Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Review {8/31}

First off, let's get this party started with a Happy Birthday shoutout to Teh Mom.  While we may not see eye-to-eye (quite often, let's be honest), you're the one who ensured that my hair was put up REALLY tight (per my request) and the one who celebrated the fact that I had my first period (thereby ensuring me, month after month that having a period was NOTHING to be ashamed about).  You also pissed me off often enough (aka ensured I was responsible and accountable and not a shithead) that I was a "good" teenager who was a pretty good person when I wasn't being an overly-hormonal teenage girl.  You made sure that I knew the right way to do things and to do them right the first time and I wouldn't have to repeat my work over and over (via cleaning the bathrooms).  You taught me to never be ashamed to ask questions.  You impressed upon me that going to the doctor/ER should always be the first move when something bad happens (aka getting hit in the head with a rake).  You showed me that a good book is worth ignoring everything else for sometimes.  Finally, you taught me that sometimes, you just have to pull out your inner bitch to get shit done.  Happy Birthday! :)


The weekend started when I took Yurtle to get her new trailer hitch installed.  While there, I got some work done and chatted with the lady who was running the front desk.  It only took an hour so I was glad I got there a bit early.  It's been a week of adventure for Yurtle.  She also got a new battery last week.

After I got home, I went on a run because Weds was a rest day and Thursday we went out and I didn't get a chance to run before we left.

Ok, this isn't from the weekend, but this is from Thursday when I got a PAIL of liquor.  Yes please.  Sadly, I left the pail, despite intentions to bring it home.

I took the dogs on a mile jog.  You'd think I'd have killed them based on their lethargy after the run.  Wimps.

Friday evening, Teh German and I had planned to get sushi with friends of his, but they had a pet emergency so we went on our own.  I wasn't overly impressed.  While the prices were good, they didn't have a lot of specialty rolls, which is borrrrring.  Originally, we had planned to go see the free movie again, but instead opted to go hang out at Teh SC House Finder's house where they were having a cookout since her sister was in town.  We stopped at Harris Teeter first for Teh German to pick up something to bring to his crossfit cookout on Saturday and some beer and we ended up getting Starbucks as well since we were both pretty tired.

At Teh SC House Finder's house, we hung out till about 11:30 before finally calling it a night and heading back to my house for bedtime.


Saturday morning, Teh German had a crossfit thing in Isle of Palms (IOP) and when he left for that, I set out to get my miles in.  I had some issues which meant I only did 6.5 miles total instead of the 10-11 that I had planned to do.  The training plan only had a 10k listed, so technically I didn't not follow the training plan, I just don't like not achieving my personal goals.

I was met Teh German for a cookout after his crossfit workout, even though I was late.  Oops.  Miles + shower + travel time = lateness.  It didn't matter because the food delivery truck was pulling away as I pulled in, so they hadn't eaten yet anyways.  WIN.  We hung out with his crossfit people for a bit (which included a discussion about Disney runs (yeessssssss)) and walked down the beach.  Finally, we decided to leave and head to my house to feed the dogs and figure out an evening plan.

In step beach walk, well ok.

Also, kudos to the dude who got my shirt.  #nerdsunite
If you don't get it, F1 = Help (and the little man looks like he's drowning)

silly faces are the best.

We had decided to see Inside Out (per Teh German's suggestion (oh yes, he suggested Disney, he knows the key to my heart (and he wanted to see it))) and had discussed EVO for dinner.  Since I needed to go to Target, we ended up doing Sesame for dinner since we were right there and we didn't want to risk waiting to eat dinner after our 7:15 movie with my hangar problem.  It was a solid life choice.

If you haven't heard about how sad Inside Out is, let me just tell you I cried.. in public.. beside a boy.  I couldn't even hold back the tears.  Had I been alone/at my house, I probably would have ugly cried.  ALL THE FEELZ, Gentle Readers.  OMG.  I had heard it was sad, but I wasn't prepared.  I mean it's Disney/Pixar, I can handle it, nbd.  NO, NO I COULD NOT.

