Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekend Review {12/5}


There were things I wanted to do on Friday and work was not one of them.  I left early with the intention of working from home for a few hours.  Yeah, oops.  While I was eating lunch, I made an appointment for Meri to go to the vet.  She's had some really gnarly eye boogers for a few months now and after an allergy pill didn't help for a few months, I'm over it.  When I got home, I did a bit of work, then a wave of exhaustion washed over me and I succumbed to a nap.  Meri was being a dick and woke me up with her barking, that's what I get for being nice and leaving the back door open for her... 

After I got to the vet.. I got to sit in the waiting room with her for over 30 minutes waiting to be called.  I get it when there is an emergency, but when we check in and you don't tell me I'll be waiting for a bit, I get ragey.  The waiting area was chaos.  People were picking up their dogs and others were waiting on the vet.  The ladies at the desk seemed to have no idea what was going on for a bit.  Eventually things settled down.

Once we finally got called back, the vet was very apologetic for our wait.  The vet, who Meri and Phil had seen once before in the spring, didn't recognize us at all.  He reintroduced himself to me and we went through the loop of "she's so cute.  She's not a greyhound, but close.  What type of dog is she?"  "Podenco, she's from Spain."  Then we finally got to business and I explained that an allergy pill hadn't done anything for the eye gook and since it was yellowy, I was worried about an infection. 

She got a physical exam, some drops to check for ulcers, a tear-production test (which made me feel horrible watching the vet put a piece of paper in each eye for 1 minute), and some eye drops.  $141 and 1.5 hours later, we left.

With Phil, I spend money on dentals for his horrible teeth.  For Meri, I spend money on random ailments or false alarms.  #lifewithkids

The ulcer test made Meri's tears turn neon green.  It was kinda cool.

After the vet, we headed home.

Teh German was already home.  We actually spent the evening at home being lazy after some garage work.  I had made ribeyes in the crockpot (they were frozen and Teh German has shunned my frozen steaks, siiiiiiigh) and roasted some acorn squash for us.  While we waited on the squash to cook, I helped Teh German get the storm boards into the overhead storage.  One project (finally) complete, all that was left was for Teh German to get his work bench set up and to get the hanging storage put up on the walls.

After dinner, we vegged on the couch, watching HIMYM and being lazy.


Teh German had to work on Saturday, but I slept in.  I had originally considered getting up and going on a run, then going on a group ride, but being lazy and being Meri's body warmer was more appealing.  After breakfast, Meri joined me in bed.  She was constantly touching me, which was my indication she was chilly.  Instead of getting her coat, I just snuggled her closer. 

Eventually, I did get up so I could head to the meet up for the ride.  It had been a while since I'd ridden Bagheera and it was time.  Teh Disney EMT had shared about the ride on her FB page and since the money went to charity, I was down.

For a while she was the only Ninja.
Eventually, another Ninja showed up, but it was a 600.

Kickstands went up at 1010 and we headed down to Edisto Beach.  Teh Disney EMT and I had connected our headsets, so we were able to chat during the ride, but mostly we listened, or in my case jammed/danced it out, to music.  There were a few almost incidents, but everything turned out fine.  I almost ran into the Harley in front of me when he was going to stop for a stop sign that I wasn't planning on stopping for (since I'd seen another rider come up to block traffic).  That same Harley took a fall when the guy was pulling into the gas station and slid on the sandy parking lot.  Rather than try to buzz by him and potentially run him over, I just stayed stopped where I was so hopefully other riders behind us wouldn't run him over or would get stopped in time.

I don't feel like group rides should be that difficult, but there were probably around 30 bikes, which is too many for me.  People don't know to ride staggered or people weren't keeping up.  The 2 Harleys in front of me were riding side by side for most of the ride, which was infuriating for me.  Then if they did stagger, they swapped who was in the lead.  It was a very long ride.

FINALLY, at the beach!

Other riders/bikes.

Beach selfie by Teh Disney EMT (and Teh German who was on the phone)
(the Atlantic is back there, we swear).

