Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Review {8/24}


After work, Teh German came over and we headed out to dinner at Sesame in West Ashley.  He'd never been to Sesame and I'd never been to the West Ashely location, so it was a win.  Also, the food was delicious.  After we had planned to either go see a movie at the park we went to last weekend or do the indoor trampoline thing in North Charleston.  We ended up doing neither since the movie got cancelled due to weather and his friends invited us out to get drinks with them. 

I'm not sure who invited adult bar Jenga, but they are most excellent.  Sorry for the dark photos, Suzy was at 1% when we got back to my house, so it was the no flash party going on for me.

Teh German concentrating and being photobombed.

Oh noes!
Group shot by a stranger.
*Also, yay for a new cute monster shirt that I'm wearing (that you can't really see (It's awesome just take my word on it)).

It was wwaaayyyy past my bedtime when we got back home so it was definitely sleepy time.


Originally, Teh German and I had planned to do a beach/10 mile run (since I needed to get in 10 miles this weekend), but that didn't happen.  Nope, nope, nope.  Instead, we adulted the shit out of Saturday and stayed in bed until 2pm.  We would have actually probably stayed in bed until we had to leave for the Riverdogs game we had tickets for, but hunger started to set in and we wanted to go to Early Bird Diner, which closes from 3-5 on Fri/Sat because they are open so late, so that meant we HAD to get up.  Bleh, but Teh German finally got to experience their chicken and waffles, so it was a win.

We went back to my house after lunch? dinner? whatever the meal is when you eat mid-afternoon.  We hung out with the dogs and eventually settled down on the couch.  I read while Teh German slept.

I roused him when it was time to leave for the game.  We were concerned it was going to be cancelled due to weather, but the game went on.  When we arrived I met a different friend of Teh German who had our tickets.  We stayed at the game for a while, but left early due to rain and general disinterest (the tickets were free).  We decided to go out and get drinks with Teh German's friend and his wife would met up with us later.

Our first stop was Voodoo, but we decided to head to Triangle Char and Bar since Voodoo was dead.  After eating some food at Triangle, I was set for more drinking.  When Teh German's friend's wife showed up, we decided to go back to Voodoo.  While there we got to experience a super drunk dude break it down and try to grind up against several women.  He tried to get me to hold his beer and I was like, nope, go over there and dance with the girl who is trying to wave you down.  He was too drunk to understand.  I was too sober to give any fucks.  Nope. 

I got the Painkiller (description to the right of the beverage) and it came with a little pineapple straw!

After we finished our drinks at Voodoo, it was suggested we go to DD Peckers.  I'll just come clean here and now.  This is my first ever "bar hopping" in my adult life.  See, I'm a classy drinker.  I go to a gathering of my friends at someone's house and drink and drink and we never leave.  We just keep drinking.  If someone is leaving, they have a DD worked out (which for me usually meant I wasn't drinking since I was driving).  In GTMO, I would walk to other rooms since it was semi-communal living, but that was s much traveling as I did.  Yeah, this is adulthood.

So at DD Peckers we ordered drinks and chatted some.  We agreed that if Guardians of the Galaxy is playing at the park next weekend we should all go and that we should pre-game the movie with sushi downtown.  Having introduced Teh German to sushi on one of our first dates, he was super interested since he liked really liked it.

Yawns started happening and it was finally time to go home.  There was a short discussion about ordering another round and Teh German looked at me questioningly and I told him, "Sorry I'm too drunk to drive us home."  He then said, "Even if you weren't, you can't drive my car, it's a stick."  Bahahahahahahahah.  I told him that he'd cut me deep and explained that Teh Kaar was a stick and I drove it for almost 10 years.  Can't drive a stick, beech please.  Lesson of the night: Never underestimate Teh Megan. 

I've kind of stopped worrying about time over the last week.  I get to bed when I get there and I get up in time for work.  Who needs sleep? 


Sunday morning, I woke up and fed the dogs and went back to bed for snuggles.  Teh German and I figured out a game plan that I'd go to church, which would give him the chance to run some errands and go to his "closet" and pick up his Suzi (motorcycle) then come back to my house, at which point we'd head out to meet Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect at Fat Hen. 

As has been the case, my pew at church was open (3rd row on the left side, sitting towards the center, if you're interested), so it was like I needed to be there (I can hear Teh WJL reading this and going duhhhh).  After church, I headed back home to hang out with the dogs and read while I waited on Teh German to return.

We met up at Fat Hen around noon (we were late) and had a delicious brunch.  Teh German and I considered riding around more, but I suggested we go to the motorcycle shop so I could pick up a bluetooth headset.  Truthfully, I was super jealous that Teh German had all the jams and super frustrated that I can't really communicate with him, especially since my horn doesn't work (I can't even discuss it).  Mr. Scrooge had bought similar headsets for us and I had updated the software and they had been charged, he just never installed them on our helmets.. and then I left, so ya know that part makes sense if you don't consider that they sat on the bar for 2 months prior my leaving.   

I didn't plan it properly and had no where to put the headset after I purchased it, but Teh German was awesome and told me he could carry it under his jacket.  WIN.  I was thinking I'd have to go 5 minutes home and get my backpack and come back.  His idea was better.  When we got back to my house, Teh German set it up for me and we tested linking to my phone and then talking to each other.  I'm super pumped to go out on a ride and test it out... AND BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE PERSON I'M RIDING WITH.

After testing out the headsets, we were lazy for the rest of the afternoon.  We watched Hercules so Teh German could see it in English to get some of my references, then I finally finished Modern Romance and then started on dinner while Teh German was napping.  We started watching The Americans during dinner. 

