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2016 - October, November, December


We went to NC for Teh Sister and Teh BIL's going away gathering where we had camp fires and smores and played a ghetto version of Watch Ya Mouth and hung out with Teh WJL and I bought my first Lularoe outfit.

We stayed in Charleston for Hurricane Matthew.  We got closer with the neighbors we already knew and made friends with some of the neighbors we didn't know well.  While it felt like a long weekend, it really felt more like a long weekend that wasn't relaxing at all.

I completed a puzzle during hurricane weekend with mostly no power.

I told you about what I hope you/people receive from me.

We started to complete House projects.  For instance, the Germ-Erika flag and my Disney medals shadowbox.

I was a horrible dog mom and let Phil literally run his paw (pads) off.

Shit Teh German Said #2 was posted.  As always, a Gentle Reader fave.

Twitterfeed announced they were shutting down and I pretty much lost my shit.

I learned I was well-maintaining a very large weed, Teh German got his Stingrays jersey autographed by the entire 2016 starting team, and I told you my stance on women's reproductive rights.

Teh Running Bestie came to town for a 10k and we did the Charleston touristy thing, went to a country concert (Love & Theft, David Nail, and Billy Currington).

I told you about songs that define my life.

Meri got a shave and I saved myself at least $60.

We celebrated Halloween the way we did last year: got wasted.  On the day of Halloween, Teh German tried his first Warhead.

Mike Wazowski was officially retired and replaced by Bagheera.


Teh German and I went to the fair.

I went to DC for work and got to hang out with Teh Running Bestie and I did an impromptu 10k.

To this day, I'm still confused how Donald Trump became the President of the United States.  We did attend the Yelp Election Day Bash, which was great fun.

The last day of my contract with the US Navy finally came.  I am officially no longer 100% property of the US Government.

Teh German took me to Disney on Ice and I had a lot of feelings about it.

Teh WJL came to Charleston to visit me.

Shit Teh German Said became a monthly post (for as long as I have fodder for the post).

I made progress on House projects, specifically photos for downstairs.

I told you some random things about me.

We went on a Fleet Feet group run and I won the rock-paper-scissors competition and received a $25 gift card.  #INeverWinAnything

We went to the annual chili cookoff.

I donated to a local homeless shelter in lieu of gifts for everyone for Christmas.  #bestideaever

Teh Running Bestie came to Charleston for Thanksgiving and a 10k.  She helped me decorate the house for Christmas AND helped me cook AND helped me organize shit AND helped me pick out carpet AND we did some Black Friday shopping.  #wegetshitdone


I went back to Crossfit for one session and wished I was smarter for the subsequent 3 days.

Baloo became a part of Teh Family.


I finally completed my office.  The only thing left to do is hang photos and my military flags/decorations.

I went on my first large group ride with Bagheera and hated it.

I planned some down time since I knew December was going to be crazy.

We went to Company's holiday party and I won a megaphone at the neighborhood white elephant exchange.  #SOLIDWIN

We finally went to Firefly Distillery with some neighbors.

Shit Teh German Said #4.  These posts are most liked and commented on, on Teh Blog's FB page.

I prepped for the 1st reading challenge of 2017.

While those things were happening on Teh Blog, Aunt P and her friend came to visit us!

I went to NC to attend Teh Sister's graduation ceremony and came back to Charleston with the sickness that I had been avoiding for weeks the day before we left for Disney World.

We went to Disney World (who needs rest to recover from illness?!  Not me!)

Teh German and I met Teh Running Bestie in Charlotte to watch the Panthers get their asses whipped by the Falcons.

It was Christmas.

I made a huge announcement in the Disney World recap.

2016 was over.

Personally, 2016 was a spectacular year, which means that 30 was a fantastic year for me.  Truthfully, there wasn't really a huge celebration for my 30th, which was semi-disappointing (the problem with having limited local friends), so I called the Princess Runs my celebration.. but really.. the entire year has been a celebration for me. 

Additionally, two huge life goals got checks in their boxes and I wasn't expecting either one to happen: House and engagement.

For me, owning a house wasn't something I ever thought about.  Then all of a sudden, I was in a serious relationship, we knew we'd be here for a while, and I was done with the rental market in Charleston after 2 years.  Buying a house was scary and exciting and it's OURS and we can do whatever we like to it and why didn't I do this sooner?!  Oh yeah, because I lived all over the world in places I would never want to settle.

The engagement was the true surprise.  I didn't think Teh German would ask me to marry him until at least halfway through 2017, if not later, based on conversations we'd had.  I went to Disney World expecting to have a good time and to come home with the same relationship status I had left with.  After setting myself up for disappointment more than once, I didn't even consider it an option.  Also, I was too preoccupied with everything going on to even think about it.  I still tear up when I think about the surprise.

Despite what happened in the world outside of my little Megan bubble, 2016 was a fan-fucking-tastic year.  A roller coaster ride, certainly.  I had ups and downs, but through each struggle I came through a little stronger and more prepared for the next time.  Even had my 2016 not ended with an engagement, it still would have been a fan-fucking-tastic year.  One might even call it a magical year with all the Disney that was spread throughout the year.

I'm grateful for each Gentle Reader that made the journey through 2016 with me.  From my lurkers to my blogging friends and frequent commenters, you all are the reason I keep coming back to this space with my stories and pictures and feelings.  I look forward to entertaining you even more in 2017!

2016 Review


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  1. I'm glad that 2016/30 was such a great year for you! So many big things. Can't wait to see 2017!


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