Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Confessions {9/2}

-On one of my recent runs, I was passing a couple who were walking towards me and realized the guy was wearing an NC State hat.  OF COURSE, I slowed down and turned to gave him the wolfpack sign and said, "GO PACK!" before continuing on.  #GOPACK

-The building manager where I work is awesome and I'm pretty sure we're fashion kindred spirits.  Almost once a week, she compliments me on an outfit that I wear.  That said, I also love her style.  We both also love finding super awesome deals at Kohl's.  #canweshareclosets

-I love my Ariel mug that Teh MD-AR got me at Disney World, but I have to drink from the cup right handed and it's really irritating.  #theworldhateslefties

-This infuriates me:

It's the only door that stays open, so you have to close it, and I know the person that leaves it this way works in my office (because when she was out of the office for a week this didn't happen), but I just don't want to have to bathroom etiquette her... BECAUSE SHE SHOULD JUST KNOW!  Ughhh.  #bathroomrules

-We use Skype for inner-office communication rather than just.. ya know.. speaking to each other, but it really works for days that I want to work from home, so I'm not knocking it too much.. buttttt... when someone just messages me "hey" instead of "hi, can you do this/this/this." I get irrationally ragey.  Just tell me what you want, I don't need your friendly banter.

-I'm not hip enough to buy a cool planner like the rest of the entire world.  I use Google Calendar because my phone is always with me.  Also, I'm too cheap to spend that much money on a planner that I'll only put birthdays in and forget to use for the remaining 359 days of the year.  Also, what's up with buying a calendar in August unless you're a student or teacher?  #notacoolkid #yetagain

-That said, I totally ordered the desk calendar I wanted when I started at Company back in Feb for 2016.  It arrived a few weeks ago and I'm stupid excited about using it and I kinda want to put it on my desk already but I have to wait since it starts in January.  #notsorry #planner

-I should know better, but I tried the Biore Charcoal activated face mask thing the other day... I thought I might die from the heat up portion of the mask.  I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to feel that hot.  I should know better since I have such sensitive skin.  The worst part it didn't even do anything except burn my face for a few seconds.  All those blackheads were still there when I was done massaging my face.  Uuuugghhhh.  #skinwoes #notworthit

-This chocolate lab cutie named Finn, was at work yesterday and we're officially BFFs now.  I totally bribed him with treats.  #notsorry #dogsatwork

-I think I found my dress for Teh Sister's wedding!!!  Now I just need to do my measurements and order it.

-I told Teh Dad he could have my old computer because his died/is dying and my spare/broken (the screen/hinge is messed up) computer just sits in the closet waiting on me to decide to use it to watch TV on the internet.  I decided last night to start it up and delete my files off it and update it for Teh Dad.  Yeah.  DISASTER.  Not only would it not start at first.  Then I was having some issues getting things updated, but finally manged to succeed.  Then after everything was updated, I moved on to doing Windows Updates... Yeah... no.  At first it wouldn't update at all and it gave me an error, which I googled and got a fix for.  After getting that fixed, it still wouldn't find updates, so I decided to restart.  At which point shit got real and ended with me getting a message (on a black screen, which is even more deadly than the blue screen) that said "Memory unrecognized, hit F1 to shut down."  I hit F1, because no other options were available to me, and the computer wouldn't power on after that....  I had to admit to Teh German, who was sitting beside me as I was troubleshooting, that blue screens were beyond my realm of expertise.  Even IT-Megan has limits.  So, nerd/IT friends, if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.  I did tell Teh Dad that he should just save his money and buy a new computer instead of a power cord for this one (since my power cord never arrived from Bahrain).  #technologyfail #bluescreenofdeath #impatient #stillnotanIT

I probably should have let this test finish, but I hit esc to cancel it because I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

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  1. I am also not a cool kid because I don't have a fancy planner either. My planters from TJ Maxx and cost me I think three whole dollars. That being said it's my one from last year and I need a new one I guess but I just can't spend the money on an expensive one! Second that dress is super adorable I love the green color! And lastly that is a very poor bathroom etiquette that would drive me up the wall!

  2. I ordered my first fancy planner this year. Fingers crossed I actually use it and it wasn't wasted money. I want that puppy to come to my office! Scratch that, I just don't want to be in the office. Just with puppies somewhere else.

  3. Dying! We use IM a lot at our job since people are in different offices and I HATE - HATEHATEHATE when a colleague will write something like, "Good morning!" and then "How was your weekend?" eventually followed by the original work-related thing they needed to ask. JUST GET ON WITH IT, WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS DANCE? I will not be offended if you just flat-out get to the point. Pleasantries are not needed.

  4. I got a Target planner last year because I wanted to see if I could keep up with one before I ordered a fancy one.Well, I did great for 4 months then gave up. But then I see all these stickers and pretty tape and all that shit and I think maybe if I used that stuff I would keep up with it?!?! So irrational! We use Skype to talk in my office too. Mainly because we cant hear over everyone elses loud ass mouths.

  5. Love the dress choice! I am a teacher I get away with the fact that I buy a Jul-Jun planner & therefore buy it in like May... I also buy it at Walmart because cute & cheap.

  6. I have no fancy planner. I acknowledge a fancy planner would be helpful in my life, but I'm aware that I won't use it.
    The blah blah blah gif was a fabulous find! #gifaddict
    The dress - another fantastic find! #glamsquad

  7. If you don't use a planner daily you have no need for one. It has nothing to do with being cool or not. I use it daily, even on weekends and vacations, so it works for me. If I didn't use it daily, it wouldn't. I need to be able to write it and see it spread out so I don't use Google Calendar. MFD does and I have access to his so I put stuff on there I need him to know.


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