Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Review {8/17}

Disclaimer: this is just my weekend review, the Ramblin Rose triathlon review will be in a separate post.


To make up for no work Wednesday, I stayed until 4 on Friday and it almost killed me.  I'm usually out of work no later than 2 on Fridays, so it was painful and required a trip to Cold Stone for the sorcery that is Cake Batter ice cream + peanut butter + Reese's Cups + chocolate syrup.  Just trust me on that combo.  It's a winner.  I had to force myself to stop eating it (I ordered the big size since I leave it in the freezer at work and nibble/devour it throughout the following days/weeks) because I wasn't working out to tri-prep (which is totally a thing because I said so).

Teh German and I had made plans to go to Texas Roadhouse, where he hadn't been yet.  I was hoping they would give an extreme country example, but they failed with the exception of the hostess who had to have been from Texas with an accent that deep.  I have having a hard time understanding her, so Teh German was relieved when she was talking to me instead of him.

After dinner, we headed to Memorial Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant since they are doing free movie nights on the blow up screen!  I was super pumped about this.  1- I didn't know there was a park under the bridge.  Given my love of the bridge, this is a super huge deal for me.  2- the movie on Friday night was Up.  Disney = winnnnnn.  Teh German is a Disney fan, so it was perfect.

We got to the park and was able to find parking relatively easy with my life skill of good parking spot turned on (meaning I have this thing where I get pretty good parking most of the time).  Instead of waiting in the park, we went and walked down the boardwalk and found and empty swing.  YAY SWINGGGGSS!  (When I was telling Teh MD Adult Roomie about this, I couldn't figure out the past tense of "swing" so I told her, "We swang on the swangs."  All the lolz were had, in fact, it still makes me giggle.)  Teh German was oh so smooth and put his arm behind me, which was cute.  He's not been making moves very fast, which is a good thing since it makes me want him to.  Reverse psychology works on me....

The movie was supposed to start at sunset and there was a band playing before that.  They were pretty good.

Sunset photos of the bridge? Yesplskthx.

Listening to the band, checking electronic devices, and waiting for the movie to start!

After a wait that felt like forever, the movie finally started.  Remember when I told you that I have no will power?  Yeah, I still don't.  BUT, on the opposite end of that, I'm so stand-offish that people (dudes) often won't get close to me because of it.  Meaning I can send out some pretty strong, don't touch me vibes that are well received.  My, ok you can touch me vibes?  They don't exist.  Fortunately, Teh German and I seem to be on the same page PDA wise, so when I finally gave him the opportunity to do some super cheesy 8th grade hand holding (which my rom-com loving heart swooned over), he took the opportunity.  Gold star for him.

Originally, I was going to drop off Phil and Meri at Teh SC House Finder's house on Friday night, but due to some scheduling conflicts that didn't end up happening.  When we got back to my house, I had to pack.  It was no longer an option and since Teh German was around, it was way easier since I pack better with someone there to talk to.

Packing took me all of 30 minutes, go me!  See what I can do when I have good company and a list?  After packing, it was time to call it a night.


The dogs woke me up on Saturday, which was perfect since I needed to get up and get them dropped off at Teh SC House Finder's house before I could load Monty (the bicycle) in Yurtle to head to Winston-Salem.  After some AM adorableness, I finally loaded Meri and Phil in the car and everyone left.

It was a quick drop off at Teh SC House Finder's house, then I headed home to load up Monty.  I scratched Yurtle putting Monty in the back and I'm a bit upset about it.  Mostly because I thought to myself, should I put the kick-stand up?  Nah, it will be fine.. and it was NOT fine, Gentle Readers.  Not fine at all.  Not fine to the tune of a scratch that is line about a big as an outline of my hand.  No me gusta.

Once Monty was loaded, it was time to head to Winston-Salem for my first triathlon.  Traffic was ok, it seemed like a lot of families going home from vacation based on the out-of-state tags and all the cargo carriers on the tops/backs of vehicles.  I made a poor life choice and played the "You have this many gallons of gas" game poorly and ended up praying without ceasing to quickly find the place that GasBuddy had said was the closest in High Point.  I made it, thankfully.  I always tell myself not to play that game, but the "you have this many gallons left" screen is just such a challenge to me for some reason, and it's completely stupid, but it happens all the time when I'm on road trips.

Since I was already stopped for gas, I figured I'd also pick up lunch.  I had left early so that way I wouldn't be late meeting Teh MD Adult Roomie, so I had some time to burn.  I checked Yelp and there was a crepe place that I had passed on the way to the gas station that had really good reviews.

Yeah, Penny Path Cafe and Crepe Shop was amazing.  I ordered a savory crepe and was unable to finish it because I knew I needed to save space for a sweet crepe when I saw someone making one of the sweet crepes.

The Kitchen Sink.. mmmmm...

I asked for suggestions on what my sweet crepe should be and the woman said I should try the Inside Out Cheesecake crepe.  The dude informed everyone that he had made the homemade cream filling that day and the woman added that he made the best cream of anyone in the shop.  I was sold.

Making my inside out cheesecake crepe.

Final product.  I had her add nutella.. NOOOOOOMMMMM.

Originally, I hadn't planned on eating it all and bringing some to Teh MD Adult Roomie when I saw her, but it was too delicious and I couldn't stop.  I told her that we should go there on Sunday for crepes, which sadly didn't end up happening, but was ok in the end because I know where I'll be stopping the next time I'm passing High Point.

