Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Review {7/20}


Some drama was going down at work.  Always a good time.  Due to hours, I got to leave at 1230.. make that 1245 because I got tasked with some drama mitigation at 1230 as I was literally about to turn off my computer.  It got pushed to Monday.  #sorrynotsorry #taskmeintheAM

When it gets rough, I just minimize all the windows and stare at my cute puppies.

I had some returns to make at Lowes and Walmart, so I got those done and picked up a delicious Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's (which is the only burger I ever get there) and a mega-ultra-huge sweet tea.  After accomplishing my errands, I headed home to hang out with the dogs and play on the online dating site.  Seriously, these profiles are hilarious to me.  Some are legit funny, some are me literally laughing at these people.  In fact, I created an entire post about it.  Gentle Readers can look forward to that later in the week (I think/hope).

The feels like temp outside kept me from walking the dogs in the evening, but I wasn't overly concerned because I pounded out 4.5 miles in the morning.  I ended up being lazy for dinner and eating leftovers.  The "breakup" diet this time is more about eating less when I eat, than not eating, so my friends can rejoice that I will not drop dead from not eating!  It's actually kinda nice not to feel so stuffed after meals.

I finished up season 5 of Downton and there were tears.  I'm not ready for it to end!  NO NO NO!!!  I stalked some strangers** and finally I went to bed around 10 since Mr. Scrooge and I were going on a ride on Saturday morning.



I was completely lazy and instead of taking the dogs out on a walk, I just let them stay outside for the hour between waking up and leaving.  Meri didn't mind.

After an almost disaster where Mike died as I was driving down the interstate and wouldn't start because he was trying to run out of gas (luckily he wasn't completely empty and we were able to make it to a gas station without walking Mike down the side of I-526), we headed towards John's Island.

Our first stop was Sunrise Bistro again, which was just as delicious the 2nd time.  What Mr. Scrooge described as me "aggressively looking" at a dude's shirt to read it, I was excited to see a greyhound person sitting beside us as the bar!  My trying to read his shirt might have been a little creeptastic, but it was worth it!  We chatted for a bit and shared some photos.  He didn't even know there was a Charleston greyhound group.  Le sigh.. I wish this group didn't suck so bad.  

After breakfast, we headed to the post office so I could mail Teh WJL a present (for being awesome and helping me move).  Then we headed to Angel Oak.  It's this MASSIVE tree.  Super old.  Photo below gives you all the details.  If you're ever in the Charleston area, it's definitely worth the look.

After the tree, we agreed to go to Edisto beach.  This is significant because we were headed to Edisto beach when I crashed Mike a week after I got him.  You memberrrr...  Anyways, this was more of a big deal for Mr. Scrooge than me.  I had wanted Edisto beach to be the first place we went after I got Mike back, but Mr. Scrooge wasn't really up for it and I didn't push it.  So this was the first time we took that road since that disastrous first time.

Nothing of significance to report.  Mr. Scrooge took it quite slow for me, at times I wanted him to go faster, but I just accepted it because he was nervous and we were being safe.

We hung out on the beach for a short bit once we reached our destination.  Also, we discovered that the gas station across from the public access had a walk in beer cooler, which was SUPER nice to cool off in after sitting outside in our jeans and boots and riding so far in all our gear.  Soooo sweatyyy.

Mr. Scrooge had been slightly grouchy when we arrived at the diner, which I assumed was because of my gas mishap but... I also knew that he recently started to express interest in reading my blog and I posted on Friday about the online dating thing.  He didn't say anything about it at breakfast, but he wasn't really "friendly" either.  I just assumed he was in one of his moods and went on about my business.  Finally at the beach, he alluded to something about how I was "looking."  This was my confirmation that he HAD read my Friday post, and I explained to him that I wasn't necessarily interested in jumping straight into a relationship.  I was also looking to be entertained.  At the worst, I'm getting funny stories and possibly free meals/food.

I could tell he felt better after he finally said something.  I just wish it wouldn't have taken him so long.  The rest of the trip, he was much nicer and normal.  I guess this means he probably also read that thing about poking my boob.  #sorrynotsorry  That said, how long has he been reading?  The whole time?  I guess this could explain some of the moodiness that I had to deal with.  Then again, I felt like anything I put on Teh Blog, personal drama wise, I made a point to discuss with him first.  I feel like to be in a relationship and finding something out on your significant other's blog is a pretty shitty modus operandi.  I like to think that didn't happen.  I'm sure I'll never know if it did.


