Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Review {8/3}


Friday was completely par for the course with the rest of the week (with the exception of the awesomeness that was Mrs. and Mr. Reflective being here).  I did finally sell the rowing machine, which means dollas in my pocketa, so muy bueno.  Mr. Scrooge and I had a communication breakdown which ended up getting pretty nasty.

Mrs. Reflective and I!

Also, I hate that smell triggers the strongest responses/memories.  When I walked into Mr. Scrooge's house (he was at work), my favorite air freshener thingy was the one that Mr. Scrooge had put in the febreeze wall thingy and I just.. if the week wasn't bad enough, dealing with feelz wasn't something I really needed.  I had a difficult time taking apart the rowing machine and the guy buying it was late showing up (because of yet another communication issue, and yes I considered that maybe it was me, but evidence to the contrary was present).  I also packed up some items that I had left in the freezer (homemade strawberry preserves are essentially liquid gold in Teh Family).

When I left, I also left the garage door opener on the counter.  This was the final thing for me.  I no longer have access to the house since I already gave Mr. Scrooge back my key and my master key doesn't work in his lock (I checked).  If I wasn't already dealing with enough from work, that hefty dose of feels was just overwhelming for me.  To the point that I started crying when I walked out of the house and didn't stop crying until I got to work... and it was an ugly cry. 

I'm sure Mr. Scrooge thinks it was easy peasy for me to walk away, which is part of why he's difficult towards me sometimes, but there are days that the struggle is real.  I sat down at my desk to eat my lunch and Mr. Scrooge messaged me being a complete dick, which just set off a whole new wave.

Early Confession:
Until July 2015, I never really considered turning to other things to numb the pain/forget my problems.  #shareyourugly

In Yurtle was a bottle of sherbert vodka that I had taken from the freezer since I knew Mr. Scrooge would never drink it.  Ms. Boomkin had to talk me down from going out to the car to partake.  I confessed to her that I knew it was there and it was completely uncharacteristic of me, but I was having an unbearably terrible day and it was tempting me.  She told me to stay at my desk until it was time to go home and that he wasn't worth getting that upset about.  I told her I had to pee and she said to hold it.  Serious business.  Honestly though, I knew that if I got up I'd go to the car, so I listened.  I've never in my life ever wanted to escape my own brain/self that much.

Additionally, I'm that person at work that can make a dirty joke and say fuck in meetings and it's not awkward.  Me showing up at work with tear swollen eyes?  Awwwwkkkward.  My quadmates weren't even sure what to do.  Fortunately, they said nothing (best quadmates ever).  Having survived one of the longer hours of my life, I finally headed home and took a nap.

It was the easiest solution to my day.  It helped that the shoes I ordered on Tuesday arrived right before I left for dinner.

I decided to keep 2 pairs so I can alternate.
Hopefully these will be nice to my pieces.

I had a dinner date with UnsweetTeaMan (fka Drama Teacher), so I got up for that, but it was quick dinner since he's busy with several projects right now.  We were supposed to go out on Wednesday, but since Mrs and Mr. Reflective came in town, I had to push it.  I introduced UnsweetTeaMan to Willie Jewell's, which is delicious bbq.  He totally called me out on having the reaction to his ordering unsweet tea at sushi the week before, but he laughed and I explained that the nectar of life must be sweet, otherwise it's just... brown water.

After dinner, I decided to return some shoes to Kohl's that I've been meaning to return for MONTHS.  Yay for keeping the receipt.  Since I had store credit, I figured I'd just look around.  I scored a Chaps dress for $8, which rocked my world because it's very similar to my first day dress that I luuuurve.  Same cut, but different colors and short sleeves instead of long.

Middle one was the best deal!
The flower one has pockets.  WORTH IT.
And this hippy girl can't turn down blue ombre tye-dye.

My next stop was Dick's to return the reject shoes and to see if they would apply the coupon that I'd used in the store to the set of the shoes I was keeping.  They did.  I think I tricked them by accident since they prob aren't supposed to honor in store coupons for online purchases, but the manager had already said yes before she realized it was an online order.  In my defense, the recipt was laying ON the shoes, so she could have just looked and seen.

After I got home, I changed and took my new shoes on a break in run... of 8 miles.  Then it was a shower and bedtime.

Completely and utterly drenched in sweat.  #notsexy

Side note: I've been listening to The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Ran Away and it is absolute torture.  I'm so over it.  I've heard I should stick with it, but I'm almost 3 hours in (of ~10 hours) and I just don't know how much more I can take.  I just want the old man to die already so this book ends.  Opinions?


