Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Review {8/10}


I did NOT want to get out of the bed Friday morning.  So I slept until about 7 and finally forced myself to go to work.  I had to come back home around 11 since the owner was coming and someone from the property management company would be doing an inspection of the issues I submitted.  YAY working from home!

Turns out, all the stuff that was missing from the shed was actually stolen.  I was about 88% confident that the owner of the house was going to actually cry standing in the yard when he realized that it was all gone.  It was over $5000 dollars with of tools alone and then whatever else was in there (I'd assume several thousand more dollars worth of stuff).  I looked inside the shed when I viewed the house and you couldn't walk in the shed was so full.  When I moved in, it was practically empty.  He did say that after the stuff with the police is figured out, then I can use the shed for Mike.  So there's that silver lining.  I do feel really bad for the guy though.

I had planned on riding Monty and that never happened.  Instead I finished working, took a nap, and waited on Ginger Beard to inform me of the evening plans.


Meri snuggles.

Eventually, I was instructed to arrive at his house 5 and then dinner would be after.  The parents were there.  They were nice.  It wasn't overly awkward.  But here's why: his parents are part of the greyhound cult.  When conversation lulled, we had the dogs to discuss and photos to be shared.  Additionally, although slightly awkward, it was GB's parent's 33 anniversary.  They were in town for his sister's graduation.  We ended up going to Taco Boy for dinner which was pretty delicious.  After, Ginger Beard and I walked to DeSano Pizza that was down the block and picked up cannolis for dessert.  Nommmmm.

Maybe not my best "meet the parents" outfit choice.

The different cannoli options

I've decided I'm totally going back to this place for pizza.  It smelled AHHHMAZING and Ginger Beard and I discussed that if we hadn't already eaten, we'd be eating pizza.

Traditional cannoli, which I wasn't able to finish because I was so full.
Ginger Beard held it hostage at his house after I accidentally left it there.

Since we were both on dog duty (he had his parents and sister's dogs at his house), we both headed home to take care of the respective hounds then it was bedtime.


I was able to sleep in on Saturday and it was glorious.  After feeding the dogs I went back to bed and stayed there until 1000, when I had to get up and get ready to meet Teh German for a ride and lunch.  We rode out to Mount Pleasant to Carmen y Juans.  That place never disappoints.  I ordered the carnitas this time and it was totally worth it.  Yes, that means I had mexican 2 meals in a row.  #worthit

After lunch we rode through the forest and Teh German was super pumped about the curvy road that Mr. Scrooge took me to that I said wasn't overly fun the first time, but then it was the 2nd time.  On the way back into town, we stopped by Mr. Scrooge's house so I could check the mail and take out the garbage.  I have to go back later this week to take the garbage to the curb and check the mail again.  His house is just sooo far away now, ughhh.  I joke with Teh German that Mr. Scrooge's horrible ex-girlfriend had broke up with him and left him with this huge empty house.  Teh German was like, wasn't that you?  I said yes and laughed.

Teh German and I left and headed back to my house for doggy snuggles.  We started watching a Louis CK standup, but it was one from 2006 and it wasn't as funny as his more recent stuff.  Too many rape jokes.  I stopped the movie in the middle since we weren't amused and Teh German left.  Which meant naptime for me!

My new earbuds arrived!
Also, a hell yeah to the amazon app for letting me know my package was delivered.

I woke up a while later and knew I should run.  It didn't happen until around 8:40 when Teh German messaged me and asked me to come hang out with he and his friends.  I said yes, but had to get my run in first.  I had committed to 6-8 miles, which ended up being 9.  I also realized that I had no idea where Teh German was at or who he was with and I assumed that it was a group of dudes at one of their houses and my stranger danger alert went off and I wasn't as committed to going.

When I finally got home, I messaged him and said that I had ended up doing 9 miles instead of the 6-8 and I was wiped out and not gonna make it.  He didn't seem upset by that, which is good because it wouldn't have mattered since it was almost 11 when I got in the shower and nothing good happens after 11 on a Saturday night... so staying home was ok with me.  Also, I got underboob chafing again from my run and I just wanted to be perfectly still.

After my shower, I finished up my Sunday post and headed to bed.


