Thursday, July 30, 2015

Four More Things: Day 6

1.  Take Teh Granny on a cruise to Alaska.  STAT.


2.  Invest a significant amount of those dollas.

3.  Take that trip to Europe I've always dreamed about.


4.  Go dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.



  1. feeling a little sad that I wasn't specifically mentioned in any of those.. then I realized obviously you didn't mention me because its so OBVIOUS that I would be involved in ALL of those! <3

    my 4:
    Pay of mine and my parents and my brothers everything
    Move to Venezuela
    Live in venezuela
    Die in Venezuela

  2. I love the things you would do with 400k. Travel for the win!!

  3. Yessss to ALLLLLL the travel!! Though personally I'd be scared of the sharks in Australia. And diving. I tried it once and almost drowned in a pool. But that's a story for another day :)

  4. Love it.

    Here are mine:
    -pay off my/Tank's debts
    -pay off my parents debts/buy them anything they'd let me
    -Take an extended vacation to Ireland & Scotland
    -Get an RV & drive to all 49 states (then fly to HI, because I don't think we have vehicles that can both drive & float yet)

  5. All of these sound awesome!!! Traveling would be so fun and the barrier reef ugh so gorgeous!

  6. All of these things sound so amazing!!! Accept you wont find me diving anywhere, too scaredy pants over here but I would love to go to Australia!


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