Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Sweats #8


Triathlon.  Review will be posted soon (later this week, promise (it's already scheduled))..


Rest day.


4.25 miles, 40:46 (9:35m/m).  Run in the afternoon with Teh German.  He pushed my pace and when we ended I didn't feel like I was dying, but possibly in the near future.  We both know he's much faster than me, so for him this was just a light jog.  I wanted to be careful not to push too hard because I know how competitive I can be.  I finally admitted to him that I'm used to being the one that goes slower for my running partners so I had been trying to keep up with him, and he was keeping up with me.. so you can see how that was going to end.  Our first mile was 9:07m/m..  Yeah, we had to take it down a level after that.  If we keep this up, I might be able to finish my Navy-AF 1/2 in under 2 hours.  It's currently a loose goal for me, but I won't be disappointed if I don't hit it.

After we walked the dogs for 1 mile as a cool down.


Nope.  Walked outside after the storm and it was a mabillionty percent humidity and I could barely breathe.  I had all the guilt about it.


5.02 miles, 48:07 (9:36m/m).  I was feeling guilty about my lack of motivation and like I needed to prepare for the melted butter that I was going to consume (but didn't).  Can I just get a hell yeah for keeping my pace down on a solo run?  I was listening to an audiobook, so I'm thinking that probably helped since music wasn't setting my cadence.  Also, I'm glad I finally got to the interesting part of this book because I was about to put it down (The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest).


2.54 miles, 23:46 (9:22m/m).  It was just after the storm in the afternoon and it was sooo humid that breathing felt impossible but apparently the humidity can't keep this girl down!  Pushing my pace down for real!  There was some shin splint pain in my left leg from being unable to roll well due to the bruise from falling back into the pool during warm up laps for the tri, but I powered through it.  I was glad for a short run.


Teh German and I had planned a beach/10 mile run, but it didn't happen.  We discussed how maybe 10 miles was a little extreme for my first beach run since 2009 and agreed to take the miles down.  Then we didn't end up going.  I vowed to get the miles in before Monday.  Even if it's Sunday night at 10pm, that still counts!

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