Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Confessions {12/28}

-Megan Fail: I put 2 items on ebay.  I accidentally selected "Best Offer" on one of them.  #FML

-Extra Megan Fail: I put 2 items on ebay to sell and they actually sold... while we were at Disney World.  Oops.  Hooray for good friends who are willing to handle business.  #extrastress

-I spent over 2 hours trying to create social media icons for Teh Blog.  I watched several videos and did exactly what it told me to.  1- 2 of my images were corrupt, I think, because when I uploaded them to Blogger, they wouldn't show and I could only select one of the two images or neither of the 2 images.  It was as weird as it sounds.  2- When I uploaded the batch without those 2 images, the images still would load to the post.  Seriously though, it shouldn't be this fucking hard.  This is what I get when I do all my own blog designing.  Really though, it's a learning experience AND I can say I did my template/layout all by myself, so #patonback and 1 #goldstar for me!

-I believe if you buy clothes with monograms for your kids, you are wasting money.  And if you buy personalized clothing for your kid's dolls... next time I'll just hand you a lighter and you can burn those dollas.  You can be a good parent without encouraging vanity and materialism.  #Icant

-How to set me the fuck off: playing the "military" card.  Especially if you are military dependent.
Hear me out.  I'm not saying dependents don't endure hardship because they are involved in the life of a service member, but they are NOT doing whatever military job their spouse/person is doing.  They may hear about it, but they probably don't hold a clearance and they definitely don't have a "need to know" about the goings on of most military positions, so they may not know the full story (or at least they shouldn't.. otherwise their service member should be in jail).  So I can't take you seriously when you start your argument with, "Well, as the spouse of a service member."  #BITCHPLEASE #BYEFELICIA #ICANNOTWITHYOU.

-Being sick while at Disney World sucks.  Getting a rash from your antibiotics sucks even more.  Said rash being on your face is just the absolute worst.  #justputmeoutofmymisery

-I read through my blog feed and just haven't had anything to contribute.  It's me, not you.  I think the sickness wiped me out and any extra effort to do anything is too much work.  I need all the sleeps and to make less decisions.  Also, I need a vacation from everything.  #makeyourowndamndecisions

-I'm looking forward to taking down the Christmas decorations and at the same time, I'm not.  I am looking forward to it because it also means that we get to put the boxes that have been stacked in the garage in the storage and we get back to the clean look that the house normally operates under.  I'm not because someone has to do it.  Ugh.  #Ineedapersonalservant

-I was sitting on the couch yesterday bragging to myself that I hadn't read a WW2 book in a hot minute.  I look over and remember I'm reading a WW2 book about the US Navy, but it's nonfiction, so my brain discounted that.  So much for breaking the streak.  #notsorry

-I want to complete this book before 2017.  It's my lone reading goal for the month.  I've been reading this book for months and months and months (it was an unselected book challenge book, then it became bathroom reading) and I know the book is going to be good since it is about US intelligence operations during WW2, which used to be directly applicable to my Navy life.  Now, not so much, but a former coworker suggested it to me and I actually bought the book, so I want to read it.  #excusemewhileIread

-Final thing about that book.  When Roux's Humom asked me if I wanted to go on a walk last night, I had a strong mental battle about sitting on the couch making progress on the book, or taking the beasts for a walk with her.  The walk won out.  I'm never going to finish this book.  #priorities

-Our German guests leave today and I'm sad.  I've enjoyed having company and using the extra rooms in the house that rarely get used.  That said, 14 days is a long time to deal with idiosyncrasies of other people.  Maybe because of my Navy past, it's not as difficult for me to deal with that, but Teh German is really struggling.  #notapeopleperson

-I'm ready to post my Disney review.. except that I haven't had time.  I think after today I'm going to have so much free time with no company at our house that I don't know what to do with myself.  #ALLTHETHINGS

-I have 2 free 8x8 shutterfly book codes I could use, but they expire Dec 31st and I'm just not sure I'm going to get those done before that date.  #lesigh


  1. There comes a point in my day, if I haven't read & commented on blogs, I just won'. I try but I just don't care, & then I feel bad. I'm approaching that point in the day so I need to zoom through my feed.

    I do not like decorating. I like the idea of it & I like how it looks. I hate the work it takes after about 10 min & I definitely hate the taking it down part. #ParticipationRibbonGFMaterial

  2. oh man reading an actual nonfiction book.. i don't think i have ever actually finished one. i can only do nonfiction on audio. although i have done self help-y type books via real book, so clearly i don't know what i am talking about.
    we didn't have any christmas decorations up this year, but i did take everything down at work today and everyone was cranky and calling me a grinch. CHRISTMAS IS OVER. just call me the grinch. sorry you've been sick and whatnot. i've been feeling super off lately, and have felt the same way about my blog feed, but no sickness to blame. just the winter blahs.

  3. I am the same way about my decorations. I want the clean look but I don't want to deal with packing it all away. 😕

    I have been trying to read this month but it's just so hectic this time of year I get nothing read!

    14 days is a LONG time for guests. I would probably be like Teh German and struggle.#pleaseleave

  4. I feel the exact same way about my Christmas decorations. I want them down and away, but I don't want to do it! I feel the same way about monograms on clothes. I'm from Philadelphia so maybe it's a southern thing that I just don't understand, but why would you want your kids initials on everything they wear? And then they can never be passed down!! What a waste!


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