Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Sweats #6

Last week I did a super shitty job of working out because Mrs. and Mr. Reflective were in town.  I told myself I "made up for it" with that 8 mile run on Friday night, but the reality is, skipping runs on a training schedule does nothing but hurt me later.  Time to get my ass in gear.

The reason I run #6..


AM: After a bout of food poisoning on Sat night, all I wanted was sleeps and to rest.  I did go on a ride with a stranger, so there was some sweaty time in that. 

PM: I didn't really work out, but I did help Ginger Beard unpack some stuff, which included several trips up/down the stairs, which is more than I normally move, so I'm counting it. 


AM: Nope.

PM: I had intentions to go to the store and didn't even bother.  I just took the evening and reveled in some alone time.  #worthit


AM: I laid out clothes to run in the AM, but it didn't happen. 

PM: No excuses.  3.86 miles (10:29m/m) + a 1 mile walk with the pups (who dragged me through the mud in my new shoes....).  It was hot and miserable and I was so irritable with the dogs, which only served to encourage them to not listen even more.  Meri gets to go back on the gentle leader for her assholary.  I hate breaking in new shoes.  I just wish I could find the magic pair of shoes that always feel amazing.  I'm dealing with some numbness in one foot, all the while I can feel the big rocks/gravel pieces under my feet as I'm running and there's my calves which ughhhhhh.  Usually the calf pain clears up after a mile or so, but it's not enjoyable to start out that way.


AM: Nope.

PM: 4.27 miles (10:31m/m).  Again, no excuses.  Discovered Meri ate the tips off my earbuds, fortunately the ones I use to run with are over ear so I was still able to use them, even if they weren't comfortable.  I wasn't able to find the tips.. until Friday after I'd ordered a new pair.... #firstworldproblems


AM: Nope.

PM: 4.02 miles (9:54m/m).  Can we just get a FUCK YES for sub-10 pace?  Granted, the sun wasn't shining since it was storming, which probably helped a crazy amount, but yesplskthx to runs in the rain (as long as there aren't tornado warnings and/or hail (which apparently I never blogged about that life altering experience, probably since it coincided with the departure of Teh Bear)).  I was grinning like a fool for at least the first mile and a half.  I'm sure the drivers passing me thought I was nuts (accurate).  I saw more people out when I did my rain run that I've ever seen out during a regular evening run or morning run.  It was weird.


AM: Nope.

PM: Nope.  And I didn't feel bad since I got in my runs this week and the calendar call this a rest day.


AM: Ride with Teh German (a stranger) in the AM, which included lots of sweat.

PM: 9.01 miles (10:29m/m).  The day was absolutely beautiful and I really should have ran during the day when there was a breeze, but once I got home from the ride, the only thing I wanted to do was read and sleep (priorities).  Around 8:30 I finally got the motivation to go.  I had committed to 6-8 miles for 2 reasons.  1. The training plan said this was a 5k weekend (and I laughed and laughed).  2.  Next weekend I will be doing my tri and won't be able to get in the 9 miles that the training plan demands.  So I switched it up and added those extra miles to make it 9 since I wasn't overly pained in any abnormal places.

It was one of my more irritating runs because I was testing the new earbuds which are probably going back since they kept crackling and breaking up.  I think part of that was because my phone screen kept coming on because the home button was being pressed by my hydration belt, but the sound also sounds like everything is under water and the poor Runkeeper announcer was taking so long I wanted to scream, TALK FASTER, which would have been pointless.  Neither of these things were issues with the corded earbuds, but then again, the cord beats against my chest and I can hear that thump thump thump which is almost as annoying as the cracking/breaking up.  Had I been listening to an audiobook, I probably would have thrown the earbuds on the ground and stomped them for being so crappy.  Also, my right foot is an anomaly and doesn't like my new shoes.  Any pair in fact.  I don't understand why my body has to be so weird.  Wonky ears and wonky feet and uneven boobs...

Which leads me too... boob chafing.  OMG.  KILL ME.  There are very few things that make me scream like a girl then immediately whimper afterwards.  Not even the massive cockroaches I sometimes find in my house.  Underboob chafing makes me scream and whimper.  OMG it burned sooo bad when I got in the shower.  I might have died a little on the inside.  That said, I'm asking for advice on if any of my other large chested (or not) runner Gentle Readers have any advice on this issue (besides getting new bras, because I've already paid $60 for these bad boys).  I think my current plan is to start using my old Champion bras that I wore last year on my long runs since I'm not having this same issue on my shorter runs, which I can wear the VS/chafing bras for.

When I started this, AM and PM workouts were a reality.  Not so much anymore.
I don't have to worry about waking someone else up with my 3 snoozed alarms, nor do I need excuses to avoid anyone.  Granted, my runs are still a hope of eliminating the day's frustrations while also getting in my training, but it's not the same as it was.  Where Mr. Scrooge would sit in the bathtub for hours at a time, I'd get up early and run and then stop by the gym on the way home.  These things aren't as necessary anymore.  It's quite a delightful realization.  This also means, next week the format may change.

Also, when Ginger Beard came over on Thurs night for dinner, he made some adjustment to Monty (the bicycle).  I had intentions of riding it on Friday afternoon but laziness got the best of me.  We've loosely planned to get a ride in on Sunday evening..  which means you'll have to come back next week to see if we actually went.. aka if I actually rode the bike more than the .75 miles that one time before the tri.

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