Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Sweats #9


Shitbag here, who didn't put in the miles.  Whatever.  Sometimes you just gotta be lazy and lay in bed and watch Hercules and snuggle with the handsome man in your bed.


10.84 miles, 10:24m/m (1:52:43)
Uuuuggghhh this was punishment for not doing my miles over the weekend.  I was super pleased that it wasn't overly hot outside and I was able to get my miles done.  Despite my attempts to prohibit chafing, I got a serious spot on my hip.  MY HIP of all places!  I assume that my running belt was rubbing my skin.  No me gusta.  I kept the pace slow since I knew that I was going to do at least 8 miles.  10 miles was the goal, but when I went over I wasn't disappointed.  That said, I'm feeling very hopeful that under the right conditions, I mighttttt be able to really push the pace for my 1/2 and come in close to 2 hours!  Fingers crossed for not a lot of crazy hills for the Navy-AF half.


3.93 miles, 10:11m/m (40:01)
Truthfully, I really didn't want to run after 10.8 miles the day before.  I was hurting all day long (my legs and hip chafing (that made me feel nauseous all the day) but I knew that I probably wouldn't be running on Wednesday.  It also felt like 103*F and well, that shit is for the birds.  The pace felt super slow and my brain was just not into it.  I survived, that's what's important.

+1 mile jog/walk with the pups.  They have been heathens recently, so we ran at least half of the mile because they needed to be exhausted.


Legit rest day.


Evening plans meant no run.


3.23 miles @ 9:26m/m (30:31) + 1.21 miles @ 10:34m/m (12:45) w/ Meri and Phil.
I did a short run to get some miles before my long run on Saturday morning.  It was perfect weather with a slight breeze.  Moar please!!!  Bring on the fall temps!


5.57 miles, 10:26m/m (58:06) + 1.17 miles, 14:12 (16:39).
I had planned 10-11 miles on Saturday then around mile 4.75, the urge to pee hit me.  I debated on finding some bushes or just going home, because going home meant dealing with overly excited dogs, but something was just off, so I went home and peed.  Yet, it didn't help.  That feeling of still needing to pee lingered.  I decided to take the dogs out for a quick mile and bring them home and see how I was feeling before deciding to finish or not.  I tried to jog with the dogs, but that feeling of needing to pee was incessant and I was pretty sure I was going to literally pee on myself, so we walked most of the mile.  When we got home, I gave up.  I was also supposed to meet Teh German at 11:45 and not finishing the miles meant there was a chance I might be able to make it on time (I didn't).  I showered and finally an hour or so later of "holding it" the urge to pee finally went away.

I tested some O2 Gold that a coworker had given me to try out, which I took right before I started running (so it would hit me when I was starting to struggle) and I also took an energy gel around mile 3.5.  I'm not sure if one of these things contributed to my problem or other... "activities" but I'd really prefer that shit not to happen again ever.

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