Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Review {9/14}


After a Coworker-is-quitting lunch, I sat on my couch waiting for an email waiting for the work day to be finished.  When 3pm hit and I still hadn't received the email, I was like eff-this-shit-o-clock and headed out to Walmart to pick some items up.  I'm not sure what I was retail therapying but $110 later I had new air filters and the best smelling epsom salts I've ever found (not that I really take baths anymore, but just in case and maybe it will help that moldy smelling cabinet in the guest Teh German's bathroom smell slightly better?) and obviously some other stuff plus the 3 items that I had on a list.

The last of the flowers.

I went home and hung out with the dogs waiting on Teh German to get off work.  We had planned to go to a birthday party for one of his coworkers around 7 and we needed to swing by the grocery store on the way to pick up beverages.  I had been told we were having dinner at the party so I only had a small snack (bad life choice).  By 8 we still hadn't eaten and 2 Friday's in a row.. it was just not good.  Otherwise, we were having a good time.  Food was finally served by 9.  Since I was the DD, it meant the hangar was real.  I'm sure I would have been way more obnoxious about it had I been drinking.. so there's that positive.  I'm also getting used to not having any idea what is being said when conversations around me switch to German.

I did have an interesting conversation with Teh Monopoly when she called me around 730 to ask me if I'd be attending my own gathering.  I was quite confused at first, until I realized that one of us had gotten the date wrong.  Fortunately, I had put the correct date on the FB event and there were only 3 people celebrating without me.  They did claim it as a successful test run for next Friday's gathering, so that is good.

Teh German and I made it home by 1130ish and it was definitely bedtime.


Since Teh German had to work Saturday morning, that gave me a the perfect opportunity to get my miles in.  11.7 miles on an overcast, breezy, slightly drizzly day?  Yes please.  Teh Dad called around mile 3 to chat, which was a nice relief from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The book is finally getting interesting, but it's tedious.  The first thing Teh Dad announced (with much adieu and build up) was that he and Teh Stepmom liked Teh German.  So there's that positive.  Then we discussed Teh Sister's wedding and what he made sound like a Teh Family reunion and I had to remind him that Teh Utah Specialist may also have family/friends that come in town and that our family shouldn't take up all the available space...  I think he may be getting a bit excited about a wedding.  Adorable, but woah sparky.  (He's probably gonna read this, that's the best part.)

Around mile 9, Teh Dad hung up and I finished my run.  If you're really interested, check out yesterday's post.  It was good.  1 week till Navy-AF 1/2.  Bring it beeches.  After a shower, Teh German came home and we headed to Sushi 101 for lunch and to "the closet" so he could pick up some mail and start up Suzi.  We headed back to my house after for a lazy afternoon of napping and perusing the internets and hanging out with the dogs. 

Saw this gem on the way home Saturday...
I'm sure he rode around shamed after they lost.

I did also get in some journaling time, which was nice.  I woke up from the nap and instead of tossing and turning and keeping Teh German awake, I lied and told him I'd be back in 10 minutes (so he'd go back to sleep) after I iced my back (which I did thank you very much!).  It had been well over a year since I'd written anything good/positive.  That's a hard pill to swallow, to be honest.  Teh German woke up before I finished my writing, which meant wrapping it up quickly, but that was ok because positive journal entries don't take as long as negative ones.

Since we'd had an Evo fail the weekend before last, I suggested it for late dinner on Saturday night.  The motion was passed and we ended up going around 8, which was perfect because that meant the dinner rush was over and we were finally hungry after a late lunch.

At least I got a photo before it was all gone!
Squash on a pizza is actually pretty delightful, much to my skepticism.

We got home and ended up going to bed since it had been a longish day and Teh German had to work again on Sunday morning.


