Thursday, December 15, 2016

Shit Teh German Said #4

I showed Teh German an XKCD comic.
Teh German (tG): That is so much text.
tM rolls eyes.

This was the comic in question.Source:

Teh Megan (tM): The bag says baby spinach, but these are pretty big spinach leaves.
tG: It's more like teen spinach.

tM: You read my mind!  Except for when it comes to filling up the dog water bowl.
tG: Yeah, I'm not really good at listening.

While we were waiting for trick or treaters (reminder, we were a tree (Teh German) hugger (me)):
tG: I need to cut my toe nails.
tM: Wow, you have talons!
tG: They are my roots...

tM (to the dogs): I'm not feeding you until 6 because we're going to get back on routine in this house.
tG (to the dogs): She's speaking German to you.

tM (to Teh MD-AR on the phone): I didn't even hear him pull in on my own bike.  How did I not hear my own bike pull in the garage?
tG (overhearing me): Because it's a Ninja.

Discussing the surprise on the 10th.
tM: We're going home right?  You're not going to kill me or anything?
tG: I've had many chances.  But you know how lazy I've been lately.

Discussing Disney on Ice (the surprise on the 10th).
tM: We could have dressed up and worn our fairy costumes from the Disney run!
tG: I'm not sure a grown man dressed as a fairy would be a good idea at a children's event.

On Thanksgiving, as Roux tears a stuffed toy apart.
tG: Looks like Roux is getting some stuffing too!

tM: I was thinking 'Oh my, when did he get so old and fat!?"
tG: That's his dad.
tM: I realized that.
tG: And yesterday was Thanksgiving.

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  1. Seriously you two are hilarious. The ninja & fairy ones made me laugh out loud.

  2. I love this! Also, why do I feel the hubby could do this with crazy stuff I say? Ooops!

  3. " I'm not sure a grown man dressed as a fairy would be a good idea at a children's event." - hehe - and also, good call.

  4. I mean that sounds like a great way to make friends!

    Stuffing had me rolling.


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