Nonetheless, it was an excellent movie.  After we headed home and it was early bedtime because #oldpeople and too many miles.


I hadn't decided on going to church or not, and ended up not going like the heathen I am.  I know that next weekend we probably won't be getting to sleep in much since we'll be trying to get out to go riding and Meri had woken me up at 0130 with the sounds of possible regurgitation, then again at 0530 for breakfast/something.  I fed them at 0530 just so I wouldn't have to be up again at 0630.  I was just exhausted and sleeping in was really a good idea.

We did manage to get out of bed by 10 and had decided to try Sunflower Cafe for brunch.  It was a winner AND it's close to my house, which makes it even better.  After foods, we came back to my house where Teh German facetimed with his aunt while I handled my laundry situation.  After his facetime session, he went to his "closet" to take care of some things.  While he was gone, I powered through cleaning the bathrooms, finished the laundry, cleaned out the fridge, washed the dishes, meal planned, and snuggled with my sick fuzzy girl while I wrote this post.

When Teh German came back (with flowers /swoon), we headed to EVO for dinner, which just so happened to be closed....  Arrrghh.  Instead, we forded some pretty serious puddles to get to Mellow Mushroom.  I needed to pick up some items for dinner this week, so we stopped by the grocery store, then Krispy Kreme since the light was on and I just needed to sate a craving.

When we got back home, we were lazy and hung out while getting some screen time in.  Teh German gave me a pretty big scare when he said he was dizzy then randomly passed out while we were in the kitchen.  Fortunately, I was able to catch him when I saw him stumbling and get him on the floor.  What couldn't have been more than 10 seconds felt like HOURS.  I was just about to start screaming his name and shaking him when he finally returned to the land of the conscious.  He kept apologizing to me because he said I had looked so frightened he felt bad.

After my heartbeat resumed it's normal pace and Teh German had recovered enough to feel comfortable laying down again, it was bedtime.

Saw this crazy in the parking lot at the grocery store.  Can we just get a wooooaaaahhh nelly?

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  1. It sounds like an awesome weekend! I really want to see Inside Out but Kyra is a bit small for that. Also we just haven't had the time for movie fun. I will be getting it on DVD though because...Disney.

    It looks like the two of you are having so much fun and the flowers are GORGEOUS!

  2. Wow, you and your mom look A LOT alike. Also, you and Teh German are suuuuper cute.

  3. OK, I suck at leaving comments recently because my people want me to pay attention to them at work instead of commenting on blog posts like I used to do.

    First of all, YAY for you and Teh German. Yay for cute romantic boys. Booo for him passing out, is he OK? low blood sugar!?! That sounds super scary.

    Boo for bad runs, you're preaching to the choir here but the fall is coming! No more awful humid runs!!!

  4. Those flowers are so pretty! Not the typical red rose, but thoughtful mixing other colors. So pretty!! Damn, you were a cute kid. Those early photos with your mom are adorable.

  5. -Happy Birthday Teh Mom! And agree, y'all look a LOT alike :)

    -Sushi sounds sooo good. Sorry it wasn't the best though.

    -Passing out sounds terrifying! Glad you could catch him (Tank would be screwed, he would just take me out on the way down).

    -I want to see Inside Out, but I've heard about the feelz. But I've come to realize that I think ALL Disney/Pixar movies are like that, at least nowdays. My church does a series each year about popular movies, so we watched Big Hero 6 and it was the freakin' saddest. Was I just too young & dumb to get this as a kid, or were they not as weepy in the 90s?!

  6. Happy birthday to your mom!!! I haven't seen any previews for Inside Out but now I am intrigued and will have to go look it up! Scary that he passed out on you! I cant even imagine how long those few seconds seemed. How sweet that he brought you flowers :) I hope you have a great week!

  7. OMG, don't let my mom see that car with the solar powered dancing flowers - it'll give her ideas! It's bad enough she's got a window lined with them and enough spares to switch them out weekly for probably 10 years. The real flowers are purty!


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