Neither of us were really motivated to get out of bed Sunday morning.  Teh German was waiting on a call to go into work and I had told him that if his call came in time for me to get to church, I'd go to church, if not, it was all the snuggles for me (I've gotta stock up since I'll be gone this week to DC/MD)!  We ended up talking about the journaling thing and I explained how for the last year I would journal when I couldn't sleep, which usually meant not good things were going on that would keep me awake.  But when I had woken up from my nap, I had positives I wanted to put down on paper for the first time in a very long time, so that's what I was doing... writing about us and all the good things... (aka all the sappy things I try to refrain from putting on here so my Gentle Readers don't regurgitate on their keyboards.)

When Teh German did go to work, I started on laundry and housekeeping things and did some reading waiting on him to get back home.  It was an unbelievably nice day and I opened all the windows to let the house air out.  Meri was pleased about my life choice...

When Teh German came back, we decided to go get coffee and a snack at a Metto, then go swing at the park under the Bridge (aka we swung on the swangs again).  We people watched and took ridiculous selfies for a while then we hijacked a swing from a couple who weren't actually swinging on the swing (the atrocity!) and were just sitting on their phones beside each other.  Go sit on a stationary bench, beeches!  By hijacked I mean, they are 2 sided swings and we sat down and started swinging, which I knew would run them off since they hadn't been moving.  #notsorry  We also got several doses of free birth control in the form of screaming children and kids who were riding their bikes around the swings stupid fast. 

the huuuuuuge tree at the coffee place was awesome.

I like to selfie him by surprise.

My favorite bridge!

duck lips. #selfiemasters

No editing on that perfectly ombre skyline.

New fave selfie forever.

We finally ended up leaving so we could go home and feed the beasts and then make it to our dinner reservations at Magnolia's by 6.  YAYYYYY for Charleston Restaurant Week!!!  It's a thing where many of the restaurants create special menus where you get 3 items for $30 or some special price.  Many of these restaurants are places where you get $50+ entrees, so it's a super awesome treat.  We were meeting a couple that Teh German is friends with to plan a trip to Orlando for the Universal Halloween thing. 

Even though it felt like the dinner lasted forever, it wasn't bad.  We did wait an obscenly long time to order food, which was frustrating for Miss-I-Eat-On-a-Schedule here, but I survived.  And I took a risk and ordered the not "snickers" (aka chocolate) dessert and made the better life choice.  WINNNNN.  There was lots of crossfit discussion since that's how Teh German knows the couple.  I only phased out a few times.  I did finally admit that I was going to try the intro class after I get back from my 1/2/vacation.

After dinner, we headed back home and tried (unsuccessfully) to prepare for the week.  The windows were still open, which was awesome since it was cool.. until the middle of the night when I couldn't breathe because allergies and at almost wake up time when I got cold and Teh German was all the way across the bed not doing his job keeping me warm (he was also cold since I noticed he'd put a shirt on (booo)).

I just love them.

Can we get a hell yeah for an excellent lazy weekend (at least for myself)?  Teh German and I have several busy weekends planned over the next 2 months, so lazy weekends like this one are perfect for the in-betweens.  Also the dramatic drop in temp on Sunday was just so perfect and we both agreed that we needed to be outside.  I kinda wanted to run, but knew that my pieces would appreciate a rest day more.  Moar below 70 degrees in the AM pleaseeeeeeee? 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend minus the whole delayed food thing on Friday. Hangry Nadine comes out to play if I have eaten by like 745 pm after arriving home on any given day.

  2. Not eating by a decent time makes me so flipping hangry!! I'm glad you had an otherwise excellent weekend.

  3. -I am so sorry for your not eating issues lately. This sounds terrible.

    -Yay happy journaling! I have a tendency to only journal when I am upset, so I try to just not do it because then I have a history of only the bad.

    -Crossfit...ah. Like, it sounds cool, but we just can't afford it. Also...the cult-ish quality of it is a little scary.

    -Restaurant Week sounds AMAZING. I need to plan a trip just for that. Not even joking a tiny bit.

    -It has been in the 50s here the past few mornings, and it is GLORIOUS.


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