After eating, I headed to Winston-Salem to meet Teh MD Adult Roomie at Fleet Feet to pick up our race packets.  For those of you who are following the boob-chafing-drama of my recent runs, I finally picked up some Body Glide.  Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions!  After picking up our packets, we headed to the hotel to check in and determine our next moves.

Condom head. 
I'm not sure why latex caps are still a thing when silicone caps are soooo much better.

Teh MD Adult Roomie and I had discussed visiting Old Salem since she had never been before and the last time I went was sometime in elementary school.  It was still as quaint as it was back in elementary school.  There weren't many people out, but we did see a lady in a wedding dress and we saw a hispanic girl in her quinceañera dress, both were out taking photos.  It was a gorgeous day.  Not overly hot (unless you were an idiot like me and wore pants).

We stopped in several shops since we didn't want to buy tickets and walked around.  I loaded up on cookies because it was fatty weekend and how often do I go to Old Salem?  Exactly.  Also, if you've never had Moravian cookies, you're missing out.  Deeeeeliccious.

I took some photos as we were walking around the "town" because I couldn't help myself.  It made me wish I had brought my big camera.  Teh MD Adult Roomie observed that Old Salem was very similar to Williamsburg and I agreed.  For my dog-Gentle-Reader-Friends, please help us decide if that dog status is a greyhound or not.  We say yes, but we're totally biased.

After walking around, we were hungry for dinner, so I checked Yelp and we hit up El Rancho Taqueria that was loaded with hispanic people, which signified to me that the food was probably more authentic than say.. Taco Bell.  Also, it was super cheap and delicious.  The restaurant was located in a shady part of town, but it was totally worth it.  The servers were patient with our questions and made suggestions.  We were there for a while chatting and nibbling and did I mention that it's been forever since Teh MD Adult Roomie and I were together?  Despite pretty consistent texts/emails, it's just reeeeaaaallllyy nice to be face-to-face and get to chat.

Once we finally decided to relinquish our table, we headed to Walmart to pick up some items, then headed back to the hotel for the evening since we were both pretty wiped out from our drives.  We talked each other to sleep and it was glorious.  I miss that sooooo much from when we were roomies.


We got up a little before 6 to get to the YWCA for the race.  We weren't overly worried about traffic/getting there early since we were only 10 minutes away.  YAY.  We also discovered there were no more than 380 participants, so that really helped the traffic situation NOT be a situation.  We discovered that Monty wasn't going to fit on Teh MD Adult Roomie's bike rack, so we ended up putting her bike in the back of Yurtle with Monty and I drove to the race.  Worse case we would have both had to drive, but I was glad we didn't have to resort to that.  Yay for Yurtle's awesomeness. 

I've already got a draft of the race review prepped, so I'm not gonna really discuss it here, but we survived, it wasn't our favorite, and we've decided that we're runners.  Also, I would really like to get back in the pool and do more laps.  I feel unsatisfied from that minimal swim time.

After the race, we headed back to the hotel to get clean.  After we packed up and headed to Sweet Potatoes for our post-race celebration meal.  Another of my better life choices.  It was delicious and the service was amazing.  I actually reviewed every place we ate at on Yelp because they were all so delicious and friendly, which is rare.

Crab cake egg benedict... aka NOOOOMMMMMMM

After brunch, we sadly parted ways with a reminder that in a month we'll be back together for a bit.  The drive from NC to SC is always difficult.  SC drivers are INFURIATING.  There were several times we were going at least 10 mph under the speed limit, for no reason whatsoever.  Then there were the assholes who would pass in the right lane, giving the person in front of me with their right signal on no opportunity to get over.  Lesson of the drive: the right lane is for passing in SC and going close to the speed limit is not encouraged.  Arrrrrrgggghhhh.  I seriously loved driving before I got to SC and now I hate it.  Thank you, SC.

When I got home, I unpacked and waited on word from Teh SC House Finder so I could go fetch Meri and Phil.  While I was waiting, I got some reading accomplished.  After picking up the pups, I went to bed.  Both Teh German and Ginger Beard had said something about doing something Sunday evening after I got home, but Teh German ended up being out with friends later than anticipated and I told Ginger Beard I just wanted to relax at home, so it worked out that relaxing was exactly what I got to do.  Teh SC House Finder also invited me over for dinner, but I explained that while socializing was tempting, being lazy was really a higher priority.  I'm super glad she understood my laziness.  I do miss hanging out with her and her family though, so I was pretty sad I didn't go, but glad at the same time because me+my couch was perrrrrfect.

Added the 2 on the end! YAY!

Overall, an excellent weekend.  So excellent that this didn't get posted until Tuesday, but whatevssssss.  Monday night I went to a Riverdogs game with Ginger Beard and not gonna lie, if it had been a first date, there would have been no call back, but at least the Riverdogs won!


  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! The crepes....YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM. Also I haven't been to Cold Stone since college.....I am thinking now I need to make a trip!

  2. Ugh stop talking about ice cream, I want!!!!! Sounds like you had a fun time with the german. :) Congrats on your race!!! I am going to go dream about crepes and ice cream....

  3. -The crepes look delicious. I don't eat crepes enough.

    -Also, I haven't visited Old Salem so I should probably do that.

    -Yay, medals!

  4. Random factoid (because it's not really fun just random) Texas Roashouse isn't even from TX...it's from IN. Anyway... those crepes look flippin bomb! Yay for more medals!


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