I slept in again.  I really should have went to bed after my run, but I fail at sleep.  I got up and went to church then went to Target after for a new hair dryer since mine has been acting strange lately.  I walked around the entire store looking for things to buy.  I was carrying around a new monster shower curtain and rug for the guest bathroom since Target had a spent $50 get a $10 off coupon going on, but something about paying $20 for a bathroom rug just wasn't appealing to me and I was having to search for another $10 to spend and wasn't doing very well.  I found a set of sheets, but I don't really need sheets, nor did I need a new monster bathroom set, so I put it all back, went to pick out a hair dryer, checked the clearance end caps and finally picked up a matching set of magnets that Teh MD Adult Roomie has as my impulse buy.  I felt proud of myself for not being tempted by all the things at Target, but at the same time, disappointed.

I messaged Teh Sister and told her to talk me down.

My kind of magnets.

I had strongly considered eating out for lunch, but I hadn't brought my Teh Flamin' Kindle to entertain me while I waited on food and since I was alone, I wasn't as motivated to go out without entertainment.  Also, I couldn't figure out where I wanted to go.  My indecision was crippling so I went home (I didn't even get starbucks at Target) and had an egg sammich for lunch and continued doing the laundry and worked on blog posts for the week.

I got motivated in the afternoon after a bit of reading (started Redeployed which is depressing as hell) and decided to finally take the dogs on their promised walk (with Meri on the gentle leader as punishment for making me get my new shoes muddy (and kinda stinky)).  After their walk, I decided that Yurtle was going to get the bath she's needed for the past 2 months. 

Most of the day I'd been waiting on Ginger Beard to text me since he had mentioned going on a bike ride Sunday afternoon, but that text never came.  So when Teh German messaged me and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, I said I'd research that and get back to him.  I waited another 30 minutes on GB to message me and nothing.  I knew he was working and I didn't want to be obnoxious with my texting.  I finally told Teh German yes, and of course, within 15 minutes, GB texted me that he was leaving work "soon."  I've learned that "soon" actually means within the next 2 hours.  I informed him that I was going out to dinner but I'd message him when I got home.

Teh German and I went to Red's Ice House, the same place I went to with Creepy-Side-Hugger-Dude.  I didn't actually realize that was the place we were going or I would have suggested somewhere else, honestly.  The food isn't really that good, but the people watching made up for it.  OMG, so much people watching.

This classy lady was even wearing a string of pearls AND DG earrings. 

But that girl couldn't compete with the 2 cougars who were sitting at the bar in their bathing suits and crochet cover ups talking to a significant portion of the male clientele that walked past them.  #onthehunt 

Teh German admitted he hadn't had sushi so I totally know what I'm suggesting for food next time we go out.  Teh German and I became friends on FB, possibly another too soon for me, but ya know, boundary pushing and whatever.  I did also learn that my assumptions about Saturday night were wrong, it wasn't a group of dudes, so that kind of eased my mind for the possibility of being invited out next time with his group of friends.  See, I can be concerned about my safety, even if normally I'm 95% reckless.

When I got back home from dinner, I messaged Ginger Beard and got no response, so no cannoli for me. /sadface.  I did finish up the laundry and spend more time reading.  It was a reading kind of weekend and it was very much enjoyable.  I also started How Should a Person Be? which I'm torn.  Part of me likes part of it, but most of me hates it and wants to be like WTF why is she writing such shit?  How did this get published?  Seriously within the first 10 pages there was some random section about blowjobs being an "art" and I almost just stopped there, but this is a book challenge book.  I can do it.  I really only started this because I needed something LESS depressing while I read Redeployment and the Short Stories from the South book is just weird and I know the GTMO book is going to piss me off.  #readerproblems

Overall, an excellent weekend.  Next weekend is the Tri!!!  I'm pretty sure my death is imminent, but first I'll get to hang out with Teh MD Adult Roomie, which makes it worth it.  I think I've also figured out my bra dilemma.  I'll just wear my suit during the swim, then put the bra on over my suit when I finish the swim and then do the trick where you take the swim suit top off and then put it back on OVER the bra.  Women will totally understand what I'm talking about here, sorry Dude Gentle Readers.  Also, probably should have thought of this before now.. but is there a way to switch activities in the middle of an activity on RunKeeper or should I just track the bike ride, then switch to a run during the transition?  Really, it's not that big of a deal, but OCD Megan likes to know these things in advance.

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  1. Good luck with the tri! Hope it's a blast & you do well :)

  2. I keep hearing about Taco Boy in everyone's post today and now I want Mexican! Mmmm cannolis are yummy and now I must go find one of those too! You are not doing kind things to my waist. Good luck with the tri!

  3. Meeting the parents is always a little intimidating. Mexican meals are always a YES! Thanks for thinking up this week.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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