Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Sweats #5


AM: 6.13 miles (10:45m/m).  The motivation of a stranger helped.  I rolled out of bed and ignored my weather app, which is usually the biggest hindrance to my motivation.  There is NO sane person that wants to run when it FEELS like anything over 90 degrees F or when the humidity is over 85%.  I thought my run made me late for church, but it turned out I wasn't.  #allthewin

PM: There were storms that made me want to run, but 6 miles already meant I was going to enjoy the couch.


AM: Nope.  Poor sleeps are really getting old.

PM: Nope.


AM: Meri slept with me all night (which doesn't happen ever because I have a no dogs on the bed when I'm sleeping rule) and when my alarm went off, she laid her head on my belly as if to say, Not yet, Mama.  So I took her advice and snuggled with her and petted her and fell back asleep for a bit.

PM: 4.33 miles (10:28m/m) + 1 mile walk/jog w/ Phil and Meri.  I was motivated when I got home because I thought it was going to rain and I was suuuuuper excited that I'd get a rainy run.  No.  I did at least get a breeze, so I guess I'll take what I get.  Since the pups hadn't been out in a few days, I finished up my run and went home and leashed up Phil and Meri to stroll down to the river.  The tide was out and they got crazy muddy, which meant hosing them off when we got back home, which was a workout in itself because Meri thinks she's going to melt when she comes in contact with water.  THEN she wanted to run herself all over the yard.  I burned many extra calories just fighting her crazy ass.


AM: Again with the shitty sleeps.. Soo, soo, sooo over it.

PM: 5 miles (9:55m/m).  SUB 10 pace AND no walking!!!  WOOO!!  I had my first date and came home pretty motivated.  I sat down at the computer to respond to all the things I missed and realized that I could spend the next 30 minutes fucking around on the computer, or just go change and get outside and accomplish some miles...  who cares if it was 8:45pm when I started.  I had nothing better to do (besides clean and read for my book challenges), so I pounded the pavement, praying that I wouldn't get abducted by some stranger in the shadows or hit by a car.  When I got home and jumped in the shower, my under-boob was BURNING!  I couldn't figure out what was going on...  When I got out of the shower I checked in the mirror (because I can't under these massive boulders without assistance) and I had CHAFING UNDER MY BOOBS!!!!!  WTF!  It's definitely a first.  I'm thinking the bra was to blame, since it's probably one of the first times I've worn that bra.  But it's still strange since I have several other bras of the same style.  Whatever, under-boob chafing sucks.  I'm sorry for dudes who have to deal with bleeding nips because of chafing, but at least you can put a bandaid on those bad boys (like I have to do the BJB), I can do nothing for under-boob chafing.  #boobsarestupid


AM: Moar shitty sleeps.  I think running so late disturbed the force so I couldn't really get settled.  I really should have gotten up and done some yoga since I really picked up the pace Weds. night, but I was sooo tired.  I rolled on Weds night, but my left calf gave me issues the entire run, so I'm thinking it's going to be problematic for the next week or so (which is normal when I push the pace).

PM: It ended up storming, so I assumed the Riverdog's game that I had planned on skipping my run for was cancelled.  So I decided to go on my run since the game was "cancelled" after I no longer heard thunder.  Poor life choice.  I thought it would be cooler, and it was, but it was also 100% humidity and I wanted to die because I felt like I was trying to breathe underwater.. ANNNNDD it turns out the game was only delayed, not cancelled, but it wasn't posted on the team's FB page until 7 and I was already out running by then..... Le sigh.


AM: Because I put in some serious miles over my training plan this week, I felt like this morning was perfect for yoga.  I did the Yoga for the Lower Back and Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings.  I prob could have done another, but I was feeling so good from just those 2, I was satisfied.  It was the perfect slow wake up.

PM: I had a date with a stranger at Wild Blue Ropes.  It was way cooler than I had anticipated it being.  He and I were both impressed with the place.  It was a serious upper body workout.  There is not enough rolling/stretching I can do.


AM: Mr. Scrooge and I went on a ride and we definitely got sweaty since we didn't get to head out until 10.

PM: 7.02 miles (10:52m/m).  I started running at 9:40 PM.  I figured it was going to be better to run late than get up early before church to get my miles in and I was right.  I combated regurgitating the mexican food I'd eaten for dinner the entire time.  Bleh.  Whatever, got it done.  PS.  I think I need new shoes.  le siiiiiiiiiighhhh.


Running: 26.99 miles (woah, it's a lot when you look at it like that, that would also explain the shoe situation).
Yoga: 1 session
Etc: 1.5 hours of rope climbing/hanging/maneuvering...

I forgot to tell you last Sunday!!!  Last Sunday I was down about 3 lbs from when I moved to the new house.  Detailed explanation: The max weight I saw on the scale was 162.4.  That was an anomaly, usually the scale didn't go above 161, so I'm considering 160 my starting new house weight (it's a nice round number and because that was the most common weight I saw).  I was down to 157 last Sunday.

Thhhhiisss Sunday?  I'm down to 152-154 (depending on the day)!!!  151 was my navy max weight, so I'm almost to my personal limit.  I'd still like to get down to the low 140s (or lower, but lets be realistic here about just how much I love to eat annnnd about the addition of dating to my food schedule), but as long as I'm below 151, I'm satisfied.

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