Saturday was my designated sleep in day.  I got up at 0630 to feed the beasts, let them out, and as soon as they were done with business, it was time for after breakfast naps all around.  Ginger Beard and I had planned on an outing to the beach, but he had a work meeting in the AM, so I was waiting on his call.  Since I had shunned the dogs the night before, I took them on a walk because I said I would.  Of course, I was in the shower when he called.

We agreed that I'd meet him at his house and we'd head to Folly Beach from there.  As we left Charleston, we noticed it started to get cloudy.  We also noticed the massive wave of traffic that was leaving Folly as we were headed in the opposite direction.  Those same cars had on headlights and windshield wipers so I had a bad feeling about my beach trip.

When we arrived, it was still drizzling, but I hadn't had breakfast or lunch so we stopped at a place so I could get food.  After foods were eaten, we walked back to where we had parked and stopped by the crepe truck for a nutella, peanut butter, banana, and whipped cream crepe.  It was as delicious as it sounds.  Be jealous, sorry no pics, I was busy inhaling deliciousness.  When we got back to the car, we decided to head to Walmart to walk around for a bit to see if the rain would clear up since our weather apps weren't really predicting the weather very well.

After a bit at Walmart, which was really just me following Ginger Beard around since I had nothing I needed to get and me trying to stay awake (I felt like it might have been rude to ask to just stay in the car and take a nap), we went back outside to find that it wasn't raining!  So we headed back to the beach and chilled for a bit.  We eventually got in the water since we both had to pee.  After we got back out, we dried off for a bit, then decided to head back.

forever untanned!

As we got back to Charleston, it was completely clear and gorgeous out.  Grr..

My sunglasses were in my backpack, so I had to borrow some.
This, Gentle Readers, is why I do NOT wear aviators.  I just.. no.

We stopped by my house so I could feed the beasts, then went back to his house to shower and make/have dinner.  We took turns manning the grill while each other showered.  Go team.  After dinner we figured we'd watch some Netflix and I suggested Trailer Park Boys (TPB) since my Quadmates tried to peer pressure me into watching it a few months ago, but not having Netflix deterred me.  Essentially, it's a mockumentary of these Canadians who live in a trailer park.  It's exactly as classy as you're thinking.

We started on separate ends of the couch and slowly migrated to spoon mode.  At some point we both fell asleep.  Then, I was very rudely roused by gun shots/yelling on the tv.  I finally just got up and paused it and returned to my place.  At which point I was unable to get comfortable so I rolled over, which meant that we were face to face...

And Teh Dad reads Teh Blog, so I'm just gonna leave off there.  Sorry/you're welcome.


Around 03 (yes, am), I woke up again because I was cold and because my stomach was hurting.  Not like a, "I need to fart and this will be better" hurt, but a "this is going to be a disaster" type of hurt.  I got up and got dressed and woke Ginger Beard to tell him I was leaving.. mostly so he wouldn't wake up at some point and I'd have vanished.. like a... hit and run (bahah).

When I got home, I let the dogs out and then proceeded to debate if I needed a trashcan on my lap while I was sitting on the toilet.. ya know, just in case.  It was that kind of stomach hurt.  I was able to let the dogs in and then got to return to my throne.  From 3-6, I was out of bed several times.  Finally by 6, I felt like the worst had passed.  Since I was up, I went ahead and fed the dogs.  Another after breakfast nap session went down because I was exhausted from shitty sleeps (not literally) and being up from 3-6 expelling my insides.  I wasn't happy about it, but I skipped church.  It was worth it though because I really needed some rest.  Ginger Beard confirmed that I was the only one struck by tummy problems and he pinpointed it to being the sandwich I had at the beach that he didn't have.

I had lunch with a stranger at Home Team BBQ.  It was a solid choice.  I probably would have been a bit more experimental had I not suffered from a bout of food poisoning less than 6 hours prior.  After, I suggested riding out to see Angel Oak, since he hadn't been.  When we arrived at 1250, they weren't open yet.. which I thought was kind of ridiculous since it's summer and tourist season and a Sunday.  That's the thing about old stuff, people want to see it.  So flex the hours in the summer and condense in the winter... Not so hard to me, but whatever.  We waited around for a bit and watched people drive down the dirt road, which was rather scary.

