Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday #58


Adding training plans to my calendar really upped my running... and guilt for not running, but definitely running.  I live by my calendar, Gentle Readers.  I've come to accept this about myself.  I'm still working on fully accepting the runner title.


I've really been struggling with sleeps lately.  I know that part of the problem is when I come home from work and succumb to an afternoon nap, that always jacks up my sleep schedule.. but the other part is that I'm not sleeping well at night for some reason.  It's really obnoxious.  This girl needs her sleeps.


In a "I wish I was sleeping right now" haze, I signed up on an online dating site last night.  It was an impulse thing.  I'm not even sure how that shit works, but I did get the giggles reading profiles.  If nothing else, online dating could be entertaining...

Also, if your profile reads, "You can tell people we met at Starbucks," you are already eliminated.  Having met Mr. Scrooge playing World of Warcraft and being honest about it when we told people was half the fun!  And if you know people that would judge you for meeting someone online in 2015, you need to throw the rock they live under at their face.


My weekend includes a ride with Mr. Scrooge to see the Angel Oak which is this massive tree that Teh Granny got to see, but I haven't and I live here.  I need to solve that problem.  I'd like to get some photographs, but we'll see how motivated I'm feeling.  I mean I never even posted the Magnolia Gardens photos (an elephant never forgets), but this tree is in so many prints for sale at the market downtown, I feel like I'm missing out if I don't at least get a shitty shot of it.  And by shitty shot, I mean bring my DSLR and actually get photos, not a cell phone photo. 

I'm also planning on knocking out some much needed housework.  No one tells you that while black sinks are pretty and modern looking, they show just how much you spray toothpaste all over the sink when you brush your teeth.  #Iamnotaslob #ilied #Iamaslob

Also, my floors need LOTS of love.  Between moving in (after it rained we all tracked ALL THE DIRT! into the house) and the dogs and Phil who has decided that laying in the holes where Meri has dug up (I guess the ground is cooler there?) is his new favorite thing, which means his belly is covered in dirt that he tracks through the house when he comes inside and inevitably ends up all over my bed because that's his favorite place to lay while I get ready for work... there's dirt everywhere (I'm only kinda sorry for the world's longest run-on sentence that just happened there, welcome to inside my brain, Gentle Readers).  I'm also a horrible person who just laid the new rugs over all that dirt instead of sweeping it up first (partially because missing equipment and partially because laziness).  So yeah, it definitely needs to be done.  Also, I can stream spotify through the Roku which means I get ALL THE SOUNDS from my sound system, which is one of my favorite things about the new house... no judgement about what I'm listening to or having to compete with 90s rap or 70s/80s classics!  #itsthesmallthings


Some Pinterest-y things:

No but really, wish me luck on learning how to do this online dating thing.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. I've done the online dating thing a few times. You'll definitely get some good stories out of it if nothing else. Good luck!

  2. No clue how to online date, but good luck with it. And yeah, starting the relationship with a lie seems like a bad idea.

    My dogs lie in the holes they dig too! It's so annoying, mainly because of COURSE out of the whole yard they dig right by the steps where we actually walk & stuff.

    My MIL gave me some of the mineral powder makeup, and while I like it it makes my sink SUPER dirty every day...ugh. Me & makeup, just don't get along.

  3. ***strums fingers together with an evil grin*** Oh, do I have some online dating stories!!! I wrote an entire post on it, probably way before you started following me. Here you go, you are welcome for the laughs

    But also, I met my husband on OKCupid. So there are most certainly happy endings out there!! You just have to put up with some creeps and weirdos first. He was worth all the weirdos. And look at the funny stories I have to look back and laugh at.

  4. so maybe i totally judge the online dating... and the wow... and so many other of your crazies... you've grown to love my judgy-ness and i ADORE all of the wonderful eccentricities that make you fabulously you!

    you should try melatonin before bed. Its totally a thing.

    I miss you more than i remembered and i wish you were here to run with me.. or call me while i was running so that it was tolerable... or just here. period. (but not while on your period because... no)

    i lub you!


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