Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Confessions {8/19}

-I applied for VA health benefits.  Maybe I'll go to the doc and get the BJB finally taken care of. #adulting #militaryveteran

-The BJB has been less angry over the past 2 months.  I attribute this to lack of stress since I've picked up the running pace a lot. #eliminatingstressmakesmehappy

-I FINALLY bought some body glide over the weekend when we picked up our race packets at Fleet Feet.  That said, I cockblocked #girltax like a boss.  There are 2 "types" of Body Glide, the pink package which is .8 ounces and the blue package for 1.5 ounces.  At Fleet Feet they are both $10.  At Dick's (which I just noticed when I was looking up the size differences) the pink package is $1 less than the blue package.  Yeah, since they were the same price at Fleet Feet, I totally bought the blue package.  #dontpunishmebecauseIhaveboobs

-I make the most horrific faces when I bite into the "gross" Jelly Bellys.  I'm looking at you cinnamon, coffee, buttered popcorn, grape, and licorice (and the others I'm forgetting).  But I get so happy when I find a Dr. Pepper flavored one.  #drPepperJellyBellysarethebest

-When other drivers pass me on the right as I'm trying to let the slow poke over into the right lane, I get pretty ragey.  Just have some fucking patience people!  #leftlaneisforpassing

-Other than the horrible race people who were handling packet pickup on Saturday and the (assumed based on his bad attitude) prior Marine at the Holiday Inn where we stayed, every.single.person in Winston-Salem was soooo friendly!  I'm not even used to that kind of friendly.  Every where I went, people would ask what brought me/us to that location (the crepe place, the brunch place, Old Salem) and they'd chat with us.

-I spent $40 on Moravian cookies when we went to Old Salem.  #worthit #alltheflavors

-My #goatdogs ate $8 worth of cookies (that would be 1 package of ginger and sugar cookies).  They even ate the freakin' cardboard container.  Upon realizing this, their hashtag became official.  #GOATDOGS  

-Ginger Beard brought an overnight bag into the house when he arrived on Monday night to pick me up for a baseball game... "Just in case."  I had made no mention of him spending the night.  He also gave me his house key ("Just in case and maybe you could water my pepper plants if it doesn't rain?") for his 3 day stint out of town... WHAT?  I'm not your girlfriend.  That said, I'm planning on telling him I'm done and I'm really not looking forward to it because saying no is really hard for me.  Sorry for all those that were Team Ginger Beard.  #woahsparky #toofast #itsdefinitelyyounotme

-That said, I have high hopes that my relationship with Teh German is gonna be that cheesy, hand-holding, giggles romance and which makes me swoon.  Also, Disney sing-alongs and running partners.  #nuffsaid

-This is still my favorite post to date.  #bloggerthings

-I got to talk to Teh Humanitarian yesterday and I just love getting to talk to her and catching up, even if it's just for a few minutes.

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  1. I was team ginger beard, but I totally understand ditching him. You don't even want to know how many relationships I let drag on because I hate the confrontation of saying, "I'm done."

  2. Oh gosh the buttered popcorn jelly beans are the worst flavor on the planet. Just nasty!!!! Sometimes you gotta say peace out to people, better now than later. That is a bit fast to be giving keys and shit!

  3. OK. I gotta ask. Do the guys you date not read/find your blog?!?!

  4. hahaha seriously dogs will eat anything

  5. Ginger Beard reminds me of my ex CJ. *shudder*

  6. I don't know what body glide is, and if it wasn't for the mention of Fleet Feet, I'd totally thought it would have something to do with sex. I mean c'mon, in the same paragraph there's cockblocking and Dick's and pick packages too!

  7. Bummer about Ginger Beard but that is moving a bit fast! I hate jelly beans. All of them. I'm just not a fan of gummy candy type things. Maybe a Peachie or sour worm here and there but really they all just taste like fake sugar packets to me.


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