

-Reading through my Monday post with all its horrible grammar and sentence errors is essentially a look into the workings of my mind and just how scatterbrained I've been over the last few weeks.  I'm not really sure why, but it can stop at any time.  #scatterbrain

-I keep a woo-hoo calendar on my girl time calendar.  I accidentally pressed one wrong button and Google lost it's shit and now the month of November is all jacked up.  I know it doesn't really matter, but it does because principle.  #technologyproblems #firstworldproblems #wedidntbangthatmuch #iwish

-How long does it take you to go through a bottle of lotion?  I don't use lotion every day and I've had the lotion on my desk since.... January... 2013.  It still smells nice (Bath and Body Works, Forever Red, thanks for asking), but I just wonder if it's a Megan problem or do other people have this problem too?  I also have several bottles that I got from one of the annual sales in 2012? 13? That I've never even used.  I think I'm just not good with lotion.. or maybe its skin care.  #itsmellsgood

-Life lesson: Don't ever do a gif search for lotion.  #youwillregretit #dontsayInevertoldyouso

-I would love a dietitian to tell me exactly what to eat and/or prepare healthy food for me and a dermatologist to tell me exactly what skin care routine I should be doing and what products I should be using.  It's hard enough to dress myself without looking like a hobo, but I know if some fashion person came into my life, I'd never get to wear most of my clothes, so I'm not looking for one of those.  Just eating and skin care, please.  #selfcare

-Teh German has had a runny nose since at least Monday (when I noticed) and he's coughing and sniffing.  There's several people at work who have been sniffling.  I threated Teh German with a multivitamin and told him he better mind over body and not get sick before/while we're at Disney.  I also said, "I'm a strong woman, but I can barely handle tolerate it when you are sick.  You being sick at Disney?  Do not want."  #keepyourgermsawayfromme


-I would like to have NYE plans this year, but nothing is going on so far.  I saw an ad on FB for Middleton Place (a historic home in the area) and thought it would be cool since it's a NYE party, a NYE recovery brunch the following day, and it includes admission to the house.  EXCEPTTTT that it costs no less than $500 for 1 night.  Looks like we'll be chilin' at home unless someone invites us somewhere.  #byefelicia

-How do you feel about Teh Blog's facelift?  Just a few things, but I thought it was time.  #tellmeyouropinion #thatsnice


  1. You know I paused reading the post to look up "lotion gif" LOL the ones that came up for me weren't nearly that bad. I had Shaq & a bottle of lotion, Zooey Desh-however you spell her name talking about hand lotion, & a guy squirting lotion at some people.

    My shark week is kicking my ass this month. Normally I get maybe a tad crampy...but holy shit. I'm supposed to get it this week sometime & starting yesterday I feel like I'm getting the damn flu. I'm tired, I hurt, I feel sick. Screw mother nature.

  2. -Love how you referred to The Weeknd as “them” when it’s one dude – hahaha. At least you kept the ‘e’ out of his name?
    -Not sure how I feel about chocolate covered potato chips – pretzels? Yes. Chips? Meh.
    -I’ve been talking about this electoral college thing ad nauseam but…sadly…I don’t know. Scared to get my hopes up 
    -I’d kill for a person to make food for me; I don’t even mind it being healthy. I’m just so lazy/have no time and therefore I’m already thinking of ordering Chinese food tonight. #MSG
    -Think Teh Blog looks good! Cleaner/neater.

  3. The blog looks cleaner; I like. :)
    You are not the only person that takes years to go through hand cream. And I should also be better about skin care buuuuutttttt I'm not.
    Is it too much to ask for a personal chef? I'm so sick of cooking and spending hours in the kitchen!!
    I love all the picture frames!

  4. I like the sidebar picture of you with "At my best and at my worst, I am Teh Megan". I like that a lot.
    I use lotion like a speed demon. One bottle only lasts me a couple of months.
    I do not care for the Weeknd either.
    Talking about energy levels, I thought I was just tired from working like a mad woman. Nope. I had regular bloodwork and found out I'm deficient right now in iron, B12, and vitamin D. I got all kinds of supplements to help...and need to change some dietary stuff too.

  5. -Like the new look!
    -Lady time plus allergies is KICKING MY ASS. Also make hubs very sad, haha.
    -The Electoral College...ugh. I want to believe.
    -B&BW lotion somehow lasts MONTHS and YEARS. I don't understand. And then I get new bottles for Christmas and I'm trying to decide what to do with the last 3 year's worth...

  6. I use lotion all the time and yet I still have bottles from years ago! It never ends!

    I am currently on the dot right now and I am so tired I can barely get anything done.#overit


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