Friday, August 28, 2015

Five on Friday #63


I posted about this on Teh Blog page, but I'm going to repost it here because it's pretty serious to me.

It's no secret how much I love dogs. In addition to all the adorable dog photos and the FB Trending section telling me it was ‪#‎NationalDogDay‬, THREE people asked me if I was aware that it was Dog Day yesterday (I assume because my lack of dog posts).

What I hadn't realized was that it was also the anniversary of the 19th Amendment being incorporated into the Constitution, something that is pretty near and dear to this female-parts-owner.

When I saw ‪#‎WomensEqualityDay‬ was the 26th in TODAY'S (the 27th) Trending section I was sad. ‪#‎WeCanDoBetter‬ ‪#‎YesAllWomen‬

I feel like a feminist failure for not even realizing.  Then again, I live in a bubble, so it's really not surprising.  Additionally, if it's not on my calendar, it doesn't exist in my life.  I was pretty proud of myself for my restraint on posting dog-smut.  I posted my daily dog photo on instagram and that was that, I didn't even use the dog day hashtag.

We live in a world that dogs > women's rights remembrance.  That makes me sad on the inside.


I went to my first chiropractor appointment (of many more to come) yesterday.  It was soooo good.  All the right pops, in all the right places.  Since it was my initial visit, the doc also chatted with me about my issues and took some xrays.  Not only did he compliment me on my ability to take awesome xrays, we got along swimmingly.

When he was going over my xrays (btw I love looking at any type of "imagery" I can analyze.  Thanks, Navy) he explained where my problem spots were.. which was more than just my bulging disk in my lower back, to include my mid-back, some spots of arthritis forming, and my neck not having a curve like it should.  After going over my xrays and lots of jokes, he adjusted me and oh my all the pops.  Soooo loud, soooo good, sooo many. 

I'll be seeing him on a weekly basis for the near future and I'm excited about all the pops in my future.  That said, I feel pretty achy today.  I'm just hoping that my runs this weekend will feel good after the adjustment and my shoulders stay loose.


Teh German and I are still doing our thing.  Besides his adorable accent, I'm also smitten with the fact that he does the dishes if I cook dinner after we finish eating, he uses hashtags, he makes me feel sexy (remember when I was worried that wouldn't happen again?), we workout (sometimes together #win), he is accepted by the dogs, his friends told us to get a room, we make a great team, we frequently think the same thing at the same time (which is simultaneously creepy and cute), and he continues to quiet my brain and make me laugh constantly.

Not that I checked (ok, I totally did), but the 2nd will be 1 month since my last bout of food poisoning our first date.  It's not really cause for celebration (I'm cheesy, but not that cheesy), but I can definitely say it's been an enjoyable month.  Also, I've taken to calling his house his closet since that's it's primary use now.  #allthesnugglesforme #allthetime

All that said, I'm constantly fighting the "is it too soon?" battle in my head.  Is this love or lust?  I know that no one but he and I can answer those questions, but I still struggle with my past sometimes and I've been burned before trying to talk about these things so I hesitate to discuss/bring them up.  I know I need to better about moving past that, but I give myself the excuse it's only a been a month and Turbo, here, needs to slow her roll.


I signed up for the Reddit Teacher Exchange and was super pumped to get matched.  The teacher I was matched with had a pretty generic list of things she wanted (pens/pencils/dry erase markers/cleaning stuffs) so I messaged her and asked if she had come up with more specific items she was looking for.  After 2 days of getting no response, I went ahead and ordered $50 in stuff from Amazon that she had listed.

2 hours after I placed the order, she finally responded to my message, listing different items than in her original request.  I was straight up with her and said I had already ordered the stuff a few hours before but hopefully she still enjoyed it. 

This is 2015, when someone messages you, respond promptly.  2 days isn't prompt.  Because of her delay, she will not be receiving my annual "special" gift of mini liquor bottles to get her through the tough days.  Also, I'm poor.  So 2 reasons for that, but mostly because lack of proper communication skills.  If I had signed up for free stuff, you better believe if I got a message about it I'd be looking at it asap.  Few things in life are more important than free shit.


I'm BSing cinco because I've been sitting here for over an hour pinning sappy stuff and I can't find anything funny enough to share and I think it's past time to get this posted.  I have weekend to get to!  Yay for a possibly lazy weekend, even if it rains, that means lots of naps.... :)

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Being a teacher it makes me so happy that you do that! I started to sign up but got I don't have a real address of my own until mid September & didn't know where to have anything sent.

  2. I only knew it was Women's Equality Day because I saw it on facebook, and I also felt bad that I hadn't known that before. I'm glad I noticed it on facebook in time to do a blog post on the subject!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. A lot of people were upset about the Women's Equality Day being the same as National Dog Day. But someone also got really mad about a situation they witnessed where they felt like a "pretty" woman was treated special versus themselves, so in general it just seemed like a crappy day for everyone. Feminism is hard for me- sometimes I feel better just doing my own thing than being all "Hey I am doing my all thing because I'm a WOMAN and I CAN and LOOK AT ME!" Which I know is not the point, but with the whole social justice warrior mindset on the internet it can feel just as much pressure from both sides.

  4. I love chiropractors, they can work miracles!!! And girl, I have told you before and I am going to tell you again....some relationships move faster than others because they are JUST RIGHT!!! It is never too soon or too late because all relationships move at their own pace. You are enjoying each other and you are all sappy and gushy and I think you just best get out of your own head and embrace the awesome for what it is :)

  5. Seriously. I enjoyed all four posts enough that I didn't need a five. You made me feel like a "feminist failure" too because of your first topic. Second, I've never been to a chiropracter and always wanted to go. You make me want to go even more. Third - your meme is perfect for that topic. Our pasts do haunt us, but if you don't take risks and give enough of yourself to see if something wonderful can develop, then it won't. It seems like you're balancing the two. Fourth - My mom was an elementary teacher (retired now), and that is a great thing you've done. Happy new week!


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