Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Training for Tuesday #3

One event down!



Upcoming events:

20 September 2015: Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington, D.C.
14 November 2015: Sweet Tea Half in Summerville, SC
18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

August's Goals:

~Acquire new running shoes (uggggghhhh)
~Continue training for the 1/2 marathon
~Ride Monty
     ~Put Monty's new seat cushion on and pump up his tires with my handy dandy air pump.
~Make a hotel reservation in Winston-Salem for Teh MD Adult Roomie and I... (I swear I'll get this done, if you're reading this.. I did at least make the Disney reservation (and picked our our Magic Band colors)!!)
~Don't die in the heat
~Maybe run the bridge if I can motivate myself to get there.  If a stranger suggested that as a first date, I'd be all over it!


I DID IT ALL!!!  Call that a first for sure!  I've also continued kicking my training plan's ass.  #likeaboss

Additionally, I've cut out the walking portions of my runs in the last week or so, which is a big deal.  Especially when you add in the decrease in pace from running with Teh German.

If you're wondering how the triathlon went, check back on Thursday and the review will be posted.  Summary: I'm a runner/swimmer not a biker.  Period, ever.

New running shoes have been broken in and I haven't died in the heat and while it wasn't a first date, it was definitely a date when Teh German and I ran the bridge.

Another accomplishment that wasn't listed as a goal is that I did NOT purchase tickets to a DisneyLand run.  The Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon was calling my name (for that Coast-to-Coast medal) but the bank account (and logic) said I should hold off, at least for now.  Also, I'd like to do a not girly run.  The Divas run was almost all women (if not all women, I can't remember) and the Tri was all women.  I'm an equal gender opportunist.  I'm thinking the Avengers weekend or the Dumbo Dare weekend.  I just know that 2016 needs to be DisneyLand year and I need to make that happen (lookin' at you, savings account).

September's Goals:

-Keep up with the training plan(s).  Those long runs are killer and fall means several activities on the horizon, which means keeping up with the runs, EVEN IF I'm out of town for the weekend.
-Run the Greenway in West Ashley.
-Run the bridge again/run more with Teh German who really pushes my pace.
-Add some cross training into the mix (I might count sexy time and random dance offs with Teh German (this is my motivation to not be so shy and just shake these hips), don't judge me). 
-Navy-Air Force 1/2 Marathon!!!
-Keep running after the Navy-AF 1/2.. the Sweet Tea 1/2 is coming!  We'll see if I try to talk someone into doing the Sweet Tea run with me or just run it as my first solo 1/2.
-Manage this chafing issue I've been dealing with.  If it's not underboob chafing, it something else.  I wish I was kidding, but I go hip chafing from my hydration belt recently.  WTF?  #chafingsagaof2015

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  1. The Disney Princess run is almost enough to make me want to run in an event. Almost....but not quite lol!!! But I know you got this and you are going to rock it!

  2. I'm running the Disney Princess Half as well!! Good luck with your half this month!

  3. GREAT job with all your goals being crossed off!! I want to run a Disney race one of these days but it's so hard to pick, there are so many! I think after my first full I'll figure out how to narrow it down :) good luck in September and thanks for linking up!


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