After the tree, I suggested riding down to Kiowah Island since neither of us had been there either.  We had originally discussed riding to Edisto, but that would have been a really long ride and I wasn't sure I was prepared for that after my bathroom adventures earlier.  Right as we got to Kiowah, it started raining.  Le siiiiigh.  Additionally, all the things on Kiowah Island are gated.  Good talk.  So we decided to turn around and head to Seabrook Island, which was the opposite direction.  Again, everything was gated.  It was still raining, but we ended up finding a cafe to stop at for some dessert.  The owner/manager offered to let us borrow her pass if we wanted to go back to Kiowah beach, but I was tired by that point and really just wanted to head towards home.  Especially since I knew we'd be hitting more rain on the way back.

After a bit, we finally got back on the bikes and headed back towards North Charleston.  I told him that I was going to head home and grab my car and head to the store.  Really, I just needed him not to tag along with me at the store since I knew the items I needed weren't company appropriate.  If you read the confessions on Wednesday, I just went to Walmart instead of ordering my items off Amazon.  Although Walmart had several economy sized options as well!  Fortunately, I was standing in the aisle wearing my motorcycle jacket and boots and holding my helmet, so people quickly looked at me and looked away since I apparently look like I'm going to kick your ass in my gear.  That's ok with me.  I also picked up more magic pills Pepto.

When I got home, I sent a text to Ginger Beard to see if he wanted to come over for dinner.  Well, I tried to send the text, he messaged me first to ask ME to come to dinner at HIS place.  He also needed some unpacking motivation and since my presence had worked for him on Saturday he was trying to replicate those efforts.  I agreed to dinner and headed over after finishing up some chores and feeding the beasts.

Ginger Beard admitted that he also invited me over because he didn't like cooking just for himself.  I admitted that I said yes because I really wasn't a huge fan of cooking and because.. company.  After dinner, we cleaned up and he started unpacking stuffs.  I had brought my Kindle to entertain me in case he preferred that I just stayed out of the way.  I read for a bit and then when I realized he was just bringing stuff up from the basement, he accepted my offer to help.

Around 8:30, I told Ginger Beard that it was almost my bedtime.  He suggested watching some TPB, and I agreed to 1-2 episodes.  After the 2nd episode, we turned it off and he walked me out.  I could tell that he was going to make a move but I dodged it like a ninja because I have no will power.  I knew that I'd get carried away and wouldn't make it home by a decent hour and it was a school night.

I sent Ginger Beard a text when I got home apologizing for my awkwardness (which he agreed I was completely being awkward) and explaining that I wasn't the best at holding back.  I'm an all or nothin' show.  I told him next time I was being awkward he needed to call me out on it or just stop me and make whatever move I was avoiding.

After finishing up some laundry, I finally headed to bed.  Nothing about Monday made me motivated to get out of bed this morning.. or motivated for very much of anything at all, thus this post at 9pm instead of 9am.  Seriously, this social life of mine is really cutting into my blogging time.  I'm going to have to get better at prioritizing.  #bloggerproblems

Additionally, I completely ignored my online dating acct all weekend.  I was getting messages but not responding.  Truthfully, I was busy.  Also, I didn't feel like it.  Most of the chat that I received are from guys who are just chatting with me.  It's kind of annoying really.  I don't want to be your online chat buddy.  Just ask me out already.  I could ask them out I guess, but I'm pretty much booked at this time, so I'm not overly concerned.

I haven't had any more creeptastic messages since Wednesday, which makes me sad and glad at the same time.


  1. I wrote a post and it disappeared. Argh! Here we go again. Yay for ginger beard! It sounds like things are progressing nicely. Totally jealous of your beach trip, I've been bugging ev for a trip to the NC

  2. Beaches for a while.

    Stupid iPad and stupid comments not working properly.

  3. Your nicknames crack me up! And, some people would call my guy Ginger Beard when he has a beard, so that's even funnier to me. Sorry about your Friday, but ugly crying is completely acceptable in that step of ending a relationship.

  4. Yay and boo for the feelz- hope it ended up being the good kind of purge. Endings can suck, like a lot. And sometimes you just have to feel it.

    Sounds like you had some fun times too though so yay!

  5. I'm a fan of Ginger Beard. I totally understand the ugly cry on Friday. Breaking up is hard

  6. haha your legs were like mine a few months ago. then i went to muay thai with shorts on for the first time during the summer and i said to my trainer "block your eyes; you'll be blinded by my pasty legs!". i went home and smeared self tanner all over them and have been since LOL

  7. I had to LOL at I have no will power in super small letters. At least you know your weaknesses. Also nutella, peanut butter, banana, and whipped cream crepes had my attention for the majority of my reading because holy yum!!! Ginger Beard is sounding like a winner, just sayin. And dont feel alone in your awkwardness. I am awkward as fuck. No shame. Well, maybe a little shame....

  8. Disregard previous comment, I see how well things are progressing.


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