We decided to dump the group and head back on our own.  We decided that a group of 5-7 is a way better size and that big rides like there were just less appealing.  Our ride back was SOOOO much easier.  My hand didn't go numb and I wasn't as tense.  I headed straight home instead of going back to the meet up location for lunch.  Teh German had gotten off work earlier than I had anticipated.

When I got home, I had a sandwich for lunch and then decided to take a bath instead of just a shower since I was pretty cold from the ride.  Originally, I had told Teh German that I'd go with him to his hair cut appointment and then we could go out and accomplish some in-town errands.  When he came upstairs at 1:45, I was still in the bath, diligently listening to my audiobook and doing a puzzle.  It had taken 10 minute for my extremities to stop tingling. 

I had thought his appointment was at 2:30, not 2, so he left without me.  When he was done, he came home to find me warm and snug, in bed, napping.  #notsorry.  Reluctantly, I got up and got ready to head out. 

Daylight: 2016.
Our colors: blue on the outside, grey on the inside.

I had told Teh German that I wanted to look for a new helmet because mine was too big.  We also needed to go by the grocery store and Target to look for a new water bottle for Teh German since his is too big for his cup holders in Baloo.  We'd decided earlier that we'd go out for dinner.  Our first stop was Cycle Gear for a new helmet.

FYI: Helmet buying SUCKS.  1- helmets are supposed to squeeze your face and perfectly fit your head.  2- taking helmets on and off is the absolute worst.  So much ear contortion and face exfoliation.  Teh German and the sales guy thought I was being funny when I was complaining about how bad my face was hurting.  I don't think I accurately conveyed that my cheeks/eyes had been chafed from taking helmets on and off.  In one helmet, my earrings got stuck and I was certain I had ripped my earring out.  Yeah.

Too small with the puffy cheeks.

After some help from the sales guy, I spent way more money than I had anticipated, but my new helmet will fit properly and not overly squish my cheeks.  Also, I got the super awesome mirrored visor because #badass.  Teh German suggested D'Als for dinner and there was no hesitation for me to say yes.

We headed downtown for dinner around 5.  We'd both eaten a light lunch so we'd be hungry for dinner.  D'Als was the perfect suggestion.

Cheesy garlic bread. Mmmmmm

buffalo chicken pizza for Teh German
calzone with ricotta AND mozz cheese, pepperoni, and shrooms.

After dinner, we made a pit stop by Total Wine and Target.  We went into Target for 1 water bottle and 1 bottle of body wash for me.  We walked out after spending $150.  WTF?!  We got 1 water bottle, 2 bottles of body wash, 1 small entertainment console for the loft (to replace the TV tray the dvd player is currently sitting on), and 2 sets of flannel sheets. 

When we got home, it was doggy dinner time, then chillin time.  We watched St. Vincent on Netflix and called it a night shortly after the movie ended.


Sunday was a lazy, yet productive day.  We had skype dates scheduled at noon with Teh German's Dad/Stepmom and at 5 with Aunt P.  While I could have made breakfast, we opted to go out for brunch as an excuse to get to drive the truck.  Teh German said he wanted a burger, but I wanted brunch so I suggested Triangle.  I can't eat their normal food, but their brunch is actually pretty good if I stick to staples (eggs, pancakes, etc).

We were impressed at how quickly our food came.  We were in and out in under an hour, woot!  We walked in the door at 12:01, right on time for Skype.  We chatted with Teh German's dad/stepmom for about 45 minutes.  I didn't do too bad of a time understanding what was being said.  Although, Teh German speaks very quickly so I struggled sometimes keeping up.  When it was imperative, English was provided.

After our Skype date ended, we got our productive on.  I squirrel-ed through several tasks, cleaning off my desk, cleaning out the "stuff" basket in the kitchen, laundry, setting up the upstairs Christmas tree, getting the guest room and first child room set up for inhabitants, and being the door master for Meri.

This was on my desk, I found it going through boxes while Teh MD-AR was here.
These doodles were done back in 1998/97?  I was in middle school.
These were done by Noel, my tattoo guy, when we were in middle school
I knew in 7th grade that he'd be an artist, fortunately, he did too.