I told this guy that it might be too soon for a shark on the beach in a Carolina, but I don't think he got it.

After ice cream and rehydration, we decided to head back to civilization.  I asked Mr. Scrooge to stop on one of the bridges we crossed if there weren't any no stopping signs (there weren't).  Which meant I was able to get this shot:

I got a panoramic of that scene as well, but all the photos are still unedited, sorry/you're welcome.

Once we got back to my house, Mr. Scrooge came in to say hey to the pups and cool off for a bit.  After showing him the photos I took (I seriously need to figure out this polarizing lens because I think it killed my tree images (my own fault)) he headed back to his house.  He later invited me over for dinner, but Meri ended up puking several times, so I opted to stay home and give her extra attention.

Mike got put into his new cubby.  Mr. Scrooge noticed some rust on part of the wheel, which was motivation to get Mike out of the elements.

I spent the evening playing on the internet and messaging strangers.  I probably should have cleaned, but meh.  I deserve a lazy day.  I went to bed around 8:45 because I was exhausted and I didn't take a nap all afternoon.


After being guilted by a stranger for not getting in my run on Saturday (it wasn't intentional and I'll take whatever motivation I can get), I got up on Sunday morning early enough to get a run in before church.  In order not to DEmotivate myself, I didn't even check the weather before getting out of bed, which is often the ONE thing that significantly deters me from going on my runs.  It was the most effective solution to the problem that I will continue to employ in the future.  Seriously.

I did 6 miles in 1 hr and 5 minutes.  I was pleased with that time considering the humidity level was in the 90% range.  I could actually see the mist where the sun was shining through the trees in some places.  So yeah, running through a fog was pretty much the most miserable thing I did all weekend.  I got home and showered and headed to a new church I discovered on the internets.  I was pretty excited about it honestly.

Then I got there and the church was under construction and I had no idea where to park or how to get to the sanctuary...  It's really my luck.  I was not deterred.  I parked where I saw some other cars and started to walk where I'd seen someone else.  A lady and her daughter happened to be walking through at the same time as me, which was helpful.  Then she stopped to talk to some strangers and they all pretty much ignored me while I stood there while they chatted (I didn't want to interrupt them) and I started to get pissed.  I finally got to ask where the sanctuary was since the lady didn't seem to be leading the way anymore.  At which point, we continued on.  She asked if I was new and I said yes, and she introduced herself and her daughter.  The daughter ended up leading me into the sanctuary because the mom was ADD apparently.

I had heard the praise band practicing when I walked in behind the lady and I figured I was late.  I had seen 8:45 on the website and it was 8:46.  Oops.  When I walked into the sanctuary, there was ONE couple and the praise band.  I just kinda stood at the entry way stunned.  All I could think was, "There is no way there is only one couple here at this service.  No.way."  At that point, the band members were starting to look at me standing there, stupefied.  I figured that at this point, what did I have to lose?  I sat down towards the front on the left side (always and forever).  The band finished the song and they started talking to the person in the soundbooth and I realized why there was no one else there.... the service hadn't started yet.  0845 was the start time for the other church I had looked at.  /facepalm.

The couple in front of me introduced themselves, and so, so many others.  I forgot how hospitable southerners are.  Southerners meet no strangers, that's probably on a mug somewhere... probably beside a Confederate flag mug.. too soon?  my bad.  The service was awesome, although the music was a bit loud (which could have been my own fault, I'll get back to this).  The crowd wasn't all old people (which makes a difference).  The pastor that spoke didn't read from notes, although I really felt like he could have done with a little less bible lesson and a lot more "how to apply to your life" lesson since we all know the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors and his life as adults.  If not a short summary could have sufficed instead of telling the entire story in detail then a quick wrap up at the end.  I'm picky, I know.  After the service, several people came up to me and said I looked familiar, like someone else who attend there.  The lady that had escorted me in even apologized for ignoring me before because she thought I was the person that everyone else had thought I was, who would have known her way to the sanctuary.  Fully understanding what was going on made me laugh and tell the lady it was ok.

