Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Confessions {12/7}

-I think a large part of why I don't get into zombie or post-apocalypse type things is because I associate them with a certain type of people (often incorrectly, I will admit) that I don't care to associate with.  This is due to knowing enough people who fall into this category.  Is it stereotyping?  Yes.  Is it the "bad" thing to do?  Yes.  Mostly I just have to keep reminding myself that not all people who are preparing for the zombie apocalypse are white supremacists.  #perspective

-For this batch of nut balls, I used dried tropical fruits.  When Teh German saw green in one of his nut balls he asked me if they were still good.  I explained that the neon green was not mold, but kiwi fruit.  #moldparanoia

-Why is it so fucking hard to "write" on a screen.  Obviously, this problem is resolved with a stylus, but who carries one of those?  #notmethatswho  #firstworldproblems.  It took me a solid 3 minutes to accept that 1- my handwriting is just that shitty and 2- it's not going to get much better than that for this photo:

-I forgot to share this one thing about the Goo Goo Dolls concert with you (I'm sorry Erin, I have to.... it was just such a travesty)...

Let me explain what is happening in this photo.
1- Do-rag.  Like what I wear to hold my hairs back when I go on runs because those little spriggy pieces make me absolutely bat shit crazy.
2- Denim cargo pants.  They were black and faded.  But 90's band, so a pass for the faded black.
3- High waters/capris, but really high waters because capris are for women I thought.

I just... I just spent most of the time with my eyes closed.  It helped by brain ignore this fashion travesty.  And it helped me sing better, but mostly the first thing.  #fashionblogger

-I feel that since Amazon bought Woot, that my Amazon Prime should apply to my Woot purchases since I use my Amazon account to pay for my shiznit.  #freeshippingFTW

-I'm over the seeds/nuts craze in all the food.  Flax seed, chia seed.  I tried it and I don't love it.  Mostly because it gets stuck in my teeth and I'm not into saving food for later like that.  #PlantSeedsDontEatThem

-It bothers me when people don't delete the standard signature from their phone's email app.  "Sent from Megan's iPhone" or "Sent from Megan's electronic device and this is the company's not-subtle way of advertising to you, my friends, about what device I have because most people don't think to dig into the settings to delete this or even know that it is there."  I think this is because it's one of the first things I get rid of when I set up a new email client, but also because it lets people know that I'm on my phone or my Kindle or my laptop and people don't need to know that.  #TheLessYouKnow

-Even worse is cell phone signatures/call back numbers!  I KNOW who I texted/who sent this text.  You don't need to tell me "From so-and-so's phone" or "Call back number - 867-5309"  Those are wasted characters.  #getyourlifetogether #ifyoucaughtthat #yourewelcome

-It absolutely infuriates Teh German that I wear shoes in the house.  I've seen all the things about germs and shit, but please, I have dogs that trapse all over my freakin' house after walking through their own poop in the yard (sometimes).  I could remedy this by picking up poop daily or more often than once a week, buuuuttttttttt then comes the other problem: cold toes.  I get super cold toes.  Yes, I could wear socks, but then I'm slipping all over the floor and we all know that when I fell from the grace tree, I hit ZERO branches.  Same for the coordination tree.  So, I wear shoes.  Especially if I'm already wearing shoes.  I don't get up in the morning and put on shoes, but if I come home from work I don't always take them off.  Back to the part about Teh German though.. he gets infuriated if I put my feet near the couch with my shoes on.  As in, I could have my legs propped up on the couch with my shoes not touching the couch at all, but he still glares and grunts at me (yes, I, too, have considered this caveman like behavior).  I would say I do not curr, but I care a little.  #butonlyalittle

-I worked from home on Tuesday because #barometerhead.  I didn't even bother to shower and just stayed in my pjs all day.  #notsorry

-I slept in on Tuesday because it was raining.  #Ilovetherainthemost

-There were limited food options in the house, none of which I felt like having to prepare, so I decided to go to Bojangles for lunch.  Things I regret: ZERO.  Remember that part where I stayed in my pjs all day?  Yeah, I went through the drive-thru like that.  I was kind enough to bring the dogs with me so that way they could get out of the house for a little bit.  They didn't even care that it was raining outside, they were happiest with their heads out the windows.  The 15 minute trip was obviously exhausting, probably because they didn't even get a fry out of it.  #oops #notsorry

-My least favorite thing about my S6 is that when I "share" a photo, the icons in the menu that pop up constantly shift around.  I might have confessed this before, but it makes me so ANGRY!

-Our microwave interferes with bluetooth connections.  We learned this when Teh German's phone was "skipping" while I was microwaving leftovers for dinner.  He was not pleased.  I don't think my explanation of "interference" went over too well.  #technologywoes

-Teh German jinxed me on Monday night and asked if I'd checked the guest room for any "business" that the dogs had done.  I hadn't.  Tuesday morning, I noticed 2 piles of yellow/orange something.  I couldn't figure out which end it came out of.  YAY for a carpet cleaner.  #bestinvestmentever

-How I feel when my cup of sweet tea is empty:



  1. life hack: i blend my chia pudding with an immersion blender!

  2. okay, i have to sign these invoices on my computer and i don't have a touch screen or anything and i have to use my mouse and let me tell you, that NEVER works lol.
    i rarely send emails from my phone, sometimes but not often at all, so i totally have the signature. sorry.
    i also hit zero branches on the grace/coordination tree. i don't wear shoes in the house, only socks or house shoes, but KC wears them all the time, and unlike you he actually does get up in the morning and put them on. he has orthotics though and his feet hurt if he doesn't wear them for a whole day lol
    omg the microwave thing is hilarious!

  3. I need to delete those things from my phone...I didn't know you could honestly and now that I know I will be removing them

    I too had barometer head. So I over-caffinated and couldn't sleep....I mean because that was the right thing to do obviously. #Iamamess

    I too am anti seeds if only because they get stuck in my teeth. I cannot stand things in my teeth and it drives me batty when I drink something with "floaties" in it anyhow.

    I wear slippers in the house like an old hag. #notsorry #fashionista

  4. I did not expect to like The Walking Dead...but I so do.

    And yes to all the signature & seeds things. Over it.

  5. I hated when text signatures were a thing. I remember one girl had hers as "Zachie's girl." Vomit. It of course also included obnoxious things such as *~*~*~


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