Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Confessions {11/16}

-Seeing people still arguing on FB about the election and candidate issues makes my head hurt.  People who are "trying to understand" but aren't actually trying at all.  They just want to defend their position.  Ya know what, I did too.  And then, I realized that it's futile.  I don't want to fight anymore.  I don't want to loose my rights, but I don't want to fight with every single one of my neighbors who also has an opinion that is equally as valid as mine and we probably actually agree on a lot of things.  Truthfully, if you are ignorant enough to believe most the generalizations that the media is feeding you, I don't have the patience or time to have a discussion, educated or not, about it.  #NOPE

Statements that people say that I will no longer take the bait on:
~He/she paid people to cause disruptions.
~If I did that, I'd be in prison.
~He does/doesn't pay men/women equally.
~__% of people didn't vote!

-I was quite pleased to read about Trump's comments about not overturning gay marriage.  I was disappointed I didn't see anything about Roe v. Wade in that same regard.  #MyBodyMyChoice

-A collective group of people decided that I should start saying I have a pepper allergy instead of a spicy aversion.  Maybe then people would take me seriously when I ask, "Is it spicy?"  I just don't want to be that person.  Then what if I order something kinda spicy and it's fine and then they judge me?  #Needy

-On my flight back to CHS, Jetblue offered Terra Sweet and Blue chips as a snack.  You better believe I took a bag!  Those bitches are delicious.  I admit, I didn't eat them right away since I wasn't hungry, but I brought them to work and had them as a snack and I regret nothing.  #TheyAreSupposedToBeHealthy

-Weird dreams I've had this past week: 
~That I had chest hair.  Not like one or two hairs.. No, no.. I was full on manly man with this chest hair.  I was freaking the fuck out.
~That Teh German and I went on a cruise and someone in our group gave him drugs and a prescription to get more of these drugs and he was super mean while on the drugs.  Unbearably mean.  To the point that I told him I was leaving him if he didn't stop using the drugs.  He said, "I have a prescription for these, so bye."  In my dream I was bawling, but in my sleep I was apparently whimpering and Teh German actually woke me up.
~That I worked at Target again (in addition to working for Company) and I had volunteered to work at a different store and Teh Manager had quit her job at the grocery store she's worked at since we were in high school (where I also worked) and was now a manager at Target.  She didn't even acknowledge me when we showed up to start work.

-Seemingly illogical, the smoke from the Appalachian wildfires is affecting Charleston.  If you're unaware, some douchewad actually started the fire and now the fires are terrorizing the mountains since we haven't had any rain since hurricane Matthew.  This isn't the way I like to smell "campfire".  #sosmokeyoutside

-Perfect Megan logic: while every news outlet said that air conditions were dangerous, I went out and did 2.8 miles.  It was awesome.  #PleaseExcuseMySmokersCough

-Forgetting that I didn't have breakfast at work this morning really sucked.  Especially after I told myself, "Nah, I won't have avocado toast this morning, I have 1 more packet of oatmeal at work to eat."  #FML #isitlunchtimeyet

-I've been researching races for Teh MD-AR to run a marathon.  I told her I'd run no more than a half marathon and wait for her at the finish line.  Before I said I'd see her at the finish line.  #runningbesties


  1. i have a spicy aversion as well. i try and make a joke out of it though - like last night we went to indian and they asked spicy from 1-5? and i said minus 5. haha. i personally wouldn't say pepper allergy because they can use other things to make something spicy, and when i worked at mcdonalds way back in the day and people would say they had a pickle allergy when really they just didn't want pickles, it made me mad. haha.

  2. i am so tired of hearing about politics too. All of a sudden everyone thinks they are so well versed and half the information they are spewing out is not only hateful but false. I 100% blame the media for our divide on all things in this country. They get paid on the drama and like to stir it about and I am sick of it. In other news, Terra chips are the bomb diggity and I love them!!! If I thought I had breakfast at work and didn't I would just cry! That is awful!

  3. I almost busted out laughing in the airport about your chest hair dream. I'm happy for you that it was just a dream. I like spicy aversion better. Stick with that. I'm sick of the politics talk too. Except the Obama/Biden memes...those can stay.

  4. I'm impressed you are reading about Trump's plan...I still can't bring myself to do any research because...well just because. I really want to try and understand, but at this point I know I'm one of those annoying "BUT REALLY YOU GUYS" kind of person and I just can't help.

  5. LOLZ at the chest hair dream...freaky. Also, yeah, I'm not done fighting or being PO'ed about this election and every insufferable part of it - but I'm also TIRED. I read a headline and it's like, I just don't have any rage left. I used it all up. When does it end????

    Be careful with that air out there!

  6. I have totally weird random dreams as well. I should start remembering to share them. I don't know if I can beat having chest hair though!


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