By the time the service ended, I had a full-on headache.  I had ran 6 miles and drank plenty of water, but hadn't remembered to grab a piece of bacon from the fridge before I left so I was getting a no-food headache.  As I was debating my options, I decided to message Teh SC House Finder, who I hadn't seen in a hot minute, and asked if they had eaten breakfast.  Right as I got home, she responded and asked if I wanted to go to brunch with them at Ms. Rose's, of course I said, "Yes please, when?"  Her mom had to get ready, but then it was time.  That gave me a few minutes to hammer down a piece of bacon to maybe help mitigate the headache some.

We arrived at Ms. Rose's at 11 and our food (thankfully) came out fast.  Sorry there were no pics of my biscuit and gravy with an egg on top, I NEEDED food.  It was super fun catching up with Teh SC House Finder and her family.  I forgot that they hadn't even seen my new hair do!  Teh Teacher's Assistant has the same cut, so I told her how much I loved her style too.  :)  That's how long it's been since we hung out.  So I got to update them on all the things.  I told them that soon we'd have to have a gathering at my house so they could come check out the new place and so Teh SC House Finder's Dad could hang out with Phil and Meri (he really loves Phil and thinks Meri is "very interesting" since no other dog looks like her (it's the ears)).

After brunch, I came home and took a nap to help fight the headache.  I woke up with it still lingering, but it was tolerable.  I got up and read some and messaged some strangers and ate my pineapple upside down cake that I had gotten to-go and was generally lethargic with the pups.  A storm rolled through, which would explain the lingering headache that vanished after the storm was finished.  Thanks Barometer Head, thanks.

Storm dog is weird.

Despite not getting the cleaning done that I had planned, I did do some laundry and the dishes.  Not having a dishwasher is really killer.  I would have never survived as a 50's house wife.

Overall, an extremely satisfying weekend.  I think I might have found my new church!  I haven't decided yet if I want to check out church with the 0845 contemporary service or not.  I'll figure it out soon enough.  I also set up a time and date to meet one of the strangers that I've messaged throughout the weekend.  I will proceed to text my dates/time/location to someone so that way they know I've been abducted if I don't call them by a certain time.  I'm nervous/excited about it.  This guy seems very nice and non-douchy.

Meri is still not at the top of her game.  She's been pretty lethargic all day Sunday and not playing very much, but she hasn't puked, which is progress!  She puked on both her crate blanket AND Phil's crate blanket, which meant they BOTH got washed!  She's the best at motivating me to do things, little turd monkey.

**strangers are the dudes on the dating site.  I felt like it was fitting.

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  1. Strangers for dudes on dating sites is totally fitting. Who knew headaches could tell when bad weather was coming! Going to a new church by myself is always so nerve wracking, I would have been completely lost too. Sounds like a very productive and adventurous weekend! Have a great week!!

  2. Sounds like it was a great weekend. I don't mind doing dishes but I hate doing laundry. Ugh, such a chore.

  3. I can't wait for your post about the website. Some of my favorite posts are where I recapped dates with guys I had met online haha. No food headaches are the worst headaches! Mine get worse & worse so rapidly that I end up feeling ill & no amount of food makes me feel better. I wind up stuffing myself with junk food & napping to make them go away. I can see why Mr. Scrooge would be off after reading that you're on a dating website but it's also so not fair of him to be even remotely upset. He's the one that said you made better friends than roommates & that he wanted to love you but couldn't. I really hate when guys try to pull the I don't exactly want you, nor can I give you want you deserve, but I certainly don't want you with anyone else either. End rant.

  4. Any weekend at a beach sounds like a good weekend to me! Hope the drama at work got resolved!

  5. I hope Meri feels better soon!

    Good luck with the stranger :)

    Yay about the church! Finding a new church can be super difficult, seriously if hubs & I ever think about moving we go "But we'd have to give up our church...nah." :-p

  6. I cant wait to read your post later this week :) It sounds like you had a great weekend, minus some moodiness and Meri getting sick. Good luck with your "date" later this week! Can't wait to hear all about that too. And yes, always ALWAYS text someone where you are going, who you are going with, what they look like, any details you can share...and then of course text when you are home. You know, stranger danger and shit.


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