I'd heard it was an excellent show, so it's been on my list for a while and it's available on Prime, so I was excited.  And then... in the pilot episode, it shows the female lead getting raped (around 17ish minutes in (I checked that for you)) and I wasn't even a little bit prepared and it I never recovered.  I wanted to but my reaction was so evident that I knew that it would have to be discussed and that was awkward and I was quite distracted for the rest of the episode, which is over an hour long, also unprepared for that.  At 43 minutes I'm definitely getting antsy.  By 60 minutes I'm obviously floundering around wondering when it is gonna end. 

I was obviously struggling during the episode, but I told Teh German we could discuss it after it ended.  Several things actually, 1- the rape scene and being unprepared for that.  It felt just like when the shrink had asked me about if something had happened and I had to decide then to lie and say no or admit the truth and then discuss it.  2- I don't really talk about my actual navy job on Teh Blog much because it was a sensitive position and the less people that knew, the better, mostly just in case, but because personal security is totally a thing.  The Americans entails some aspects of my real navy job and I found myself making comments then realizing that those comments to a German citizen were probably less than ok and I needed to think before I made my flippant comments about workings of the US Intelligence Community.  (In case you one day read this, I'm sorry it's awkward, but just remember that I reported our relationship to my security manager less than 3 weeks after our first date!)

Teh German had to leave to run to his house to drop off his bike and pick up clothes for Monday but was coming back.  This was tough because as I admitted on Friday, he makes the bad places in my mind quiet down, and even if he didn't know it, he was leaving me in a pretty bad place despite how much I was trying to cover it up.  While he was gone, I started putting dinner leftovers away and just couldn't focus.  I went to the computer and reached out to Teh Dive Buddy to ask if he'd watched The Americans, but he wasn't available so I listened to some Spotify and tried to just relax a bit.  When I was a slightly less wound up, I went to the kitchen to finish cleaning up dinner.  When I was putting everything away, I may have stopped by the freezer for 2 (not small) sips of the sherbert vodka that Ms. Boomkin introduced me to.  The episode was truly too much for me and I could feel myself winding back up as I was finishing putting food into bowls and I had only been away from the music for 3 minutes.  

I did finally finish everything up in the kitchen and started getting ready for bed while waiting on Teh German to get back.  I had to keep busy otherwise, I knew I'd go back to the freezer and I knew that wasn't the solution.  When Teh German finally got back, it was bedtime.  We had a very generalized conversation about something happening but I he didn't ask for specifics so I didn't clarify.  I didn't mention the vodka. 

Teh Dive Buddy had responded last night, but I didn't see it because I'd already walked away from the computer.  We chatted this morning about the show and how I had struggled with the scene and used some "assistance" in dealing with my problem.  So I did at least admit that I had taken some shots to someone, because I know better and recently it's just gotten bad.  I think mostly it has to do with the fact that I'm introducing lots of new people into my life right now and they don't know.  They don't know my entire life story like 99.9% of My People.  So when Ginger Beard would make a rape joke and I didn't take it well, he had no context and when I had an obvious reaction to a rape scene, Teh German had no idea why. 

It's just not something I want to discuss, which makes it even worse.  Even typing this, I'm in tears because I hate it all so much.  I hate that it happened, that it happened to me, that I didn't say anything but at the same time glad that I didn't say anything, it's just a completely fucked up situation and it's tangled up with my disability rating which makes me feel guilty for those people who get out of the military who are struggling with physical disabilities that are more obvious than PTSD (which is what they deemed this situation to be since it includes some racism, trust, etc issues).  This isn't "regular" PTSD.  I didn't get shot at, but I guess in my own way I'm fucked up now and have to struggle with these demons so maybe I deserve what I got in the end?  Idk, but this isn't how I planned to end this post!

Overall, a spectacular weekend with Teh German.  We've discussed how fast it feels like everything is going, but that's it's comfortable and we fit so well together.  We're not doing anything crazy for the time being, just enjoying the comfort (and sappiness if you're me).  There are many plans in the works, which is exciting!

Happy Last Week of August 2015, Gentle Readers!


  1. Well it sounds like you had a great weekend with the german minus the whole scene from TV triggering some stuff. I am liking said german more and more. He does all different kinds of stuff with you and he helped with your communication during your rides and I appreciate gesters like that! Because clearly my opinion matters. LOL.

  2. I am so sorry that the show triggered's all the worse when it just comes out of nowhere when you are trying to just enjoy yourself. I hope you are okay...or at least as okay as you can be. There is never really an "ok" after that is there?

    I am however glad that for the most part you had a good weekend and that you enjoyed a little "bar hopping" I , like you, usually just do the drinking at someone's house but bar hopping reminded me of college and tumbling around downtown in heels WAY to high to be drunk in!

  3. ((hugs)) no advice but an open ear!

  4. I'm so sorry about the scene in The Americans & how it brought memories up for you. I am glad that you two had an otherwise great weekend though! He sounds more & more awesome with each post.

  5. You talk about things like "Intelligence Officer" and having a "sensitive position" and your job sounds so much cooler than anything I've ever done! Go you!!!!

  6. So sorry that a trigger came up like that :( I haven't seen the show, just heard about it- but not that particular part. I can't imagine- that happens in Sons of Anarchy and even though I have no personal experience I still have to walk out the room or have someone fast forward it for me. All I can offer is virtual hugs & an I'm sorry<3

    I was totally going to comment on your very adult and trendy bar hopping- never done that either. *IF* we go out (because like you we usually drink at home), we still usually bunker down in one approved place.


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