Right before 5, Teh German came in for the 2nd Skype date.  We chatted with Aunt P for about 30 minutes, a nice mix of Germglish.  We checked on their schedule for arrival, informed her that the Jetta will be available for their use, explained their rooms would be ready when they arrived, and every exhibited signs of being excited for Disney.

After our chat, Teh German headed back out to the garage to finish up his bench while I worked on dinner and tried to finish up my incomplete tasks.  Right before dinner was finished, Teh German came in to ask me if I wanted to move Yurtle into the garage.  After a week's eviction, Yurtle is back in her cubby!  Despite not being painted first, garage projects have several completion checks.  Most importantly, both vehicles can go in the garage!

Everyone is in their space!

Yurtle and Baloo and Suzi and Bagheera are tight now!

After we were moved into the garage (yyyyyyayyyyyyy!!!!), we had dinner.  After dinner, I had to do some laundry and put on stretchy pants, then it was time for HIMYM until bedtime.

Around 9, we agreed on "no mas" and I headed up to do the laundry and put sheets on the bed.  This is actually a monumental event because after this session, my snowman bedset will be passed on to the dogs.  The fitted sheet has a hole in it, the comforter has a hole in it and several bleached area from a face cream I used to use.  This breaks my heart because this is my first "adult" sheet set.  I have the complete bed set, to include the quilt that goes with it.  The quilt that bled super badly the first time I washed it and pretty much never really gets used because it looks like a bad blurry photo.

Teh MD-AR said my guest pillows were flat and suggested that I buy fluffy and flat pillows.  I need a display sign for fluffy pillows and flat pillows when I go to buy them.  I explained that Teh Sister prefers flat pillows, so she'd never complained.  I do have one pillow that wouldn't be catorized as fluffy or flat, but lumpy. 

In addition to better pillows, I also need to acquire one more comforter for a bed.  After retiring the snowman comforter, we will be down to 2 comforters rather than 3 and I'd like to have one for each bed.  I have 3 quilts, actually more, but I think that a comforter would be better for winter instead of a million blankets.  This is how you know I'm not Teh Sister.  She would sleep with no less than 5-8 blankets/quilts/comforters when she was a kid.  I do not know how.  I'm being smothered and sweating just thinking about it.

The fact that all the beds in our house are queen size is on purpose.  Having 1 size means that I don't have to have a million different sizes of sheets.  Also, first child room is so rarely occupied, I don't worry about having specific sheets for seasons for all the beds.  Conveniently, I have winter sheets for all the beds already.

After laundry was completed and teeth were brushed, I headed to bed to wait on Teh German to finish his packing.  He is going on a business trip through Wednesday and he hadn't packed.  It was after 10:15 when we got in bed and I was le tired.  When I got a text message at 10:30 I was ready to throw my phone at the wall.  That said, I'm not sure why my Llama app isn't working to make my phone quiet at night.  NO ME GUSTA.


Since I knew that this was going to be our last quiet weekend for the next month or so, I ensured we had no plans.  This week starts holiday parties, the 14th our guests will arrive, the 16/17th is Teh Sister's graduation in NC, the 18th we leave for Disney, the 19-21st we will be in Orlando (we have a dog sitter, don't bother to rob us), the Panthers game in Charlotte is the 24th, Christmas on the 25th, our guests leave on the 28th, then we have New Year's Eve (currently with zero plans, every year I try to plan something, everyone bails so I've given up). 

Today and tomorrow is the lull before the storm.  When Teh German gets back on Wednesday night, we're headed to the Yelp Christmas event first thing.  We have my Company holiday gathering Friday night, then Saturday we're headed to Firefly Distillery with some neighbors then in the evening is a neighborhood holiday gathering instead of ladies night. 

I have nothing significant planned while Teh German is away.  There are definitely tasks I could do (put together the loft entertainment console, actually go to the grocery store, workout), but we'll see if they actually get accomplished.

Happy December, Gentle Readers!

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