Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday #62


*Sappy alert!*

Teh German has stayed at my house every night since Tuesday and each day it gets harder and harder to get out of bed and get to work on time.  I've never been more excited that it's Friday because tomorrow means sleeping in and not having to get up for work.  If we didn't have an AM run planned, I'm not sure if we would get out of bed other than for food.

Fortunately for him, his work is a short drive away from my house.  Unfortunately for me, a lack of desire to get out of bed, coupled with his short commute means I've been arrive to work later than my standard 0645-0730. 

This morning it was totally worth it.  We left the house and I was behind him at the last redlight before the interstate.  I was just listening to the radio when I saw him get out of his car and come up to Yurtle so I rolled down the window to see what was up.  Nothing.  He just needed to kiss me.  #YESPLEASEMOAR  But seriously, I swooned.  I couldn't stop smiling.  I don't want to stop smiling.  Work days have never seemed so long. 

I feel like a teenager again and it makes me giggle and feel silly and happy and want to doodle little hearts all over everything.  I admitted that with the way things were going, I was going to get spoiled very quickly and he was in grave danger of me falling for him, so he was proceeding at his own risk now that I had warned him.  He told me that was exactly what he was hoping for.  No but really, could he be sweeter? 

Teh German makes all the bad places my mind likes to go completely silent.  It's a welcome relief from my brain that likes to bring up things like Mr. Scrooge at inopportune times.  When I was with Ginger Beard, many Mr. Scrooge things would haunt me and it was very unsettling.  Teh German doesn't leave room in my mind for anyone else, just him.  Also, he's working his way into my heart very quickly. 

A very minor part of me is worried the bottom will fall out because everything is going so well, but I'm trying to ignore that because I just want to be happy without worrying for once.  For now, I'm getting kissed at red lights by a handsome man from the car in front of me and it's bringing me great joy. 

PS.  The dudes in the car behind me approved of what happened and I grinned like an idiot the entire way to work and throughout most of the day.  I can't imagine a better way to start Friday.


Many big things are coming and I'm super pumped!!!

-Labor day weekend (which might include a motorcycle adventure to NC, we shall see)
-Navy-AF 1/2 marathon and MD in Sept
-NC Renn Faire


I really should be a better maid of honor and get on my paper folding for the toss bouquet and pick a dress and whatever else Teh Sister tasks me with.  Uggghhh.. it shouldn't be so hard.  That said, Teh Sister (re)informed me of her wedding date that I had forgotten (she's changed it a few times, so I get a pass on this!), which gives me an extra 2 weeks.  So THAT'S a win.  Now if I would just take advantage of all this time.  Bhahahahah, sorry Teh Sister that I'm such a shitty MOH.


Yesterday I discovered Relevant's The Drop section on their website and I found so many new artists!!!  That said, having to buy albums on iTunes since they aren't on Spotify crushes my soul.  Who even uses iTunes?  Ughhhh.  That said, Us & Our Daughters is possibly one of my new forever faves.

Also, how do I find out about awesome music festivals?  After seeing someone post about a music festival in SF where Mumford & Sons were and then checking their website, it wasn't listed on their tour schedule.  I CAN'T PROPERLY STALK YOU IF YOU DON'T MAKE YOUR INFORMATION AVAILABLE, DAMMIT!!!  I just want to give you my dollars so you'll croon at me!!!  Gosh!

I'd probably kill to see M&S in concert.  Seriously.  Ok, maybe not seriously, but I'd pay a lot of money.  Maybe as much as running Disney.  That kind of serious.  At least the first time.


Crossfit has earned a new appreciation from me.  Mmmm.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. I met Teh FL greyhound husband during a break up with someone I was really into. He quickly became a friend and was super supportive. I was attracted but unsure about relationships in general at that point. He proved that he was trustworthy, and ended up winning my heart. After 13 years together, and almost 12 married; he still puts that grin on my face! Glad you are happy!! You deserve it!!! 💗

  2. -Glad you are happy :) I understand the worry...but sometimes it's good to enjoy things while they're good. Better or worse, right now is good and that's...good!

    -The first quote ALWAYS gets me. But please, don't turn into a Crossfit nut. I can't handle any more of them in my life! (we have some really good friends who are in LOVE with it)

  3. I absolutely love Daily Odd Compliments! So many of them are true for me, and how I would deliver as well lol. The best way I've found to find about festivals is by signing up for email alerts on and the venues closest to me, because they list who's coming to town.

    D'awwwww. Teh German sounds like a sweetie- you go girl! You deserve it!

    Have fun at Renn Faire! I love those!

  4. The mind quiet place is the best. Bobby makes my mind go like that when things are good and we can just be us. Not mom and dad. Not Bobby worker drone or Kimmi crazy mom. Just us. All those butterfly feelings come back and I remember who we really are.

    15 days until our RenFest starts! I am SO EXCITED.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh yay for the German!!!! Why do we call him the German again? I need to be reminded of this because I have an old brain. Clearly he is awesome so I will remember this time around I promise!

  6. This is my favorite sentence of this whole post: "Teh German makes all the bad places my mind likes to go completely silent." Seriously. So good.

  7. I am so happy for you! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I was reading about Teh German. EEE.

    Concerts will be the death of my wallet...which reminds me I need to go book a flight...


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